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Why We Should Ask Mums R U OK?


As a first-time mum, I was excitedly anticipating the birth of my first child. An experience dreams were made of. I had read the books, Googled the articles, and chatted …

How do I care for my newborn's belly button?

How do I care for my newborn’s belly button?


Get the right advice on how to care for your newborn’s belly button.

Antenatal class 101

Antenatal class 101


‘Open cervix, open mind’ … it’s all in Antenatal Class 101.

It gets easier

It gets easier …


Need a quick pick-me-up? Read on for a highly amusing (and a little bit naughty) take on the parenting catch-cry, IT GETS EASIER.

Baby on a budget

Baby on a budget


Babies don’t have to cost a fortune. This article suggests six must-haves to keep baby on a budget.

Free Range Parenting or Gate City


Free Range Parenting or Gate City Parenting – Finding your parenting style can take a while. Gen shares her experience and how she decided on her style.

first christmas gift ideas

Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas


Q&A: Just after ideas for baby’s first Christmas gift

Dad’s Guide To Nappies


Dad’s guide to nappies – humorous guide to everything dads need to know about changing nappies, which brand of nappies, about those first few nappies etc

Struggling mum: overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation after baby arrives


Q&A: How did people overcome the loneliness and isolation?

Surviving the post birth period


Ideas for surviving postpartum through the challenges and high expectations we put on ourselves as parents. Such as learn to say no to avoid over committing

Keeping Sick Family Away From Your Newborn


Q&A: How do you politely encourage friends and family with sick children to stay away from you and your newborn?

Helpful tips for a first time breastfeeder


Community Tips: Parents share their best tips for a first time breastfeeding mum. Breastfeeding your new baby can be a daunting experience, here are tips from mums who have been there and the issues they have overcome while breastfeeding

Money saving tips for maternity leave


Q&A: Just wondering if other parents could share their money saving tips while on maternity leave or living off one income?

Financially Preparing for a Baby


Expert Tips: Financially Preparing For a Baby. Tips such such thinking about private vs public maternity care, what government assistance is available etc

parenting hacks

Six Been-Around-the-Block Parenting Hacks


I have three kids. They are now one, three and five years old. And while juggling multiple kids is tiring (and rewarding and amazing and I wouldn’t change it for …

Help When Second Baby Born


Q&A: I’m due with my second child in 3 weeks and have a 3year old as well. My mum been very kind and has offered to come and help for a week. I’m wanting others experience on when they felt was the best time to have someone come and help?

cleaning cloth nappies

Considering Cloth Nappies? And the truth about poo!


Expert Tips: Learn about cleaning cloth nappies especially how to deal with poo

Nappy Stain Removal Suggestions


Q&A: What can i use other than preen to get breastmilk poop out of fabrics, the bright yellow curdled poop?

baby first aid

Assisting a Choking Baby & Baby CPR


Expert Tips: Learn how to assist a choking baby and about baby CPR for if your baby stops breathing.

Surviving the Newborn Stage


Today we share 9 ‘real mum’ tips to help you see through the newborn haze… Anyone who has been pregnant knows that the moment you announce you’re expecting, people will …

Being intimate when you have a newborn


Q&A: I am really struggling to be intimate with my OH now I’m a Mum. I still think he is amazing & nothing about him has changed, it’s how I see myself. I don’t see my body as sexual now even though I know my partner sees me that way. How can I overcome this?

Judgey McJudgerson

Ease up, Judgey McJudgerson. It’s only Mummy Wars if you buy into it.


Wondering how to avoid entering the mummy wars now you have a new bundle of joy? Lou Kenny has some hilarious tips to help you avoid accidentally committing a mummy atrocity.

Post-Partum Hair Loss


Im 4 months post baby and my hair is falling out in chunks! I know that while pregnant you don’t shed thats the reason for the loss, but is there …

Baby Inkless Print Kit


Mandy reviews the Baby Inkless Print Kit.

One Mummy’s reminder for other mums with Newborns


Parent Tips: Thanks, Eryn, for the wonderful reminder to all our mums with newborns.

Dealing with New Parent Anxiety

Dealing with New Parent Anxiety


Q&A: How did you deal with the anxiety of being a parent with your new baby?

Helpful hints for Mums with Multiples


Q&A: What helpful tips can you offer Mums who are currently pregnant with multiples?

The Walking Hour


Being a Mama is a tough job. It changes us, and challenges us and often leaves us feeling a little bit shell-shocked. Amy Taylor-Kabbaz shares what she has discovered and how important our sense of worth is.

Celebrating A New Baby: 6 Top Gifts for New Mums


Everybody buys for baby, but what about the new mum? Kari has a great list of gift suggestions to remind mum you are thinking of her too.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Q&A: What was the best/ most useful presents you received for your baby shower? I’m a ftm and people keep asking me what I want- I haven’t got a clue!