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Have Woolies Ooshies Driven Us Mad?

Originally starting off as fun collector’s items for children, the Woolworth’s Lion King Ooshies seem to have turned regular mums on one another all for the tiny figurines. The Lion …


8 reasons why women love Bluey’s Dad Bandit

We all know kids everywhere love Bluey but women love Bluey’s dad Bandit. This is what we love… Bandit is hilarious and not in the usual ‘dopey dad’ way. His …

Tampons in Australia have no applicator

American Women Just Saw Aussie Tampons, And They’re LOSING THEIR MINDS

It started out an average chat in the Women of Impact group on Facebook.  A new study found that menstrual products are now the fifth biggest contributor to plastic ocean …

Chinese Gender Chart - Baby Gender Prediction

Does the Chinese Gender Chart Actually Work?

Q&A: Has the Chinese Gender Chart been correct or incorrect when predicting the gender of your baby?

Loom Scam

New Social Media Scam Coming After Your Money

A dangerous new craze has appeared on social media in the last few weeks involving a money-making scam promising to make you hundreds of dollars. The ‘Loom’ or ‘Blessing Loom’ …

Australian egg recall

Australian egg recall over salmonella concerns

  It’s time to check your eggs because they might be part of a recall over concerns of contamination. Food Standards Australia New Zealand has issued a warning relating to …

Marie Kondo

How to Marie Kondo when you don’t have Netflix

If you don’t have Netflix and you’re suffering from a serious case of FOMO, fear not! This Netflix loving Mum has watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and has the …

Coles Little Shop Collectables

Coles Little Shop Collectables Are Sending Collectors INSANE

The bidding wars are ON! We can’t believe how fast the auction prices are increasing! Coles Little Shop Collectables are inspiring absolute insanity on eBay and in Facebook market places.  …

Aldi Jack N Jill Train Set

Aldi Jack N Jill Train Set recall

Jack N Jill Wooden Jungle Railway Set recall 14 piece railway track, 1 train engine, 3 animal train, 1 ABC matching puzzle track and 1 bead rainbow track. Train set …

kids party games

Kids party games: Should there be winners?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to kids party games but where do you stand? Do you prefer to have no winners and no losers or teach …

maternity leave and the new child care subsidy

Maternity leave and the new Child Care Subsidy Australia

We are seeing a lot of questions out there about what parents are entitled to from the new Child Care Package when they are on maternity leave. Paid and Unpaid …

Nappy consent

Should we be asking babies for consent before changing their nappy?

Anyone who has spent any time with children will know that the word “no” is a highly overused staple of the toddler vocabulary. So when author and educator, Deanne Carson, …

Reflux medication increase risk of allergies in children

Reflux medication increase risk of allergies in children

A new update on the use of anti-reflux medications in children. True reflux in infants occurs when stomach acid comes up the digestive tract and irritates the digestive lining. It …

BUPA gap cover scheme

BUPA changes to the Gap cover scheme

BUPA gap cover scheme changes explained in simple language. Understand the changes to your cover and how it will impact you in private and public hospital settings.

Attachment parenting

What is attachment parenting and is it for you?

“Attachment Parenting” has been a buzz word in parenting circles for a while now. But what is it exactly? Here’s a guide to what’s involved and the thinking behind the concept.

Fat or pregnant

Don’t ask me if I’m pregnant

If you find yourself wondering if someone is fat or pregnant, do them a favour and keep your curiosity to yourself. There’s no polite way to ask – if they want you to know, they’ll tell you!

Mum Accuses Day Care of Secretly Waxing Her Two Year Old’s Monobrow!

We’re all looking for child care that goes ‘above and beyond‘ but this centre seems to have taken the saying a little too far… Mother, Alyssa Sagado has turned to …

smart trike recall

Australian Product Recalls

Toys R Us SmarTrike 700 8 in 1 folding trike Default: The product is not supplied with a mandatory tether strap and does not meet mandatory warning label requirements of …

Australian childcare workers strike March 27 2018

Australian childcare workers strike March 27 2018

Australian childcare workers are set to strike on March 27, 2018 due to an inability to reach a deal on pay increases to address the existing low wages.

Kylie Jenners pregnancy

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and birth journey

Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her daughter on Feb 4 after a very secretive pregnancy.  This video shows the journey of their pregnancy and the birth of her daughter …

Are people entitled to an opinion on the size of your family? Here are your thoughts.

So you’re having a big family. Should others get to have an opinion on the size of your tribe? Or do others opinions mean sweet F.A. when it comes to your procreation plans? You spoke up. Here’s what you said.

Kmart cubby hack

This Kmart Cubby House is the talk of the town

The Kmart kid’s cubby house for only $199 is the bargain of the century and parents all over the country are getting creative with how they can tizzy them up …

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers to be forced out of childcare centres

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers are kicked to the curb as the Victorian government tightens childcare enrolments. Will this impact you?

Rafferty’s Garden recall

Rafferty’s Garden Happy Tummies Vegetable Risotto Best Before 10 Aug 2018 Best Before 12 Aug 2018 Available for sale at most major retailers and some pharmacies in Australia. Problem: Rafferty’s …

Calciyum recall

Recall: Calciyum yoghurt

CalciYum recall August 2017. Return to store for a refund

Triplets car hack

Triplets car hack

Dad, Jake, has had a facebook post go viral with his homemade car divider to separate his triplets in the car

panadol recall may 2016

Panadol recall May 2016

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia, in consultation with the TGA, is recalling 3 batches of Children’s Panadol 5-12 years suspension, 200 mL bottles. An ingredient used in the manufacture of these …

Recall on Toys R Us Cot

Recall: Toys R Us have recalled the DaVinci Lind 3-in-1 Household cot which is sold online and in-store by Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us. The cot may not …

Childrens Analgesic Recall

Recall: Several batches of children Ibuprofen and Paracetamol have been recalled by Symbion, in consultation with the TGA.

We Want You: The Nappy Collective

Charity: The Nappy Collective – dontate your unused disposable nappies and they are distributed to children in need