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When did your baby start crawling and walking?

Baby crawling (Custom)When did your child start crawling and/or walking.

  • My DD started crawling towards 7mo, I was getting worried she had started so I spoke with my gp and he said it was normal and that she was still in the age range. She is nearly 9mo and cant walk yet but wont be long. Each baby is different so dont stress. You little one is probably working on something else at the moment.    Ashlee
  •  My 2 girls started early DD1 crawled @6mos & walked @10mos and now my DD2 who’s just been 8mos a few days ago started crawling @5mos and she can now stand on her own & still for few seconds, nearly walking.    Aemmhy
  •  My daughter started crawling at 7 months (commando) & walking at 13 months. She’s 16 months now and running EVERYWHERE lol.    Felicity
  •  My second never crawled, and did not walk until 16 months. My third crawled around 9 months and just started walking at 13 months. To each his/her own!    Brandy
  •  7.5 months for crawling. he is nearly 9 months and started to rearrange the coffee table.    Sandra
  •  My first was walking at 9 months- didnt crawl at all and second was 13 months -crawled at 9 months.   Catherine
  •  Crawling at 7months, First steps at 10 months but really got going at 11 months.    Meagan
  •  Crawling 10 months still waiting for walking (she’s 11 months).   Lisa
  •  My four from 9 -11 months.    Zoe
  •  Crawling 5 and a half months and walking 8 months.    Ashlee
  •  My boy started crawling at 8months, he has just turned one and isn’t walking yet only with a push all walker.    Gayle
  •  Child #1 crawled at 9 months walked at 16 months and child #2 crawled at 6 months .. Only 8 months not walking yet.    Katie
  •  My eldest crawled at six months, walked on his knees at 12 months (like crawling but no hands), finally got on his feet at 15 months. My second crawled at 5.5 months and walked at 10.5 months.    Rebekah
  •  Crawling at 8.5 months, walking 10.5 months.   Deanne
  •  First son was crawling at 8 months, 2nd son 9 months.   Nicole
  •  My son never crawled but walked at 10 months. My daughter crawled from 6 months and was walking by 11 months.    Alexandra
  •  My son never crawled, but walked at 11 months. My first daughter crawled at 7 months walked at 12 months and my youngest has been crawling since 5.5 months, standing since 7 months (now almost 8 months). Meg
  •  Crawling 6-7 months, walking 12 months.   Nadene
  •  Crawling 12 months and walking 14 months.   Natasha
  •  My DD didn’t crawl till 14 months after she learnt to walk at 12 months. She was a bottom shuffler.   Sarah
  •  My dd started walking at 9.5 months but it was more a run and she hasn’t stopped since (health nurse said she was advanced for her age).   Ruth
  •  First child 1 year almost to the day. Second Child not until 16 months.   Tracey
  •  My 1st was 10 months, walking at 13 months, my 2nd was 6 months, walking at 10 months.   Carly
  •  nearly 12mths n still going strong in not crawling.   Jackie
  •  Crawled at 6 months, was walking by 11 months.   Bree
  •  Crawling at 11 months not walking yet.   Rachael
  •  My son crawled at 9 months, walked at 15 months. My daughter crawled at 12 months and walked at 23 months.   Krista
  •  7 months and 1 day and walking 9 and half months.   Jayde
  •  1 st, 11 months 2nd, 12 months 3rd, 10 months for walking all crawled between 6-8 months.    Rebecca
  •  My son crawled at 7mths and walked at 10mths and my daughter crawled at 7mths and walked at 10mths.   Leigh
  •  My eldest was crawling around 6 months, walking at 12. 2nd is 15months and has never crawled she bum shuffles everywhere and is only just standing up. Every baby is different.   Monique
  •  Crawling at 6.5 months, couch surfing at 7 months still not walking unaided he just turned 8 months.   Christine
  •  Twins girls crawling 8 and 13 months walking 11 months and 15 months. Son crawling 6 months walking 11 months. All bubs are different.   Wendy
  •  First didn’t crawl til around 10 mths and then walked about 14 mths, second crawling by 8 mths and walking by 10.   Abigail
  •  My son started crawling at 8 1/2 months I think and he is now 11 1/2 months and almost walking.   Ashleigh
  •  My girl was walking by 9 months she only crawled for 2 weeks before then and she was running by 10 months.   Charmaine
  •  Crawling 11 months and has just started walking 13 months.   Tamara
  •  First started crawling at 7mths and walking at 15mths and second started crawling at 7mths and walking at 10mths.   Jessica
  •  Crawled at 8 months. Walked at 16months.   Felicia
  •  6.5 months crawling, 9.5 months walking, 12 months running.   Kylie
  •  My son started walking at 10 months old.   Sarah
  •  My daughter crawled at 6 months, walked at 10 months, my son crawled for the first time today at 9 and a half months….waiting to see how long until he walks.   Jasmine
  •  Crawled at 7 Months, still not walking at 16 Months. He can stand and walk around holding furniture.   Emily
  •  Crawled at 7 months then walked at 9 months.     Hannah
  •  My DS started crawling at 6 1/2 mo and started walking at 9 1/2 mo.   Gemma
  •  Crawling by 5½ months, can’t walk just yet but has been able to pull herself up since 6months..she’s 7½ months.    Kayla
  •  Crawling 6 1/2 months. He 8 1/2 months now and walking along furniture.   April
  •  My eldest crawled at 9 1/2 months, was taking steps at 10 months and fully walking by 12 months.  My youngest is only 8 months and has been crawling since 6 months.   Nicole
  •  My first was around 6 months crawling 9 months walking, second crawling I think the same and 11 months walking and the 3rd I think was the same around 6 months crawling and was around 14 months be fire she started walking.    Yvonne
  •  Crawling properly at 8 months running at 10 months.   Mel
  •  Crawling: 8.5 – 9m, is cruising on furniture a little at 9.5m but not expecting him to walk soon.   Helen
  •  I have 5 kids and they started crawling between 5-8 months, then walking 8-10 months. The one who crawled/walked the latest was also a premmie.   Karen
  •  About 6 months for crawling and 1yr for walking.   Samone
  •  My first crawled at 6 1/2 months walked at 10 1/2 months, second and third crawled about 9 ish months send walked properly about 13 1/2 to 14 months.   Rosalie
  •  My daughter was fully crawling proply at 7 months.    Lisa
  •  The milestone average range to start crawling is from 5 to 11 months & walking from 9 to 17 months, all bubs are so different. Mine dd crawled at 8 months, took her first steps at 9.5 months, walking solo by 10 months – but I have friends whose kids walked at 14, 17 & 16 months. All are fine and dandy times.   Indigo
  •  Crawling at 9-1/2 months walking at 14 months.   Kelly
  •  Crawled at 7 months and began walking at 9 1/2 months… All babies are different though and will do these 2 things at their own pace and in their own time.   Katie
  •  Started crawling only a couple of weeks ago and he’s 12 months. Not walking yet.   Francesca
  •  Crawling at 6 months walking properly at 10 and 2 days.   Rebecca
  •  First walking at 14 mths and second at 18 mths.   Caitlin
  •  My ds crawled at 6mth and walked at 9mths. 4 storing breast milk in freezer bags and label the amount and date you expressed it or you could put your own expiry date on it and i think its 3mths after expressing if kept in freezer.   Nicole
  •  Crawling at 6.5 & walking at 10.   Jessica
  •  Bub started crawling 5 1/2 mths and he is sooo close to walking already now at nearly 9mths!   Crystal
  •  Crawling at 7 months walking at 11 months.   Jolene
  •  Ds is 5.5 months and has just started crawling.   Lauren
  •  My boys started crawling at around 6-7 months and walking at 13 months but my girl was a little behind and didn’t walk til she was 19 months.   Jaimee
  •  My ds started crawling at 8 months and properly walked at 12 1/2 months, DD started crawling at 7 months, she’s only 8 1/2 months now but is walking along furniture.   Bec
  •  First son crawled at 9 months walked at 13 months, Second son crawled at 12 months walked at 17.5 months, Third son 6 months old & I don’t think we are far off crawling.    Renee
  •  Crawling at 6mths… Waiting for him to start walking as he is only 7mths.   Zoe-ann
  •  DD1 crawling at 13months, walking 23 months.. DD2 crawling 10months, walking 1.5.. DD3 just started crawling at 11months.   Lisa
  •  My daughter never really crawled but started walking at 8 months.   Kylie’
  •  My daughter crawled from 6months and walked independently from 9.5 months. I have a feeling my son will be much later than that!    Yasmina
  •  Crawling around 9 months walking on first birthday.   Lori
  •  My son crawled at 8 months and walked at 12 months! My daughter army crawled from 4 months and walked at 13 months.    Annemaree
  •  My daughter was crawling at 10.5 months she is now 13 months walking on furniture.    Emma
  •  My Ds started crawling at 7.5 months.   Hanna
  •  Crawling 6months, walking 9months.   Hannah
  •  Crawling 6.5 months and walking 9.5 months.   Hailee
  •  My boy started crawling 7/5 months and started pulling himself up at the same time not walking yet he’s 8 mnths now.   Kerryn
  •  Crawling at 11.5 months and walking at 14 months.   Amanda
  •  7 1/2 months crawling and attempting to walk at 8 months.   Kelly
  •  Crawling at 5 months and walking at 10 months.   Alicia
  •  DD- crawled 9mths walked 13mths, DS- crawled 4.5mths walked 10mths.   Nae
  •  My dd crawled at 5 months and walked at 10 months, ran at 10 months one week!! Crazy kid.   Claire
  •  Crawling 6 months, walking 10 months.   Amy-lee
  •  Both walked at round 21 mths.   Stacey
  •  Crawling 6 months, Walking 10 months.   Tonia
  •  Bum shuffled from 1 then walked just shy of her 2nd bday.   Marie

What age did your child start walking and crawling?

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  1. AvatarBrenda says:

    Rosa just started walking, at about 12 months. It has been an enjoyable journey so far.