Author: Lynn Jackson

About the Author:

Lynn Jackson is a mother of three, a wife of one and a teacher of many. Living in her hometown of Adelaide after many years travelling and teaching abroad, she attempts to find time for her passions of photography, reading, writing and skinny lattes with friends.
parent teacher interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews: Questions to Ask

Are you wondering what’s the best questions to ask at parent teacher interviews? Us too!  We’ve asked a teacher (and mum to three) with over 15 years experience her advice …

Alternative baby shower ideas

New (not lame!) Alternative baby shower ideas

Alternative baby shower ideas – Eight ideas for a baby shower with a difference

Community: let's celebrate it this Australia Day

Community: let’s celebrate it this Australia Day

Find out how one Mum adds a sense of mindfulness to Australia Day by focusing on her community.

Building Resilience in Children

Tips for building resilience in children. Research suggests that a child’s resilience is one of the biggest indicators of success in life. So lets build them up

How to Choose a School

Teacher Tips: How to choose a school for your kids. Questions to ask, what to think about to make the best choice for your child and your family

Judgement Free Zone, please shut the gate!

NO more mummy judgement. Lynn, found a sign at her local park stating ‘no technology beyond this point’. Read her reaction towards the judgmental sign.

pregnancy insomnia

Pregnancy Insomnia: Tips For Sweet Dreams

Tips to help you sleep in pregnancy: Pregnancy insomnia can be absolutely exhausting – here are some great practical tips to help you sleep

strong willed child

Parenting the strong willed child

Parenting Tips: A mother of a strong willed child shares her tips on parenting the determined child. Includes 5 tried and true tips that will help you.

Kids and Technology: How Much is Too Much?

Blog: Kids and technology: How much technology is too much? What’s technology doing to our kids? Research suggests that children who overuse technology suffer in three main areas.