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Depo injections (Depo-Provera/Depo-Ralovera)

depo injection (Custom)What was your experience with the Depo injections?

  •  My experience on Depo injection was not good I bleed randomly and it seemed every 10 days I would have a light period – also I saw a specialist and he explained depo was actually banned in some countries as it weakens your bones , rips the calcium from them do your research I guess it depends how long you are planning to take it I’m sure women have had good experiences but that was just mine xx Bree
  • I get the Depo and i love it. Pros; no period, last 3 months, very affective, 3% chance of pregnancy. Cons; can mess up your cycle, causes infertitality, some gain a lot of weight or have really bad mood swings. But every one is different. I would suggest trying it once. Brittany
  • Hurts lots! Miss periods or don’t even get them till it’s due again, fall pregnant within a month if you forget to have it redone. Gemma
  • I got one shot of depo and blerf constantly for 10montjs. It made me super emotional and gained waight. Amy
  • I found the Depo injection great, no periods don’t have to always remember to take the pill every morning, the only thing I hated was I put on a bit of weight. If u stay away from that kind of food ie: chocolate u should be ok, once I went off it, it didn’t take long for me to get pregnant and now having twins due in 13wks Karepe
  • Apparently you put a little weight on but in all honesty I didn’t see that and I love the depo! I’ve used it my whole teenage life came of it to have a child then went back on it again and then came back off to have another and now I’m done I’ll go back on it! Do research tho just because it works well for me doesn’t mean it will for you there’s risks of not being able to fall pregnant again.. I never had these just took my body a little bit to get back to normal afterward Sammie
  • Depo injection I found was great. I didnt get any periods and didnt have to remember to take anything each day just an injection every 3 months. Plus once I stopped it I fell pregnant in 6 weeks so I personally think its a great form of contraception Jessica
  • Hideous now going to come off it bled continuoulsy now aneamic but drs solution is to have the next shot early (which doesnt help!) Alana
  • The depo is complicated. It depends on the person. I didn’t have problems with weight….but I am already overweight….if you’re hoping to lose weight, don’t get your hopes up. I didn’t get a period for over 2 years. I spotted maybe a few times just before the injection was due and that was it. I must be an anomaly because pretty much as soon as I had stopped the needle, I got pregnant [after the 3 months was up]
    Pros: no period, no pregnancy, clearer skin. Cons: not being able to loose weight If you’re looking for long term contraception that is easy to remember, isn’t affected by drugs, sickness etc and are pretty emotionally stable and are happy with your weight and are you fall pregnant really easy. This is for you. If any of these things are off you will probably have a horrible experience and you’re probably better with the bar, mirena or the pill. Caszie
  • I was on depo for nearly a year and it made me very moody and a bitch. Then I bled on and off and had no idea how long it would last. I’m glad I got off of it. Denise
  • not advisable at all. There’s a high risk of never getting your period back and not being able to conceive. I gained 20kg in 6 weeks from it, was tired and grumpy all the time too. And this was after taking it for 5 yes straight, having a 6 month break DNS losing weight to only gain it back again. Figured out it was the depo.
    Then we tried for a baby for 1.5yrs in the end the dr told me not to get my hopes up for a family. Luckily I have 2 now. 5 yes later and the weight has only just gone
  • After very heavy periods a gyno recommended the depo injection. Which at the time I thought was great, but after being on it for 5 years (which is not recommend) I found out it was the cause of mild depression, an overall numb feeling, no libido and weight gain. My naturopath flipped when she found out how long I had been having the injections and after a 3 month cleanse tonic I was pregnant and feeling like my normal old self. Not worth it!!!! Bianca
  • i have been on the depo since my teens and i love it but the gen brand does not work for me i have to use the proper brand…. i found it very easy to fall pregs after being on it for 10years but every few years i go off it just to keep my body in check … Tegan
  • I’ve been bleeding for 5 months straight on the depo and I only got one shot, hopefully it will wear off soon!!! Alanna
  • pros for depo can mean no period for entire 12 weeks, however depending on how your body reacts you may bleed the entire time. Also can take up to 3 years to clear your system if you want to have another baby – Kate
  • the depo shot did not agree with me at all Danielle
  • Cons both me an my sister got pregnant on the needle pro I never had a period whilst on it my sisters slowed down but didn’t completely stop like mine did but everyone’s body’s react diffrent to it Shaunna
  • Ive always had depo. Before I was pregnant, I went off it and it took me 4 months to fall pregnant. I am on it now after having my daughter and I love it. Mariah
  • I have been getting the depo injections for awhile now, both before and after having my son, now 3 1/2, and I think it’s the best contraception out there. I have it organised so it’s every 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month of the year which makes it easier to remember. I have no periods at all, just a little bit of spotting when due for my next injection. I have had no issues at all and when I went off it, only took around 6 months to conceive my son. Telea
  • I was on Depo for some time. Fell pregnant with my first easily, had difficulty falling for my second after being on Depo. Also had loss of lebido and have since had a vine density test done and my density was low for my age. Apparently long term use can reduce your bone density Amanda
  • I had depo and it disagreed with me. In a way it worked because I couldn’t get pregnant… but that was only because I continuously bled for almost 6 months. It reacts to everyone different so unless you do it you don’t know. Hannah
  • on depo was good still on it I never had any problems 1 good thing I never fell pregnant on ot nor did I have a period if you are lactose intolerent do t take it or take a calcium supplement as you need it cos it causes brital bones and my dr advised to take a break from it after 2 years as it can cause Infertility Brittnee
  • everyone reacts differantly to Depo provera. over time it can cause osteoporosis. it is designed to be administered every 3 months but for some women 1 injection may last 1 month and some may last 18 months but in the mean time you are getting more hormones injected into your body every 3 months. have you considered natural family planning? it is the most effective form of birth control there is and is 100% natural. Aimie

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