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Alex is your average caffeine addicted mum on a quest to share her experiences and learn from yours. Her world revolves around her baby girl, four-year-old son and hubby Rob. She lives with her family in Sydney's South West and when she's not writing, you can find her engrossed in the latest true crime docu-series or trying to get kids to at least try the broccoli.

8 Reasons We’re Crushing on Bluey’s Dad, Bandit

We all know kids everywhere love Bluey… but women love Bluey’s dad Bandit. Dare we say we’re almost crushing on this daddy dog, yep I think it’s more than a …

toddler tantrum

Tame your Toddler Tantrums with Heart Hugs

Being a parent is hard, sure we love it but damn, it can be really hard. Particularly when you’re child is in the middle of a code red toddler tantrum. …

covid movie night box

Family movie night snack box

The global Coronavirus pandemic has forced families to stay home in order to stay safe. However, being home with the kids has it’s challenges – dealing with keeping kids busy …

parenting during the pandemic

Parenting During COVID Isolation

Parenting in isolation with kids can be overwhelming. Try these expert strategies to help you parenting during the covid pandemic.

first trimester

First Trimester: What to Expect

Welcome to the first trimester! So you’ve just been given the exciting news that you’re expecting… You’re a mum-to-be! Aside from the emotional roller coaster mainly fueled by your hormones …

Cuddle and Kind toy bunny

Best Christmas gift ideas for baby and toddler

Its only a few weeks until Xmas so we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for baby, toddler and tween

Best Christmas Presents for Teachers

Best Christmas Presents for Teachers

Whether they’re daycare teachers, primary, high school or even swim school teachers, it’s always nice to show them some love and appreciation for putting up with our kids the whole …

what to expect in the second trimester

What to expect in the 2nd trimester

You may not be feeling as nauseated but your body is going through some big changes and what to expect in the 2nd trimester.

Top Australian Baby Names 2019

Top Baby Names in Australia 2019

You think the name you’ve carefully selected for your child will be unique and special, then you hear that 5 other babies in the maternity ward share the name. We’ve …

Top 20 gender neutral baby names

Top 15 Gender Neutral Baby Names

Some parents like to be clear about a gender when choosing a name, others like to pick something neutral so that the child can chose what they identify as and …

12 Week pregnancy screenings

12 Week Pregnancy Tests

Take the confusion out of your 12 week pregnancy tests, and learn what is being measured, what is involed and whether it is covered by Medicare.

Halloween trick or treat hacks

Halloween Hacks for Trick or Treating

Whether you’re a parent that loves or dreads this newly adopted American occasion, chances are your kids will not only know about it, they’ll probably have started begging you to …

red dragon costume for babies

10 of the best Halloween costumes for kids

Looking for a Halloween costume for kids can be quite a task, we have rounded up the best Halloween costumes. Scary or cute costumes we have you covered.

Halloween recipes

Rice Bubble Frankensteins: Easy Halloween Cooking for Kids

Halloween doesn’t have to be a single nights celebration. Get into the spooky spirit with your kids the whole month of October with Halloween cooking, decorating and craft to help …

Does your child have chronic constipation

Chronic constipation in kids: How to help your child

Bowel movements are unique to each person. Most people will have one daily, others multiple times a day. We have all experienced the discomfort of constipation at some point in …

orgasm in labour fact or fiction

Fact or Fiction: Can you orgasm during labour?

We’ve all heard that some women are right in the thick of active labour and then all of a sudden, they orgasm. Deep down most of us call BS, however …

keratin pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris: Chicken skin in kids

You may know Keratosis Pilaris as chicken skin, bumpy skin, or even permanent pimples living on the back of yours or your children’s arms or legs.  Many people have it …

Ski Instructor teaching child to ski

Corin Forest: Budget family winter holiday

Looking for a winter wonderland to take the kids? Corin Forest boasts snow play, skiing, snow boarding and ski school for both young and old and all on a budget! …

Family trip to bali - tips and ideas

Bali: Tips from a real family

Bali has been a popular holiday destination for Aussies for years, it’s not too far, the price is right and the nightlife is excellent. However, when you’re travelling with little …

Mother and child looking at phone

Do your kids know how to call 000?

Recently on the radio I heard a story on the radio of a young boy of about 8 who had saved his mother’s life by calling emergency services.  I asked …

Modibodi post partum

ModiBodi helped me feel normal post-partum

Post-partum bleeding can be much heavier than an average period. Tampons are not recommended, maternity pads are uncomy, Modibodi is a fabulous alternative

Playschool helps children understand death and grief

Talking to our kids about death can be tricky. This and the ‘where do babies come from’ conversations are the ones we try and steer clear from for different reasons. …

TV mums that show peak motherhood

There’s been a shift in TV shows depicting mothers as Stepford wives and are shown in their more natural form. To be honest, I’m all for it. I’m a hot …

The Breastfeeding Journey: My Story

We’ve been doing it from the begining of time, but it isn’t as easy as we thought. My experience was different to yours, so should we have more resources to help us?

Have Woolies Ooshies Driven Us Mad?

Originally starting off as fun collector’s items for children, the Woolworth’s Lion King Ooshies seem to have turned regular mums on one another all for the tiny figurines. The Lion …

The best Bluey cakes made by real mums

It is no secret that Aussie families are loving ABCKids TV show Bluey, about the family of Blue Heeler dogs.  So it is no surprise that kids have been demanding …

A suitcase that saves you hundreds!

Every child dreams of going on a trip to the snow, and if they’re lucky they may visit on their year 6 camp, but many families avoid going simply because …

The latest invention nobody asked for: A children’s wee cup

Say goodbye to the ‘bush wee’, because a company has come up with a portable urinal cup…  Yep, you read that right. Sold via Amazon, you too can purchase the …

The Shine Shed: A play centre for all-abilities

When I think of play centres, I think loud, crowded and with my son who is very sensitive to loud noises, it means not being able to use more than …

contact heating vent hack

Keep your house warm this winter for less than $3

Aussie mum hack to keep your house warm and reduce your family’s budget