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comforter (Custom)Does your child have a sleep toy/blanket? What is it and did it improve their sleep?

** Always follow SIDS guidelines **

  • My 3 month old sleeps with an old night tee of mine. He’s sleeping 9-10 hours before waking for a quick feed, and has been since I introduced this to bedtime.  Andrea
  • My eldest has a stuffed dog he got as a newborn he sleeps with it every nite and wont go to sleep til he has it and he has just turned 8.  Jenny
  • My little one has a goodnight Charlie bear and I also put a night light in for a few months and now he sleeps with no night light and some glow in the dark stars. Still has Charlie he goes everywhere.  Cassie
  • Yeah my daughter has a little bunny blankie. She plays with his ears and brushes her cheek with them as she is dozing off. She is 2 now so a few other toys end up in bed with her too.  Kylie
  • Security blanket for both my kids, they both sleep well.  Zoe
  • A muslin wrap. Slept with it since about two months. Now 7 mths won’t sleep without it.  Taryn
  • We have monkey who is a little square blanket with a monkey head sewn on and there is no sleep with out him!  Brittany
  • My son has a Cuski. We slept with it before he was born and he’s not spent a night away from it since.  Kate
  • yep. the baby blanket i had when i was born and Hootabelle plushie. she sleeps like a log with them…without is scary.  Sarah-Kate
  • My daughter uses a muslin cloth, it naturally became her comforter and she likes to cuddle it to sleep. Also good because I have lots of them and easy to buy new ones. It helps her fall asleep in her cot.  Stefanie
  • My mum and I were going through a suitcase of clothes from when my brother was little (he’s now 22) and my now 3.5 year old was around one at the time. we had pulled out a baby blanket of his and my son took to it straight away. I hate to think if we ever lost it as they don’t make them like that anymore.  Rianna
  • my 11mth has a muslin wrap and a little teddy he puts the wrap over his face to go to sleep and rubs his fingers on his teddy has had these since he was born.  Kelly
  • My ds is 3, and every night he sleeps with his blankie which is his muslin wrap from when he was a new born, lucky we had 3 of them lol.  Elisha
  • Security blanket x 2 for my daughter along with 2 x teddies and one of each of my son…  Sheree
  • Yes bought our daughter 3 of the same tigger comforters (incase they get wrecked/lost or thrown up on etc). It didn’t directly help her sleep to begin with, was more of an indicator for her that sleep was coming. But now she grabs it and hugs it to sleep and looks for it during the night, but she only gets it when she’s going to sleep. Also initial reason was because she refused a dummy, bought them when she was about 4months old.  Amaile
  • My dad gave my dd a soft giraffe toy that came with a blanket when she was born. She has slept with it ever since and we now have 3 of them just in case. We take one everywhere we go. She is now 2 and has all 3 in bed with her as we speak.  Taylor
  • My ds has never wanted anything, my dd often likes to sleep with a toy. She has a couple of favs but changes her mind frequently.  Rebecca
  • My son wont sleep without his pillow. He plays with the corner of the pillow and tickles his ear with it. He also sleeps with his baby (doll). He hugs it all night.  Kristy
  • Daughter has had a lil blanket since 3mnths she is now almost 13mnths. Always slept 13+ hrs of a night. Always makes her happy when given to her. Have got a spare if that one goes missing!  Kirsty
  • My youngest was given a blankie when he was about one that he fell in love with and has slept pretty much all night since, before that he woke a lot. It was quite big so we made it into 2, now he’s 2 & a half I’m thinking it’s time to make it smaller.  Toni
  • My 20 mo daughter has a teddy, sleeps with it, takes it everywhere! It’s been in her cot from 4mo, she’s a really good sleeper, often I go in her room and she’s cuddling it.  Jess
  • My 13 month old has 3 pooh bear comforter blankets, holds one in each end and a spare for if he end up at the other end of the cot. He has had them since around 5 months old. He now sneaks his ted out when to hold through the day!  Kirsty
  • My sister (god love her) bought my son a twinkle twinkle little scout by leapfrog (6 months ago they were 20 bucks at bigw but are now discontinued) its a puppy that plays music that had a little blanket the size of a face washer you are “supposed” to tie to the puppy, however scout the puppy got ditched along time ago & now the little blue blanket (people often mistake as a dusting rag) goes everywhere with my soon to be 1yo! He sleeps great with it 2x 4 hour naps during the day & 8-10 hours of a night! Blankie is amazing!  Renee
  • Both my babies have a little teddy/blanket thing. Teddy heads & arms then a blanket for a body. They both suck on his hat which calms them…  Amy
  • My son sleeps with muslin wrap he wont settle and sleep without it. Has done so since been a newborn.  Melissa
  • My 21 month old will not sleep without her dummy or a blanket my mum knitted for her….thankfully mum knitted about 5 of them all the same so she can’t tell then apart.  Breeanna
  • My nearly 3 yr old has had a bunny rabbit teddy since 6months old and won’t sleep without it when she can’t find it gets upset.  Samantha
  • My daughter has nothing, has never wanted or decided on any form of comforter, she just goes to sleep. She likes her stuffed toys, but she would have a different favourite everyday.  Alana
  • My 19 month old dd has to have a muslin wrap to go to sleep, has done since she was 3 months old. She only has it when she is in bed.  Leah
  • My almost 3 year old has a pink dragon. she picked it up at a garage sale when she was 6 months old and she wont go to bed without it . it went to the hospital today as well as a comforter when we thought she had broken her arm. And my 14 month old has a minnie mouse that is bigger than her she sleeps with wont go to bed unless its there and she can see it. Diana
  • she started with nothing and she was fine, then by accident i kept leaving her glow worm in the cot, the 1st day i left it at mums she was hard to get to sleep but then was fine without it. for the 3 weeks it was in there she used to just roll to her side and touch its face lol, even caught her holding its hand (Shes almost 9 months) so id say, if your going to introduce anything to help bub sleep, get 3 of them incase you loose one!!!  Jade
  • Yes my daughter has a taggie. Best invention ever!!! Its a little mini blanket with tags sewn into the edges and she sucks and chews on the tags puts here to sleep every night for the last two years. They sell at target.  Bonnie
  • My daughter has a little dog with a blanket that you die to it and it plays lullabies, she doesn’t take it anywhere but loves it for sleep time! Put it to the 20 minute lullaby and she never cries! Had it for over a year!  Meg
  • My 3 and 4 year old have a stuffed toy each they go everywhere son has dog and daughter has gowey ( goat ( which is actually a lamb ) lol  Josie
  • my 1st a muslin square and a pink rabbit comforter, my 2nd a blue teddy comforter and a scout lullaby and my 3rd doesnt really have anything yet (hes 9wks).  Kay
  • My daughter 9 months has to sleep with something silk my sister was like that to.  Amanda
  • My son got one of those Kmart music and lights bears as a baby shower gift. He didnt like it untill he was about 10mths but from then on he sleeps with it every night and turns it on himself. It lullabys him to sleep and the lights work well too to make room less scary if he wakes in middle of nite. He turns it on and puts himself back to sleep hes now 2.5yrs old. Still has it in his bed but doesnt turn it in very often as he now has one of those turtles that project stars and moon in different colours onto walls and ceiling.  Lisa
  • My baby has a muslim wrap n a dummy.loves it.. Shellie
  • My dd has a little poohbear with a blankie attached she has slept with it since newborn and she is really attached to it it comes everywhere we go even on the floor next to her while she plays. She puts herself to sleep with it by rubbing it over her eyes its gorgeous.  Nicole
  • My 10 yr old still loves her blankie, (cot blanket) my 5 yr old has a dog (stuffed teddy dog) that he can go with out but if he see’s it, it definitely goes to bed with him. An my 2 yr old has a blankie aswell only it’s a personalised small minky taggy blanket, that she will not go anywhere without it..  Caz
  • Flatout bear baby – dd got it at birth but we only gave it to her at 12 months and she loves him. Gets it when she is tired and takes him to bed and in the car. It’s small soft and she carries him so great for me!  Jen
  • My dd sleeps with her musical seahorse, it goes everywhere with her.  Jasmine
  • My almost 2 year old has to have a pair of my satin PJs to sleep. This has been going on forever. I currently have a friend making me her a blanket with satin and Peppa Pig on it so its a little more classy.  Kylie

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