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Toddler Craft Project: Messy Animal Footprints

Toddler Craft Animal Footprints | Baby Hints & TipsHere’s a great fun and fabulously messy animal footprint craft activity, ideal for toddlers. Set out a selection of plastic animals and make footprint tracks in paint across a large sheet of paper!

Have fun exploring and comparing the shapes of print the different animals make.

Talk about the colours of paint, the different animals ‘paths’ & foot shapes and try mixing up different colours for some rainbow foot print fun!

Toddler Craft Animal Footprints process | Baby Hints & TipsYou will need:

  • Large sheet of paper (try IKEA for large rolls of craft paper)
  • Tape
  • Different colours of paint and flat tubs or paper plates for the paint
  • Selection of plastic animals – look for different shaped feet (e.g. paws, hooves, flippers etc)

How to make it:

  • Tape the paper to the table. This stops it sliding around and controls the mess!
  • Set out different colours of paint in separate flat tubs.
  • Set out a selection of animals.
  • Dip an animal’s feet in paint and have fun making the animal walk, run or dance across the paper, leaving a colourful trail of footprints behind!
  • Look at the footprint tracks and compare the various animals.
  • Try using different colours or mixing colours together.

Clever Tip: Use your finished work for great and economical gift-wrap. You could even make matching gift tags!

 Have fun!

Would your toddler love this animal craft?

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