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Christmas Eve Box: Creating Traditions for your Family

christmas eve box
As a Mum I believe one of the most lovely and important tasks we are charged with is to bring magic to our little people’s lives. Making memories and creating Christmas traditions is the cornerstone of family life and the introduction of a Christmas Eve Box is just another way you can do this!

Christmas Eve Box! What is it?

Capture and enhance the anticipation of Christmas Eve! A Christmas Eve Box is a surprise ‘kit’ of fun Christmas items that launch the countdown to Christmas in your home. You can package your box as a parcel or hamper and present it to your children on the afternoon of the 24th of December setting the tone for a festive and fun night ahead.

Ideas For Your Christmas Eve Box

What you put in your kid’s Christmas Eve box will come down to what your family loves to do together.  You are only limited by your imagination!  Christmas Eve Box ideas can be simple, traditional or a full scale pre-Christmas spectacular.  It’s all about your own personal ideas and thoughts on the special day.

These items are the standard inclusions in a Christmas Eve box but your inspiration is what will make your family’s unique tradition special.

Christmas pyjamas

Nothing says I’m ready for bed like new pyjamas –  add some extra seasonal flair with Christmas themed nightwear. Many of the chain stores now offer Christmas nighties and PJ sets just remember to purchase them early so you can get the sizes you need! Total bonus, the kids look adorable for the photos when they open their presents the next morning!

christmas eve box

Santa’s Magic Key 

When little people question how Santa gets into your home when you don’t have a chimney the answer is a magic key! Adding your magic key to your Christmas Eve Box is a gorgeous touch that solves many of the season’s more tricky questions. You can purchase a magic key here or be inventive and make your own. Whatever you choose the kids will be delighted to hang it on the door handle ready for St Nick’s arrival.

A Christmas book

Twas the night before Christmas…. A new Christmas book every ‘Eve is a heartwarming traditional that will see your family build a library over the years. Pack them away for the rest of the time and bring them out in December so the kids can rediscover them over and over again. Don’t forget to date the books each year so you can remember the year they were purchased. Most importantly sit with your child and read the new book, priceless time spent together.

No festive package is complete without treats, right?

Something delicious is always a win the kids. Your local supermarket will have all kinds of great festive treat ideas so choose on you know your kids will love and add it to your box. Don’t forget whatever sugar you let them ingest at 5pm you’ll be fighting against as you get them to bed at 7pm (and Christmas Eve can be known to be a very busy evening for Mums & Dads!)

christmas eve box

A new ornament for the tree

A little something new the children can add to the tree is another perfect way to bring more tradition to your Christmas. You may like to do personalised balls with their names and the year on them or choose something you just know your child will love (Frozen decoration anyone?) In years to come your when you pull out the decorations for the tree your children will walk down memory lane with the pieces they accumulated over the years.

Magic Snow

This is nothing but pure fun and the kids will love it! Who doesn’t hanker for a white Christmas? There’s plenty of options to choose from in the shops this year but the adorable packaging of Hello Snow is my pick. A perfect afternoon play idea while Mum and Dad finish last-minute pre-Christmas chores!

A Christmas Movie & a microwave popcorn bag

Wind down Christmas Eve with a Christmas movie and popcorn on the couch. Being together as a family is truly special so try to break away from the busy-ness (even if you have 50 for lunch tomorrow) and enjoy a cuddle and Christmas Classic on the couch together. Wondering what’s the best Christmas movie? See our favourites here. 

Customising your Christmas Eve box for your family

There are a million ways to make your Christmas Eve Box part of your own unique Christmas family traditions

  • Charitable Gift.  Include a donation to an important cause to start the conversation about the real meaning of Christmas
  • Magical Reindeer Food or Gingerbread House.  Create a hands on family cookery project that heightens their delight.
  • Santa Notes.  Create a thank-you note to Santa for remembering to pop in!
  • Christmas Music.  Family karaoke anyone?

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Toddlers

For a little person, the idea of Christmas Eve can be a mixture of excitement, bewilderment and even a little fear of the big red suited guy.  A Christmas Eve box can help your toddler to grasp a few Christmas concepts and understand just how amazing Christmas is for kids.  It’s a great time to encourage toddlers to talk about their feelings. As part of your Christmas Eve Box Tradition, encourage toddlers and small children to talk about what they like about each family member.  This can help re-enforce, from a very early age, that Christmas is about togetherness, even more than presents!

  • Portable North Pole Videos.  A personalised video message from Santa assuring children that they’re on “the Good List” can help ease Santa fear and anxieties about missing out.
  • NORAD Santa Tracker on the iPad is a lovely way for kids and toddlers to understand the idea of a “global Santa”.
  • Printables. Giving your toddler some colouring work to do can help distract from the butterflies in her tummy while giving her16 the chance to pour some energy into art.
  • Quiet stories about Christmas past.  Talking about positive stories from your own childhood will help your toddler to gain a better understanding of what it’s all about!

Do you have any other ideas for your Christmas Eve Box? We’d love to hear them! Whatever you put in it the sentiment is the same. Celebrate the spirit, embrace the magic and create family memories & traditions. Enjoy!

If you are getting organised for Christmas, you may like our Christmas list printables, to help keep track of Christmas presents, cards etc.

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