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Lulla Doll Review

Lulla Doll reviewNote: The Lulla Doll in this review was provided free of charge to our reviewer, Kristin, she was not paid for this article.

So here’s my back story, I’m not just another blogger writing about a new product I don’t need nor really want, I’m a mother of 2 like many others with a child that doesn’t sleep. Ever (or at least it felt like it sometimes). After 8 months of a baby boy who refused to sleep day or night, one of my lovely school mums told me about this miracle doll she has seen all over the Internet of late. My first thought was ‘yeah ok everyone seems to have a miracle cure for making my son sleep all night’, but in my desperate state I went home and started googling this ‘miracle cure’. I came across the Facebook page ‘sleep tight babies‘ that had this Lulla Doll. I read review after review about the results and in my exhausted sleep deprived state, it brought me to tears thinking I may have found a solution to my sons terrible sleeping.

So I started the search to purchase one. They seemed so popular I couldn’t find one anywhere, defeated I entered a competition I saw through Baby Hints and Tips in the hope of win one.  2 days later I was asked to do a review for one so in anticipation I almost ran to the door when I heard the postman each day & a week later I came home from school pick up to a package on my doorstep.

So what did we think?

At first my son just stared at it wondering 1. What it was & 2.  Where it came from but after Lulla spent a few days doing school drop offs, pick ups, daytime routine of shopping, gym & everything inbetween he got used to it and was often placing his hand on it (like he does with us, just has to ‘touch’ us).

After 6 days of Lulla accompanying us everywhere (shops, play dates, visits & even our MCHN appointment) I took the plunge, at the recommendation of Michelle, we introduced Lulla into the cot for nap times.

It. Was. Amazing.

Through tears I snuck into his room an hour after he’d gone down and he was SOUND ASLEEP!  My son. My non sleeper had been asleep for over an hour.  In his 9 months I can count on one hand the amount of times he’s slept longer than half an hour during a day time nap.  I immediately thought, this is a fluke, I’m not making up my mind about this doll until it’s been a least a week.

Lulla Doll4 days later we started Lulla with night sleeps as well as days.

Fast forward another 10 days. It’s STILL working.  We have had 2 bad nights in that 10 days, but I’ll take 2 out of 10 over 10/10 bad nights. He has stretched his night feeds (without my help) to 4-5 hours instead of 2 & his day time naps are amazingly less stressful & our house is incredibly less anxious.

So long story short;

The pro’s?

IT WORKS!  But if you need more than that, the material is incredibly soft, it washes really well and the sound isn’t offensive, it’s actually very soothing.  The instructions, ongoing support and the support group on Facebook are all invaluable, what other product has this???

The cons?

Batteries. It’s not great on batteries. However, in saying that, I knew right off the bat this was something to be mindful of, Michelle was completely transparent about this fact. The only other con could be price, it’s steep for those on a tight budget but I can tell you now if you’re as exhausted as I was this is absolutely worth it’s weight in gold. Think of it as an investment. It has been for us & I wish I’d done it sooner.

Whilst nothing ever replaces a parents touch & if you’re co-sleeping or bed sharing it doesn’t replace the human touch, it certainly offers mum & dad a much needed break when exhausted.  I still have cuddles with my little man before bed, the difference now is he doesn’t cry the second I place him in his cot, he just nudges into his Lulla and manages to fall asleep on his own.

So the big question is……. Would I recommend it to others?  Absolutely. Without a doubt I am a Lulla Doll convert.

Thankyou Michelle and the team at Sleep Tight BabiesYou have made me one happy mamma bear.

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