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Family campgrounds in Wilsons Promontory and Inverloch


Want to know what the best holiday parks are when travelling with kids? Then read on.

We have sold up everything to travel Australia, or where we can, pending border restrictions and city lockdowns and thought we’d document what the best holiday parks were like from coast to coast – and everything in between – for young kids. Mapleandgumtravels The caravan set up

So, a little about us to give you some context. We are a family of four; Mum – Stacey, Dad – Mike and two young boys, Henry (4) and Oliver (3) living in 21.6ft new van navigating our way around our great land, Australia. Oh, did I mention we are complete novices too!

Mapleandgumtravels Stacey Mike Henry Oliver So here we go.

It’s been seven days into the grand adventure with two small boys in tow and so far, so good! Actually, we have had a ball. Sure, there has been some moments, we aren’t in some magical time warped space where kids suddenly behave like tin soldiers nor parents don’t get on each other nerves after living in a confined space but this is just our new reality. We travel, we explore, we learn that we now have time on our side and we are loving the opportunity we have created for ourselves.

This is our experience and our thoughts only.

Big 4 Inverloch, Victoria

Our first stop was the Big 4 Inverloch, and we drove down in torrential weather. Ugggh! It was harrowing given we are complete novices but we made it safe and sound.

Big 4 caravan park Inverloch And what is not to like about this park!! Whether it’s warm and perfect or cold and wet! It has it all. We unfortunately, were the later and didn’t have the best weather but every now and then the sun decided to poke its head out and surprise us. The Park itself lends itself to either weather situation with its indoor splash park and pool or outdoor jumping pillow and great outdoor park suitable for all ages. This park is a big tick and the boys can’t stop talking about it. Big 4 caravan park Inverlock splash park

The Caves Inverloch Road Some other great attractions that the boys liked where the rock pools at Cape Paterson and exploring The Caves which are located on the Cape Paterson – Inverloch Road.

Tidal River Camp Ground, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

Ok, if you haven’t been to Wilsons Prom then all I have to say is it get it on your list. It is breath-takingly beautiful and being a Victorian I am kicking myself that it is the first time I have been there.

Tidal River camping So, there might not be a playground which I thought may be issue with my boys but it wasn’t even mentioned for the three nights we stayed there! So much exploring to be done from bush to beach and river walks, to sand dune fun, rock climbing, wildlife watching that a playground and all the other material stuff we think kids need, well they just don’t. I get it. I thought it. But they were totally in the moment and enjoying the natural raw surroundings that this magnificent National Park had to offer!

All in all, two great holidays parks for kids and a brilliant way to start our trip around Australia.

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