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Bath time – 10 ways to make it more fun

Bath time - 10 ways to make it more funBath time is that daily task that comes around night after night. Some kids love it. Some kids aren’t so keen. Some insist on standing up. Some like to splash. Some don’t like their hair washed and some pretend to be fish.

Your baby usually begins with baths in a small baby bath. Then they may move into the big bath with the aid of a bath seat or a bath ring. Once they can sit independently without wobbling, they can probably have free reign to sit and play in the bath (a bath mat is a great idea to prevent them slipping around).

*Safety reminder: never leave a child unattended in the bath.

If you’re looking for some more creative and fun ways to entertain your little ones in the bath (apart from the traditional bubbles and rubber ducks) then keep on reading for 10 way to make bath time more fun.

Shaving cream bath paint

Even just plain old shaving cream squirted onto the tiles or into a cup with a spoon will do the trick. But to make it even more fun, grab a muffin tin, pop some shaving cream in each hole and mix in a drop of food colouring. Don’t worry it washes of easily – just don’t over do the food colouring.

*Look out for alcohol free shaving cream. It is gentler on the skin and won’t irritate eyes.

Coloured bath

As I said above – go easy with the food colouring on this one to avoid leaving traces of colour on your tiles or being the talking point at playgroup for having given birth to a Smurf. Kids will be so excited with their coloured bath! Let them pick their favourite colour.

Bath crayons

Bath crayons are such a nifty little idea! What a great way to get kids drawing and writing while they’re in the bath. Just be clear that they can only write on tiled surfaces. They’re available from most baby shops.


Bath time - 10 ways to make it more fun

Play pit balls

Pit balls balls need a wash from time to time – so why not pop them into the bath?

Glow sticks

I think this is my favourite idea on the list! A glow in the dark bath – all you need to do is pop some glow sticks in and turn off the lights.

Bath Books

Have you noticed that these types of bath books don’t have any words?? Um what the? So my 3 year old came up with her own story and it’s too good not to share. She used the idea of “Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?” and applied it to the animals in the bath book when she read it to her little brother. So clever!Bath time - 10 ways to make it more fun

Spray bottles

These are just as fun with plain old water, but did you know that if you add a bit of food colouring and spray the bath bubbles they will change colour?

Coloured ice

Food colouring is featured again in this idea – great for hot days. Freeze some coloured ice cubes to add to the bath and then watch them melt. For something even more exciting freeze some tiny toys in the cubes for your child to find.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are such a special treat! Every time I go to the city I get one for Miss 3 from the Lush shop!

Do you have any tips to make bath time easier that you’d like to share?




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