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What is a normal baby temperature?

Baby Hints and Tips would like to stress that the below information relating to baby temperature is merely a guide and does not take the place of expert medical advice. If you have any concerns about the health and safety of your children please seek assistance from your local doctor or you can contact HealthDirect on 1800 022 222 to speak to a registered nurse.


Normal Baby Temperature

A baby’s temperature is a key indicator of a number of health concerns. It can be used as a guide for medical professionals who can interpret an abnormal temperature read as a sign that something is wrong.

Your baby’s temperature range can indicate the differences between sickness and health in your child, as well as show evidence of fever or virus.

The Raising Children Network indicates that the normal temperature range for children and babies is between 36.5 degrees Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius.


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What causes a change in temperature?

There are a number of reasons your baby might have a high temperature.

  • Fever (this is a sign of illness and not an illness itself)
  • Infection (a high temperature means that your child is fighting off the infection)
  • Viruses (cold, respiratory tract infection, infectious diseases)
  • Bacteria (antibiotics may be required)
  • Reactions to environmental factors
  • Other more serious conditions (hence the necessity of a visit to a medical professional)

Using Thermometers to gauge baby’s temperature

It can be difficult to take the temperature of a sick baby or child. It’s hard to get an accurate read as they may resist and struggle too much to be able to take the time required to use the instrument.

There are a number of options, as outlined here, for taking your baby’s temperature. You may find that you have success with some methods listed in this article.

Some other, more technologically advanced methods like this one are reflecting the needs of modern parents by being easy to use and incredibly accurate.

Concerned about fevers in your children? You can find out more information here.

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