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DIY Baby Wipes for less

Whoever has shares in baby wipes must be rolling in money. God knows most mum’s can’t live without them. In my household we go through wipes like they’re going out of style. This can get quite pricey, but Zara, a creative and money savvy mum has made her own DIY baby wipes.

DIY baby wipes

Using just 3 household products she’s saved a fair amount of money long-term. Her DIY wipes end up costing less than $1 per container.

Zara has her own frugal-friendly Instagram @raisingharriet, where she shares ways to save money as a mum but shared this creation on Facebook.

Start by cutting the paper towel in half to get more bang for your buck. 

DIY baby wipes

“Hi guys, I’m new here but I thought I’d show you how I make baby wipes. It equates to 96 cents roughly per container of 60 wipes compared to the $4 I was spending on Huggies,” Zara shared on a Budgeting Facebook group.

She lists the products she uses for her DIY baby wipes as the following:

  • Viva Paper Towels (cut in half)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • A squirt of baby wash
  • 1 cup of hot water

She places the paper towel roll into a 1.1 litre container, then in a different container mixes the water, baby wash and coconut oil. Lastly, she pours it over the paper towel and covers that container with a lid.  

Keep the lid sealed to keep the homemade baby wipes moist

DIY baby wipes

DIY baby wipes

Some mothers asked how long they last before any bacteria or mould grow given that manufactured wet wipes don’t do this.

“Mine haven’t gone mouldy after a week; I live in Tasmania so it’s colder than other places” she explains why they may be lasting longer before going mouldy.

Zara also explains she doesn’t add essential oils as she doesn’t believe they do anything other than smell pretty, but if you are thinking of adding them please bear in mind some can cause burns to the skin as they are quite potent.

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly baby wipe, you can use muslin cloths, baby face washers or terry towelling which can be cleaned and used over and over.

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