Author: Alexandra Navarra

Alexandra Navarra

About the Author:

Alex is your average caffeine addicted mum on a quest to share her experiences and learn from yours. Her world revolves around her baby girl, four-year-old son and hubby Rob. She lives with her family in Sydney's South West and when she's not writing, you can find her engrossed in the latest true crime docu-series or trying to get kids to at least try the broccoli.

8 reasons why women love Bluey’s Dad Bandit

We all know kids everywhere love Bluey but women love Bluey’s dad Bandit. This is what we love… Bandit is hilarious and not in the usual ‘dopey dad’ way. His …

Woolies getting behind differently-abled kids

The Fresh Food people have opened a new Woolies, but this isn’t your average grocer, this Woolies is located at St. Gabriel’s School in Castle Hill. St. Gabriel’s caters to …

Caesarean - all you need to know

Caesareans – all you need to know

What is a Caesarean section? A Caesarean or C-section is a surgical procedure of giving birth. It involves an obstetrician making a cut into mother’s lower stomach and uterus to …

Winter Solstice Festival bonfires

Australia’s top 5 destinations to visit during Winter

If you’re not into skiing and snowboarding but still want to make the most of the Aussie winter, you’re not alone. There’s loads to do this winter with the whole …

play around Sydneys Kmart play tray

The Kmart item serving up sensory play fun!

As mums we’re often looking for the best for our kids and how to keep them busy. We want them to learn while they play not just sit there smashing …

episiotomy in labour

Episiotomy during labour

It’s a big word, episiotomy. What does it mean exactly? It’s pretty much a surgical cut to widen your vagina to assist birthing your child. That’s right, they have to …

DIY Dinosaur Party

DIY Dinosaur Party

Party planning can be daunting, which is why so many people opt for hosting their child’s party at a playland or a party venue that comes fully decorated, catered and …

Hunter Valley Gardens Snow Time in the Gardens

It’s Snowing at The Hunter Valley!

If you thought that the Hunter Valley had little to offer for families and it was all about the vino, you are so wrong! Annually Hunter Valley Gardens hosts Snow …

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and baby Archie

10 things I Love About The Royal Pregnancy

We’ve been waiting eagerly on the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby and now that he has been born I’ve reflected on how much I have unexpectedly loved …

Reduce your family grocery bill

Reduce Your Grocery Spend

I remember growing up and my parents weekly shop never being more than $150, and that was with some treats and luxe items. These days that same shop would cost …

bleeding after birth

Bleeding after birth and what to expect

After birth every woman will experience a post-birth bleed known as lochia. This is the body’s way of removing excess blood and tissue from the uterus.

benefits of baby wearing

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

Your baby has spent nine months inside your belly, once Earth-side you are the one person who it will recognize through your voice, breathing and heartbeat. It makes perfect sense …

DIY baby wipes

DIY Baby Wipes for less

Whoever has shares in baby wipes must be rolling in money. God knows most mum’s can’t live without them. In my household we go through wipes like they’re going out …

DIY Drive-In Cinema

DIY Drive-In cinema for the family

We all know how expensive it can be to take the whole family to the cinema. When tickets for a family of four will cost over $60, then it will …

Loom Scam

New Social Media Scam Coming After Your Money

A dangerous new craze has appeared on social media in the last few weeks involving a money-making scam promising to make you hundreds of dollars. The ‘Loom’ or ‘Blessing Loom’ …