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Colic. Will Infants Friend or Infacol work

colic will infants friend or infacol workWhat is colic

Colic is a term for a healthy baby who cries for more than 3 hours a day more than 3 days a week for more than 3 weeks.  It generally starts when baby is about 2 weeks old and resolves by about 3-4 months of age.  The cause of colic is unknown, however we strongly recommend you read Dr Howard Chilton’s article Colic? Bore your baby to sleep for detailed information about what colic is and how to treat it – you might be surprised by what you learn!

 Community Question

Any tips for colic? just found out my 8 week old daughter has it… Shes been really unsettled all today and only wants to be cuddles by me, laying her down on her back seems to unsettle her.  I have tried Panadol worked a little.. But not much. Does Infacol  or Infant’s Friend help with colic? I am soooooo tired!

Infants Friend worked for colic in our baby

  • Infacol makes bubs burp, Infant’s Friend makes bubs fart. We use Infant’s Friend for our colic ridden 18 week old, and it is amazing. If you’re not convinced, put a couple of drops into your dish water and watch the bubbles disappear. Good luck! Amelia
  • I find infants friend helps them do poo too! I love it! My 7 week old was the same, dr told me to try novala colic, it’s about $24 but i notice him settle more by the second feed. I know your desperation i’v been feeling it for the past 6weeks! Good luck hun! 🙂 Olivia
  • Infants friend drops worked great for us. Fiona
  • I used Infant’s Friend with my daughter and it was amazing. But remember what may work on one bub may not on another. Michelle
  • Infants Friend was a lifesaver when my daughter was little. It stopped the cluster feeding which may making it worse. Tegan
  • Infants Friend was a godsend.  My dd had reflux and problems with getting her burps up.  We would pat and walk and rub, postural changes… you name it we tried it! Give her Infants Friend and within a couple of minutes she would burp, pass wind if she needed to and settle.  Magic stuff that I wish I had tried right from the start (the whole being dubious about giving anything to a new baby).  She is 10 months now and we still use it occasionally. It is really interesting, if she’s crying and I am not helping she will reach for the bottle., but only if she needs it she doesn’t have any interest in it otherwise. I have tried Infacol as well, but it didn’t provide as much relief…all babies are different,  but I am confident in saying that its a good thing to try. Good luck x Cerridwen
  • I swear by Infants Friend.  Best stuff on the market. Katy
  • Infants Friend is a life saver! I had a VERY colicy baby. It was the only thing that would help him. I tried the Brauers one and it did absolutely nothing. Gennevieve
  • Infants Friend didn’t work with my first baby, but works great with my second. Its a case of trial and error, try the wind drops and gripe water and whatever else you can find.  It does get better.  Try different burping techniques as well, don’t give up after one burp they may have more wind in there.  My son responded best to tickling up his spine then patting, my daughter responds best to rubbing in circles on her back and patting. There is no one answer. Sally


  • I found Infacol to be far more effective than Infant’s friend. Nikki

Dr Chilton’s method worked for our baby with colic

A chiropractor helped our baby with colic

  • Chiropractor was the only thing that worked for my daughter. She screamed for the first 12 weeks of life and 3 visits to the chiro she was a changed baby. Melanie
  • Ive tried infacol, infants friend, gripe water but still baby is unsettled so going to chiropractor tomorow.. Colette
  • Which is where the chiropractic comes in they activate the nerves in the appropriate spot in the neck and lower back which sends the message to the brain that the organ exists and something isn’t right. Melanie
  • Im in Adelaide and after Bubs chiropractor visit this morning she has not cried once so settled, going back twice next week… Colette
  • Colette, that’s great to hear! You’ll be amazed just how much better she will be after those 2 visits. I absolutely love hearing when its made a change in babies! When i recommend it to friends they look at me like i’m nuts and then never go and just complain about their whingy baby instead. Melanie

Try Gripe water for colic

  • I found that gripe water works wonders. Tel
  • There is an amazing article about colic and the common misdiagonsis by Dr Howard Chilton. All mums please read this it is a very very good article….. Natalie

Rhubarb and Soda

  • We used rhubarb and soda from the Women’s and Children Adelaide. You will need a prescription though.  24hrs, different baby! Rachel

Brauers Colic Drops

  • Infants Friend and Infacol both didn’t work. Try Brauers colic drops. Amy
  • Try Brauers colic relief, I didn’t know about it with my first, but I wish I had.  It was a lifesaver with my second. It gets better, you need to weather the storm. Nicole

Marina Infant Mixture

  • Marina Infant Mixture is the best stuff. Infants Friend did work but Marina was the best and we tried heaps. I promise it gets better. Our girl is nearly 4 months and barely and colic or wind. Amber
  • We loved Marina Infant Mixture. Mary

Combination of changes to improve colic

  • My first baby (now 2.5yo) screamed nonstop for the first 8 weeks of his life – it was hell for all of us to say the least . At the advice of our Paed I stopped breastfeeding & put him on lactose free formula along with Donnalix colic drops & infants friend. Within 24 hours we had a new baby & we all got some sleep. I wasn’t at all sad to stop BF as I hated every minute of it.. I think you just have to try a variety of things to work put which one is goon to work for you. Good luck, colic is awful x Rachel

Bowen therapy for colic

  • Bowen therepy helped my little one. Krystle

Diagnosed with reflux

  • Infants Friend did nothing for us.  Our baby girl cried and cried and cried. Infants Friend, gripe water, Infacol, camomile tea – tried it all.  In the end took her to a paediatrician and it was silent reflux.  A visit might be worthwhile if your little one doesn’t settle. Out of all Infacol was by far the best for her. It is so hard at the beginning. It gets sooo much easier over time. Be good to yourself. x Elizabeth
  • Infants Friend did nothing for our daughter.  She had colic and silent reflux.  We ended needing infant gaviscon for the reflux and brauers colic liquid plus brauers baby calm liquid for the rest.  Cant recommend Brauers highly enough. Rebecca

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