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{CRAFT} Milk carton pencil pot

by Jenny from Little Masterpeaces milk caryon pencil pot collageThis pencil pot is a great rainy day activity to do with the kids. They can make it as colourful as they like, or experiment with different patterns. Best thing is it holds lots of pencils and crayons for the next craft activity!

You will need:
1 empty milk carton, washed out & clean
Popsticks – either coloured, or plain or both
PVA glue

How to:

1. Cut the milk carton down using a sharp scissors (adult to do this) so it is slightly shorter than the length of a popstick. I cut mine roughly 10cm from the bottom of the carton.

2. Lay the milk carton on its side. Working one side at a time, spread PVA glue over the side of the milk carton, then glue the popsticks flat onto the milk carton. You can make this activity educational by getting kids to try to alternate popstick colours to make a pattern.

3. Allow a little drying time for the glue before moving on to the next side of the milk carton. Make sure your popsticks go either right to the bottom of the milk carton, or preferably, a few mm away from the bottom, to ensure that the pencil pot sits flat.

4. When you have finished all sides, leave to dry completely. You may like to decorate your pencil pot further by using glitter glue or stick on rhinestones etc.

5. All finished! You now have a very sturdy pencil pot! Now just put your pencils in (or textas, or scissors etc.)

milk carton pencil pot BHTS

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