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What is your best advice for new parents?

  • When travelling, especially if staying with friends or relatives, try to stick with your routine. This may mean saying no and not joining in activities, always put your child’s sleep and rest first. This will mean a much more enjoyable trip. Mother of Rachel 14 months
  • Wash baby’s toys in a pillow case or bra bag on a gentle cycle, rather than hand washing everything. Mother of Brody 7 months.
  • When your baby has a drool rash use a little paw paw ointment or similar as a barrier cream.  This stops any irritation and it will clear up quickly. Mother of Selina 9 months
  • The maternal health nurse has lots of resources available many of which can be borrowed for short periods of time.  They have books and dvds on sleep, settling and lots of other baby topics.  This is often better than buying books only to find they don’t suit you. Also check out your library for good parenting resources. Mother of Jacob 10 months
  • Keep trying with breast feeding! It hurts like hell and is difficult and tiring especially with a very slow feeder like my baby (an hour each feed even at 4am is hard) ended up having to supplement with formula but she is a fine happy bubbly baby so don’t feel guilty Sleep, sleep sleep when you can! Get used to your mothers group ladies, you will grow to rely on each other. Routine is best! Dont use a dummy,baby doesnt know what one is unless you use one, my baby never had one, sleeps on a routine and self settles. Mother of Saskia 10months
  • Wrap them – even if they don’t like the traditional way, find another way. Find what works for you and your baby and DO IT…don’t listen to others opinions. Breastfeeding hurts for the first 6 weeks, even if you are doing it right. Stick it out, you won’t regret it. Mother of Hannah 20 months.
  • Cut baby’s finger nails while they are breastfeeding or sleeping to minimise the struggle. Mother of Thomas 3 months
  • Most medications cannot be used for babies with a snotty nose.  Saline drops and an aspirator, I use Fess brand, has been great for my daughter.  They work really well to clear her nose and allow her to feed more effectively.  Mother of Lucy 8 months.
  • Baby swim classes are great way to get exercise for mum.  My husband also liked to attend; it was great bonding time for him with our daughter.  We attended classes at the physio hydrotherapy pool, which was nice and warm for the baby.  Mother of Isabelle 5 months.
  • Subscribe to a parenting magazine.  They have great ideas and it is a nice treat to sit down and read once a month when they arrive.  A subscription makes a great gift for a pregnant friend.  I like Practical Parenting magazine.  Mother of Alex 4 years.
  • Above all, trust your instinct. Mother of Jason 22 months
  • You will never understand what it is to be a parent until you are one. And by then, it’s too late to change it! Mother of Poppy 3, Harry 21 months
  • Follow your own instincts and do what you think is right. Mother of Thomas 14 months.
  • Do what you feel is right for you and your baby and don’t listen to anyone else. Mother of Lukas 10 months
  • You know your baby best, so do what you think is best for your baby. You can’t spoil a baby. Mother of Isabelle 3, Blake 20 months.
  • Do what works best for you. Listen to advice (and everyone has different advice) find what works for you and stick to it. Mother of 3.
  • Do what works for you – routines don’t suit everyone if you need to hold your baby to sleep so be it – happy baby happy mum. Mother of Tuscany 4, Morrissey 3, Valen 6 months
  • Read the baby not the book! Every baby is different so yes read the books but listen to what your baby is trying to tell you. Put your baby to sleep when it is tired not when the book tells you too. Train your baby to go to sleep by itself. Mother of Blake 3, Chelsea 1y
  • Go with your instincts and don’t worry if someone tells u that u are doing something wrong or not right whatever works for you & baby at the time. Mother of Jorja 21 months.
  • Go with your instincts. Mother of Rose 3 y.
  • Writing things down… how long they fed for, how long they slept, which side you fed them on last… knowledge is power :o) And following a routine. Mother of Melayna 5y.
  • Listen to your instincts and try everything! Mother of Jake 15 months
  • Just when you think you are getting into a routine, it changes… and that’s okay. Mother of Annick 3y.
  • Just go with the flow as to what is best for you and child. Everyone has their own opinion. Seek advice but don’t take it all on board if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Mother of Haleemah 6y, Muneerah 4y, Jawaad and Khaleel 3 months.
  • It gets better!!! Having a hot water flask in the bedroom for making bottles overnight. Having a feeding routine. Mother of Kayla 4.5months.
  • Trust your instincts

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