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Coles Little Shop Collectables Are Sending Collectors INSANE

The bidding wars are ON! We can’t believe how fast the auction prices are increasing! Coles Little Shop Collectables are inspiring absolute insanity on eBay and in Facebook market places.  The mad scrabble for finding that elusive last item has resulted in some absolutely insane prices for eager hunters in the Facebook world.  Facebook Buy Sell and Swap groups are abuzz with thousands of traders searching for that last illusive little product and they’re willing to pay big dollars to get it in their hot little hands!  One Facebook user posted a complete set – the price tag made everyone’s jaw drop!

Coles Mini Collectable Products - Little Shop Promo

So is this just crazy collectors on Facebook?

Even Aussie Comedian Christian Hull has shared his pain in a NSFW video on how stupidly addictive these little collectables are!

But no, it’s not just Facebook! The mini collectables on Ebay are sparking bidding wars with rarer items like the Mt Franklin water bottle sparking an absolute frenzy of eager bidders.  Brand new listings, still days from sale time, are already sparking bidding wars that escalate by the hour.  Not bad considering all Coles shoppers get these little items free just for spending $30 in store!  The race is on to get them loaded into online marketplaces and make a few quick bucks before “EVERYONE IS DOING IT”. Coles Mini Water Bottle COllectable

But what about unopened Coles Mini Shop Collectables?

Not even sure if the illusive one item you’re chasing is in the lot?  Nevermind!  With days to go, bids are coming thick and fast for unopened Coles Mini Collectables.  And you thought kids were mad for unboxing videos on YouTube – their mums now have their own version!

Unopened coles mini collectables for sale

The Coles Little Shop Collectable that didn’t make it to the final promo?

Is it the item that didn’t make the cut or has some clever entrepreneur developed his own version of the Coles Little Shop Collectable range?  Who knows but it’s definitely something you don’t want your toddler selling in her own “Little Shop!”

Rare Coles Little Shop Item

Are you collecting?  Which items do you still need?  Tell us about your Coles Little Shop Collectables!

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