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Big W Baby Week Sale

Cute has been taken to a whole new level in the Big W baby range of bedding and clothing. By all means rush out and make the most of the store’s Baby Week Sale (ends February 15) – it’s both stylish and affordable. Alternatively, shop with a purpose with our 4 ‘savvy mum’ tips below.

 BIG W baby week4 reasons to head into Big W during the Baby Week Sale:

  1. Freshen up baby’s room

I love my sister-in-law’s home. It always feels fresh and inviting. Even the nursery is  regularly renewed. She must spend a fortune following the latest trends with bespoke purchases, you say. Surprisingly, no. She starts with a neutral colour palette as her foundation for walls and furniture. Key pieces are simple and don’t overtake any space. She then she works her magic with stylish and affordable bedding. For example, the Dymples cot sheet sets featuring unicorns inspire a whimsical baby girl room. Accessories would be bold turquoises and yellows. Display books with a fairytale flavor. We recommend the Paperbag Princess for those wanting to raise self-reliant and resilient girls. Or try Big W’s Thelma the Unicorn on sale now – it comes with the added bonus of a plush unicorn that will most certainly complement your bedding selection.

2. Get a head start on the season ahead

Nothing is worse than the cooler weather setting in and having nothing warm and snuggly for baby. Be prepared with an affordable selection of Dymples bodysuits and leggings. They are so cute and stylish, baby can go straight from the cot to a catchup with mother’s group. For special outings take a look at the new Kardashian Kids range.

Don’t forget the most practical of items, such as a throw for baby’s pram. Handy for when a cold breeze blows at the local park, or the evening chill sets in when you are out for dinner at a friend’s place. Try the Dymples Baby Pram blanket. It is made from natural fibre making it durable and soft to touch.

Big W blanket

 3. Find gorgeous gifts to put aside

 If you are anything like me, it always seems to be a last minute rush to the shops to buy newborn gifts for family members and friends. I always feel bad that my selections are a mish mash of baby products. Avoid this feeling, and use your gift money to better effect, by making purchases during the Baby Week Sale. You can coordinate your selection and have it looking extra gorgeous with the addition of a teddy that compliments the theme or colour-selection. For a baby boy, why not choose Jack, the Ty teddy and add it to the Dymples three pack of bodysuits, which comes in shades of blue with a cute animal motif. 

 4. Happy un-birthday gifts

It’s a well-known fact that baby will often prefer the wrapping of gifts, over the actual gift. Why not wrap up baby’s new bedding, clothing or accessories and let them enjoy ripping off the paper. Use the scrunched up paper for a treasure basket. While baby is enjoying their tactile experience you can enjoy a cuppa and feel content knowing your trip to the shops has been worthwhile. 

Big W baby sale

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