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Father’s Day footprints

Father's Day footprintsFather’s Day is fast approaching and mums everywhere are on the look out for super cute (and simple!) handmade art and craft projects for their little ones to make for their special dads.

If you have a tiny baby (like under 1), there’s not much they can actually do in terms of art and craft – but luckily they have the cutest little footprints so I’m sharing a few ideas with the Baby Hints & Tips community today.

First up is salt dough footprints – and I just love these. Bubbas teeny tiny foot will be preserved in the dough so that you can always look back and remember how small they were. The recipe is quite easy too! Here’s how;

  • Footprints for Father's DayCombine 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour and half a cup of warm water.
  • Kneed it all together just like you would with regular play dough (this is where you can get an older sibling involved like I did!).
  • Roll it out flat and use a bowl to cut out a perfect circle if that’s the shape you want (make sure it’s big enough for baby’s footprint)
  • Then gently press bub’s foot into the dough – be sure to get their teeny toes pressed in!
  • Alternatively, you can cut around the footprint with a knife like we did.
  • Now bake in the oven for 3 hours at 120 degrees (make sure you allow plenty of time for this step!)
  • When dried out from the oven and cool to the touch, paint them and even add glitter if you like! Remember to add the date on the back so you know how old your baby was.

Now when it comes to regular foot print painting, I discovered that an ink pad works much better than paint. It’s easier to dab your little ones foot around in the ink and the result looks much neater. You’ll notice in the picture below that the silver on blue was done with paint, and the blue footprints were done with ink. Little Man and his big sister have each made their mark on their dad’s picture.

Footprints for Father's DayIf you’re feeling clever and are good at drawing, try making a tractor or other vehicles from your baby’s footprint like this example. We joke around with daddy that this is the only tractor he’s every going to get!! Pinterest has lots of other great ideas if you’re looking for more inspiration.

You could also do footprints on a mini square canvas, laminate your picture, or make your own Father’s Day card (or if you buy one from the shops – just pop a footprint on the inside – just like baby’s own autograph!).

It’s so important that all new dad’s feel special on Father’s Day – and something homemade with love will melt their hearts.

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Lauren is a teacher and mother of two from Adelaide, South Australia. She writes all about early learning and parenting stories over at Teacher Types. Find Lauren on Instagram and Facebook

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