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Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Craft ideas for toddlers

Craft is not only a way to keep little people busy with creative play. It’s also an important way to develop fine motor skills, spacial awareness, focus and instruction following.

Here’s our favourite craft ideas for toddlers. Perfect to keep them busy year round. If you keep a well-stocked craft box many of these will be simple to do with the equipment you have already at home.

What are you waiting for… grab your toddler and let’s get crafting!

1. Sticker Name Activity

With little prep required and easy clean up this every mum’s favourite craft activity idea for toddlers. Developing letter awareness, name recognition and fine motor skills your little one will be learning so much as they play! You can find the full tutorial at Busy Toddler. 

2. Paper Plate Animals

Adorable and fun, these paper plate animal heads are easy to make and can be customised to be almost any creature your toddler dreams of! You can see the tutorial for them at I Heart Crafty Things – there’s over 20 beasts to choose from.

3. Painted pasta necklace

Threading is a great fine motor skill but let your toddler take their creation to new heights with painting the pasta first. Picklebums have the tutorial for how to create your very own. Oh and PS – welcome to the Club. You’re not really a mum until you’ve worn a pasta necklace in public!

4. Egg carton crab craft

He’s the cutest thing this side of the ocean and he’s made from recycled materials! This is one of our favourite craft ideas for toddlers as the fun is not only in the making him but the playing with him as well! Perfect to thread for hanging off a fishing line toy or equally good for playing with in the sandpit this little crab will be a winner. Find out how to make your own at The Spruce Crafts.

5. Milk paint magic

Modern Parents Messy Kids is the creators of milk paint magic and they’re total gurus in craft activity ideas for toddlers. This mesmerising bowl based concept needs milk and food colouring  – and maybe a painting smock as well! Combining chemistry with colour this clever activity which is easy to organise just from the pantry and fridge will keep your toddler busy for hours.

6. Bathing the toys 

That old baby bath doesn’t need to be discarded yet! Your toddler will have a great time outside washing their toys, old baby dolls or favourite matchbox cars. A tea towel is great for drying and a little bit of dish washing detergent can add some bubbles! Don’t forget, parental supervision around water is a must. The image below is a baby doll washing station shared by Axis Toys. 

7. Painting the Walls 

For mess free painting fun that’s perfect for warmer weather play have your toddler paint the walls – with water! Set them up with a bucket, painters tray, roller or brushes and the biggest space you can find. Set them a task to paint the whole wall and see how long they last!

8. Rainbow cereal craft

As magical as this looks your toddlers version of this rainbow may be a little more… Picasso! Either way this activity from Crazy Adventures in Parenting is an easy one to pull together and keep your toddler busy! That box of Fruit Loops that are looking a little ‘fresher last week’? Here’s their new calling! Perfect for developing fine motor skills, glueing and sorting by colour this one activity will have them eating and crafting at the same time. (Image at top of article).

Looking for even more craft activity ideas for toddlers?

What craft activities do you do with your toddlers?
Share your ideas below. 

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