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Baby head banging against the wall

Baby head bangingQ: My 11 month old DD has just got in to the habit of crawling over to a wall and start banging the back of her head on it. He sits there for a while and does it and does it with some force. Has anyone else’s babies done this? What did you do to encourage them to stop?

  • My little one used to bang his head on the floor when frustrated or mad. Like others said he grew out of it. Generally it is nothing to be concerned about as it is a self limiting behaviour which essentially means they won’t do it hard enough to truly hurt themselves. If you are really worried then see the Dr. Rachael
  • my 2 year old girl does this too, I hope it’s a phase Sara
  • my son did this at about 9-11 months. He grew out of it we just moved him away he was worse when he was tired so I usually tried to distract with a snack, cuddles or nap Chanelle
  • My daughter headbanged at that age too! Still does, occasionally, at 20 months. I just ignore or distract her. If I paid any attention to it, she’d do it more for a reaction. I’m sure it will soon pass. Kate
  • yes, my daughter used to bang her head on the floor and the glass sliding door until she cried. It was just a phase, she stopped it in her own time. Nothing I did would stop her! It will pass and I’m pretty sure it’s completely normal. Olivia
  • My younger brother used to do this! Is was an attention thing which he stopped doing as soon as we started to ignore it Liz
  • My 15 month old does it. But he does it to get to sleep and also to relieve pain from teething and ear infections. Maybe your LO is teething? Melissa
  • both my boys used to bang there heads on ground espically when I would say no to them both mine even got concision from it but more attention I gave them the more they did it I moved them to there beds or couch but they would still do it against wall or something they grew out of habbit Wendy
  • I use to do this myself as a child it got to the point that my Mum had to put a helmet on my head to stop people looking as I gave myself huge bruises. Poor Mum lol I did grow out of it eventually Brooke
  • my son used to do that for fun when he was little. We did our best to limit his opportunities by moving furniture and putting soft things. I front of the furniture we could not move. He did stop after a while. Kate
  • my son would do that on walls and windows will grow out of it. As child prob bored and needs something diff to play with Renee
  • my son used bang his head on the sliding glass door and on the wall. I just let him do it and he finally stopped. Think it’s just a phase most kids go through Estelle
  • it’s a phase my son used to do it & I will fresh our , try to not give attention unless you are worried she is hurting herself , then just try distracting her , she will grow out of it Shelly
  • My 9 month old has been doing this for the past one month at the back of his high chair and when he’s in my lap against my chest. I’m assuming it’s just a phase. I just stop him and redirect him to some other activity so that he forgets about it. Umm
  • My 11month old DS picked up this habit also Kerri Anne
  • Yes, they grow out of it. Bree
  • My 11 month old has just started soon this too… Or against cupboards on on the couch… Hoping it’s just a phase lol Sam
  • When my son was about 8 or 9 months he started head banging the flour , & he did this for attention or when he was having a tantrum but he grew out of it when was about 18 months . Kate
  • My 10.5 mo does that on the back of his high Danielle
  • My 13 month old does it too I just tell him no and try and distract him. Sherilee
  • my 16 month old does this too, to the point he hurts himself but keeps going, I try to ignore it but when he keeps going and it’s on a hard surface I do what I can to stop him, usually distract him with something Hayley

 What are your suggestions to manage a baby banging their head?

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