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3 Year Old Birthday Party Game Ideas

What are your favourite (age appropriate) games for 3-5 year olds? Miss almost 3 has her party in a few weeks & I’ve covered everything but games. Any Ideas? What was a hit at your 3 yr old party? P.S. it’s a garden (butterflies bumble bees etc party).

3 year old birthday party game ideas

  •  I don’t think games are needed till they’re older.   Erin
  •  We did a garden/fairy wand making craft table (ribbons, string, tape/tacks & dowel from the dollar store, plastic flowers (from a Hawaiian lei) & cardboard cutout stars/flowers/butterflies to colour in and attach with a hole punched in. The Little girls loved it and ran around with them afterwards.    Indigo
  •  For Miss 3’s fairy party we had “pin the wings on tink” you could do the same with the butterfly or bee.    Rachel
  •  Musical chairs pass the parcel and pin the tail in the donkey.    Jools
  •  You could hang mini donuts off the trees and have a eating contest.    Gemma
  •  Piñata!!!!    Nicola
  •  Games at a 3 year old birthday party are a must even if just a couple! That’s what makes parties extra fun for kids!! Even my 1yo played pass the parcel at her birthday party!!    Indigo
  •  Pass the parcel, Statues, rather than musical chairs – musical toad stools using printouts of toad stools. Get some bubble wands (about $1 from Big W) and let them blow bubbles. Decorate your own goody bag if having some? Cut up paper to stick on bags.    Rosalie
  •  A fun alternative to musical chairs is musical hoops. Lay hula hoops in a circle on the grass & kids have to jump into 1 when the music stops. You could have some little microscopes on hand for kids to go exploring around the garden. Have a table of river stones that the kids can paint and take home for their garden.    Danielle
  •  Piñata, bubbles, pin the tail. Pass the parcel at that age generally causes a spat or upset child. Found that out the hard way. A table of craft or water play will go down a treat.    Naomi
  •  I had a few things games organised for my 3 year old’s party and we didn’t really need them. I had a table with play doh, little tables with tea sets, plus our normal sandpit, swings etc and that kept all the kids amused. We did do a pass the parcel later on when there was only a few kids left but they weren’t really interested for that long.     Michelle
  •  We had pass the parcel at one party and that went down well and my daughter had musical statues which worked well but instead of statues they bobbed down.   Samantha
  •  Pin the wings or stinger on the bee, instead of musical chairs you could play musical hives (makes little hives for the children to stand on), piñata of a butterfly or bumble bee.    Juanita
  •  Old fashioned ones like pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical statues or musical chairs, then you could do little competitions like the best dancer etc.    Aleesa
  •  Pass the parcel and a piñata.    Sarah
  •  Treasure hunt.    Amanda
  •  Oh and a sandpit with sand plus glitter and plastic flower petals was a big hit!   Indigo
  •  We did bubbles and a piñata for miss threes party. It was a hit! And made for some beautiful photos.    Bec
  •  My youngest had her 3rd birthday on the weekend. We played musical statues and pass the parcel.    Annalisa
  •  Duck duck goose…    Ianessa
  •  I was going to suggest pass the parcel and musical chairs too. Also musical statues is fun for that age. Maybe a treasure hunt.    Yvonne
  •  Spring butterflies: make clothes pegs into butterflies (glue print outs on or get fancy with paper or foam). Give 10 pegs to each child to peg all over their clothing. Start a game of tag. The child who catches the most butterflies wins.    Vicy
  •  Egg and spoon race.    Jools
  •  Pass the parcel:)    Mel
  •  pin the tail on the donkey , pass the parcel, who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, duck duck goose, tiggy, hide and go seek, red rover hope it helps.   Nicole


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