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Tips for Hip Dysplasia diagnosis at 10 months

Hip dysplasia, or clicky hips, occurs when baby’s hips are growing.  The femoral head (thighbone) sits in a cup-shaped socket in the pelvis.  In hip dysplasia the femoral head does not sit firmly in the socket and can prevent correct hip development.  

Developmental checks for hip dysplasia

Maternal health nurses and doctors will check for a baby who:

  • Uneven creases near the buttock
  • Different length legs
  • Abnormal leg movement

Older children who:

  • Sit or walk late
  • Walks or stands leaning to one side
  • Waddle when they walk

If there are any concerns the doctor or maternal health work may recommend an ultrasound of your child’s hips. 

Treatment of hip dyslpasia

There are various treatment options available for hip dysplasia including several braces that can help hold the bone and socket in place to allow for correct structural  development. 

hip dysplasia in baby Rhino brace

A rhino brace will help keep the hip joints in a frog leg position. This encourages the ball of the joint to sit in the socket which allows development of the shallow part of the socket.                     

The Rhino brace allows some movement. Infants can learn to roll, sit, commando crawl and toddlers can actually walk in the brace.  Crawling on hands and knees is not possible 

My daughter is 10 months old and has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She has a rhino brace and has to wear it for 3 months. She was previously extremely active and now is limited with her movements causing her to get very frustrated. She is also not sleeping very well anymore as she can’t move around in her bed. Can anyone give me tips or advise for getting through these months.

  • I had Hip Dysplasia. But it wasn’t picked up until i was 9months. Although my case was bad as I had to be in a plaster for a year n a half. 3months will go faster then u think. Agree with the rest baby wear. Good luck. Chloe
  • My daughter was in a Spica cast for three months for hip dysplasia, also very active 15 month old beforehand. She adapted really well to the cast but did get frustrated when she reached the limits of what she could do (like all back babies). We never got the hang of sleeping through the night as she couldn’t role over. They do get more used to it and better at sleeping though. The months feels like forever at this stage but it will be over. Alice
  • Don’t stress it. My son had hip dysplasia due to breech birth. The time flies. Before you know it it will be over & she will be charging ahead & this will be nothing but a minor inconvenience. Michelle
  • My 6month old had the same thing. We live in croatia and had to were the brace also but we wore them for 2months. Luckily he had no problems with them on but only towards the end as it became really hot here and didn’t like yo put them on especially at night. Hope all goes well Sindi
  • My daughter is 10 months old and has been in the rhino for 2 weeks now. She gets frustrated as well and has had disrupted sleep but it is getting better. I roll up a soft blanket and put it under her legs when she’s on her back. I have a baby carrier and have been using that more as well. Is your daughter in the brace 24/7? Kristen
  • there are plenty of support groups on Facebook for DDH I recommend “Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) Babies, Kids and Adults” Sarah
  • my daughter was diagnosed with it the day she was born. She is now 13 yrs old. It was a bit easier since the day after she was born she had to wear the brace up in frog leg position but she still struggled and she got used to it. Your baby will too. It’s really hard at first but the will adjust theirselves. When mine turned 1 yr old she had surgery and had to be in a body cast that was positioned like the brace and it was horrible but she still learned to get around in it. Mandi
  • Check with your doctor and see if it’s ok to baby wear her. Get a Manduca ergo or Tula. It will position her in an “m” position Danielle
  • There are lots pf support pages on facebook. Look up hip dysplasia Tori
  • Me too and on top of reflux it is a pain in the bum … Just adds to her discomfort Miranda

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