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eczema in babiesECZEMA! Can any parents out there who have children with Eczema please share with me what you use and your routine. I have a 7mth old with bad eczema all over body (minus the nappy area) its red and itchy and I feel so helpless. I’m using Aveeno suggested by Paed Dermo 3-4 times a day plus Evening Primrose at night and first thing in AM 2nd to 3rd day baths and steroid when its cracked but one day its fine the next its furious! Also did anyone else’s baby grow out of it and what sets it off?

  • Moo goo cream is fantastic.  Natalie
  • used Hamilton bath oil then applied dermaid cream with dermaveen oint on top.  Cat
  • Like others have said, don’t wash your lo every night in the bath. Every 2nd or 3rd night. Acid foods set it off like oranges and tomatoes.  Good luck with it.  Natalie
  • Put oats into a stocking, tie it off & place in a lukewarm bath. It takes away the redness & relieves the itching. Has been a miracle for my boys.  Tanya
  • Highly recommend Moo Goo, fantastic & all natural.  Hayley
  • Stop bathin your baby 3 times a day this will dry the skin out dramatically making it very itchy and seceptable to cracking.
  • 1 bath a day or every 2nd day is enough. If possible (I know it’s coming into winter) but keep it aired during the day, and as it comes into winter no rough materials (clothing) try to use just cotton, it’s natural and won’t irritate the skin like other materials. No scented wipes, bath wash or moisturizers! The steroid cream is good and after u get it under control with that keep up the moisturizing at least twice a day and it should keep it under control without having to introduce any other products! The less u can use on the skin the better no matter what it is (natural this, organic that) with excema EVERYTHING irritates the skin so the less u can use the better it will be!  Simone
  • i found qv moisturiser the best, as sorbelene feeds excema too.  Sairs
  • go to your doctor and ask for a quarter zone oinment its called diprozone oinment its very very good but talk to your doctor first asyou can only get it on perscription and also dont use any detergents on baby skin or clothes , i know you will find it hard and this also is going to sound hard but another thing you can do is boil your babies clothes and as i said no detergents.  Denese
  • We’d love to help you more if need be over at Bamboo Bubby: sleeping bags for babies with eczema. Have you had your bub allergy tested? Any GP can refer you to a clinic for it and for us it wasn’t until we had this done that all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Before that we were the same, trying to keep up with it with creams, but the cause is actually underlying so its really important (hard as it is) to try and work out the trigger, be it a particular food or something environmental. The other really great thing that noone told us about until we were at the specialists was the importance of moisturising in layers. I tell that many people about this. And then the final vital piece for us was actually putting a barrier between fingers/nails and the itchy skin to stop the ongoing scratching damage and to give everything else a chance to heal. We used the Bamboo Bubby Bag for night time but there’s also ScratchMeNot flip mitten sleeves that are great for day time and can be opened up for eating/play, then quickly flipped over to stop itching. You can find them both at Hope some/any of this might even help a little, Kelly
  • My son had bad eczema and we used to bath him in sorbolene unfragranced with glycerine, pat dry and apply the Sorbolene morning and night to entire body and on any bad areas we would apply a prescribed steroid cream, his was allergy related and when he would get sick it would flare up terrible..he is now seven and u can’t even tell all grown out of it and no scars at all.  Sheree
  • ive been using moo goo cream on my youngest’s face for about a week now she had really bad dry looking skin (probably ezcema) and putting it on 3 times a day and its almost fully healed. I now use all moo goo products and im finding she isnt scratching her head anymore either. Def recommend moo goo!!!  Zoe
  • I have known a child who’s eczema was caused by a dairy intolerance n they used a moo goo cream to help before diagnosis.  Aleesha
  • No steroid creams. Use something organic. ARBONNE ABC baby range has worked for my 8 month old who had severe eczema on his face, it’s also helped my friend with her little ones. P.S. I also changed washing powders to planet ark aware or earth.  Telly
  • Try the ego qv flare up bath oil and moisturiser when it’s bad. I use the aveeno when it’s not bad.  Kerry
  • My friend used every cream she was suggested…in the end she took her to get tested for allergies…ended yp being allergy to eggs. She cut eggs out of diet n eczema disappeared.
  • It’s worth getting your little one tested, saves lots of money on creams that don’t work. Nothing worked til she cut out the food (eggs in her case). She even became a happier more easy going kid. Can tell when she eats something with egg in it cause she goes hypo crazy n starts scratching. So could be food allergy causing it???  Lauralee
  • I swear by moo goo for excema! My little girl seems to have grown out of it mostly; although has an allergy to egg & nuts… Her skin seems more prone to flare ups eg. Sunscreen, acidic foods, etc..  Rhiann
  • have pretty much won this battle with my 10 month old. I cut out soap, egg, perfumed moisturizer and ship bought treatments and still nothing. After speaking to a friend who battled this with three kids she said everything she purchased off the shelf seemed to feed it. I felt the same and as it was mostly his face, i would not use a steroid, she said try wool fat. I even ditched the moo goo which I thought was sort of starting to work. Went into my naturopath and she Said Natural lanolin was worth a shot. Although I did test patch him first for about a week at her suggestion. Now I know what flares it up and avoid it and keep it under control with the lanolin twice a day and no soaps. I will also be having him tested for any allergies next month to see if there is a contributing factor there. Might not work for your little but maybe worth asking your paed.  Megan
  • Moo goo is fabulous!  Kylie
  • my bub had it bad I use dermeze cream 3 times a day and dermivine bath every three days…steroid cream only when he is at his worst…he is four and a half months now and keeping up with his cream has helped him so much…  Toni
  • I second the moo goo it has done wonders for my daughter.  Nikolina
  • moo goo range is fantastic.  Stephanie
  • I use moo goo bath wash and a eczema cream in the moo goo brand works wonders.  Kristy
  • I use Jeunesse serum on my 4 year old. It’s very expensive ($134.95) but lasts just over the month and has cleared it up really well with no reaction.  Eleesa
  • Arbonne , no chemicals, totally natural, works wonders, I saw a child with painful cracked fingers because of eczema , her mum used Arbonne and it worked fabulously, couldn’t believe the difference…..I’m not a rep but I’m sure you could find one on FB ….. Good luck  Taylor
  • I use moogoo cream and moogoo wash for bathing. It’s the only thing that has worked for. My girl and I have tried everything!!!  Bethany
  • My son had eczema for first 2.5 years and we saw a homeopath who explained that the skin being the largest yet least vital oral often breaks out when the body is not coping with something, I.e dairy/wheat/eggs a bug etc she also explained that using a steroid just pushed the “bad thing” back into the body and into the next organ – the lungs and that’s why asthma is often linked to eczema. Any who we used moo goo which helped sooth and we cut dairy and wheat at first and it helped but not 100% then we were told to try and eggs and it was all gone within 2 weeks! He is now four and we have reintroduced eggs again and he has no reactions anymore and happily eats everything with no probs! Good luck it’s a horrible journey but look at every avenue.  Elisha
  • Eczema is horrid and I am sorry you have to deal with it. We started giving my daughter a probiotic. Got rid of all chemicals, no more fabric softener and use white vinegar for most cleaning. We use cetaphil several times a day. No Johnsons a d Johnsons products at all. They were the worst. Don’t be afraid of steroids, we use the .5% and I use it as soon as we get too red. My daughter mainly gets a reaction on her face. But for us we try and use as natural products as possible. If they have a nice smell, don’t use them, lol. Good luck. Oh and I also use a steamer in her room at night to help keep her skim moist.  Mindy
  • Best cream for eczema etc is dr wheatgrass. It’s amazing! A lot of docs etc will tell you that nothing gets rid of Molluscum Contagiosum and dr wheatgrass most certainly does.  Amy
  • My 2month old was diagnosed with eczema and doctor suggested sorbolene cream to wash and moisturise but it didnt help at all. I started using moogoo products milky wash for his bath and eczema & psoriasis cream all over his body for a moisturiser. Highly recommend there products as his 4 and half months and its all cleared up just a few spots here and there. Goodluck!  Melanie
  • my daughter had eczema really bad I tried so many different things and ended up with a combination of natural things that work for her – we put a heaped tsp of coconut oil in her bath water every bath and if she has swimming lessons, or has a break out etc we put more in, make sure the bath isn’t too warm as that irritates it more and also drys the skin out, we use vegesorb moisturizer u can get that in health food stores and most chemists i had to moisturize her 3-4 times a day when she had it bad and when she has spots of eczema I put an ointment on it called calendula several times a day from I thinks it’s four cows from health food shop (can’t check the brand as it is in her room) I was pretty much able to stop using the cortisone cream after I started these. basically it is trial and error (it could also be an allergy too some sort of food as well) try to avoid anything with any chemicals in it and any sort of fragrance including lavender. each person will be different and will have different triggers and different things that work but hang in there and good luck!! the coconut oil and vegesorb I strongly recommend!!!  Dannyelle
  • Eczema – I had two boys with it, and the points above about oats are spot on (squeeze out the milky oat water into the bath), good relief. However the eczema didn’t clear up until I sorted out their gut, I got them onto a good infant probiotic and a few other things, and the eczema was gone by 10 or 11 months (started at 5mths with solids introduction) and has never come back. My boys are 7 and 4 now So maybe see a naturopath for direction re probiotics & supplementation x  Cassandra
  • Get your bub to a natropath and have them tested against all foods but in particular dairy….if they are intolerant to something eliminate it from their diet and you won’t need lotions or potions it will subside and go away on its own. Good luck  Brooke
  • My son was the same, I had had allergy tested at 3yrs ( took that long for a dr to finally agree) he was off the scale for dust mites, house dust, grass, fish and some others. I changed my home routine and kept the house spotless ( vacuum 2 x day mopped and dusted daily) he is now 10 and only get the odd spots when the grass is in seed. Know how you feel don’t let the dr push you. It’s easy for them to write a script but they are not there at night when they are ripping their skin apart.  Shannon
  • One of my gf’s swears by moo goo. Another says to much bread and dairy flares it up. Maybe keep a food diary of bubs and see when it’s worst?  Terri
  • My son suffered terrible with eczema ….I used ego products in the bath, no soap and No washing powder except pure soap flakes. But he was allergic to orange juice. Citrus was the cause and it would give him terrible rash. He grew out of it but if he had orange products would get a asthma type cough. Today at 21 still gets heart burn if he has it.
  • My eldest daughter had bad eczema. It was so heart breaking seeing her so uncomfortable in her own skin I drove myself crazy, probably even obsessed is a better word, buying & trying everything I could to try and get rid of it. I spent so much time researching parent forums & the internet for anything that would help her. I ended up taking her to get an allergy test done. The test came back that she was allergic to dairy, eggs & several different nuts. I took ALL these out of my diet, as I was breastfeeding at the time, and within a week or two her skin was perfect. She had gone from having horrible sand-paper feeling skin to beautiful soft & clear baby skin. She is now 5.5 years old and has outgrow her allergies to dairy & eggs. She hasn’t had any signs of eczema since.  Megan
  • I use the moogoo eczema cream everyday excellent stuff!!  Caitlyn
  • Pure organic coconut oil works wonders… It is a natural healing agent that penetrates the skin and heals from the inside out. I don’t use any soaps on my dd and have taken her off of dairy. She is now completely clear of it.  Carissa
  • My little boy who is now 4 had that severe eczema on his face as a new baby that it would go pussy and bleed, in the end none of the steroid creams or anything the doctors prescribed worked so I tried natural stuff like the body shops milk bath and there hemp cream and it got rid of it. We had done everything the doctors said and it just made it worse. I also have a book that has natural remedies to help if you would like me to take a look for you just inbox me and I will let you know what it suggests.  Sonya
  • Use paw paw cream it helped with mine , its the best treament for eczema!  Owen
  • Eczema can also be caused by what you eat. My son had bad eczema and I saw on tv that red grapes and cherry tomatoes are really acidic and can aggravate it so I eliminated them from his diet and it cleared. My now 18 mth old suffers from it and I noticed when she has dairy it flares up so I’m eliminating that for a week to see how she goes. I also use dermaid cream only every few days when she is bad and itchy to relive it.  Leasha
  •  try Moogoo they have a great eczema balm. Also go to a naturopath. One made an amazing cream for my daughter.  Jemma
  •  Billy goats soap and MooGoo products are the greatest thing no nasties just results! MooGoo has everything from washes to lotions… I still use it even though my boy has been pretty much eczema free for about 12 months keeps his skin beautiful!!  Kristie-Anne
  •  My aunty uses moo goo on all her kids they got eczema.. And her youngest hands where going black from it. Or something she was telling me today. And her hands are all clear.. She put it on my bubs dry patches on her legs and it felt nice on my hands.  Sherrin
  •  Dermaid 0.5 cream from the chemist, works a treat.  Michelle
  •  Goats mik soap helped us.  Christine
  •  Oats are great, especially if you squish the stocking and rub the white goop all over their skin. My 6 month old and I were hospitalised with his eczema. There are many ways to deal with it you just have to experiment. For my child it turned out he was allergic to egg, nuts, dairy, msg, flavour enhancers 635, 627, 621. preservatives in the 200’s all of which were coming through my breast milk. He is now 14, we still watch his diet and when he has a break out we treat it with elocon ointment 0.1%. The trick is to keep the skin moist (i am now using Hope’s relief) and in my boys case keep him of the food’s that aggravate it. have a look at  Viv
  •  We tried everything and the only thing that worked was Caroline’s Cream on her and Caroline’s wash in the bath…  Marilyn
  •  I don’t have eczema but I do have very sensitive skin and cannot use ordinary washing powders, as people were suggesting it may be the washing powder I thought I would suggest a brand that is little know. Its called Eucca, its made from eucalyptus, sold only in bulk at some coles and mitre 10. And another little know brand for bath products and moisturisers is Grahams Naturals, developed by an Aussie dad for his son who had bad eczema, avaliable online or at most health stores.  Rachelle
  •  My kids suffered terrible eczema. My son was red raw head to toe – bleeding. Broke my heart. He is 6 now & though still suffers he is much better. We tried many things & different things work for different people.

1. bath/shower twice a week only
2. Wash clothing in hot water & 100% eucolyptus. Hang clothes to dry inside only.
3. Aqueos worked for my son
4. We used to also boil cabbage & brown rice on stove then drain & pour this solution into bath. Add cold water to find appropriate temp them bath baby for as long as possible. Whatever was in this worked wonders. It almost made a barrier on the skin. Its time consuming & smelly but worth it. Recipe came from a natropath.
5. We had my son allergy tested & turns out he is dairy intolerant, allery to eggs & NUTS Its difficult.
6. My final remark when we changed from washing liquids to hot water only – it was like a miracle Be consistent with moisturizing, keep a food diary to monitor flare ups, stay away from acidic foods such as tomatoes & use antihistamine such as Polaramine for flare ups. It will take the sting & itch out of it. Good luck! I know your pain too well.  Jonas

  •  i know how youre feeling… so sad to watch them suffer with eczema we found out when my son was 5 months old he was allergic to dairy (the cows milk protein) from a blood test. Off dairy, his eczema went away!! I hope you can find what is causing your lil one’s rashes and itchiness x
  • Some things I did to help:

– bathe every second day in plain water or I used small amount of QV bath wash.
– lather in QV lotion (moisturiser) 3 times daily. Aveeno did not help my little one at all, but they are all different.
– only put him in pure cotton clothing. When he was young I had to put socks over his hands to stop him scratching himself
– wash all his clothes and bedding and towels in sensitive wash (I used Omo baby until I couldn’t find it in shops anymore, then switched to Omo Sensitive) Used a hotel towel once, and he got covered in a red rash for days afterwards, probably the bleach used to wash the towel (after his eczema was gone)
– get a referral from your GP to a pediatrician, who may suggest blood tests to determine an allergy if there us one Sarah

  • Look at the diet, once I got my daughters food allergies worked out she has no signs of eczema except when someone gives her banned food. For us o went back to basics as if introducing solids and did 1 food at a time, once she was 1 we were able to get proper allergy testing done.  Kirsty
  • If its not in nappy area at all it could be wat ur washing the babies clothes in, sounds like its the areas where clothes are?
  • We started using a baby friendly one from woolies and it stopped our little girls eczema, it’s in a blue bottle. Also we use dermaveen wash at bath times.  Lisa
  •  Try bathing daily in Hamilton Oil, then follow with a steroid ointments (1% for face, 0.1% for body). Follow with a thick coating of Dermeeze (50% liquid paraffin 50% soft paraffin). We also used wet wrapping. Gets quick results.  Amber
  •  highly recomment moogoo… they are here on facebook.. also look at what your using, ensure it doesnt list “fragrance” or “parfum/parfume/perfume) in the ingredients.. if it does look for something else.. try organic coconut oil on the skin as it may help with moisture worked amazing on lil miss.. also check your washing powder, his clothing maybe causing the outbreaks …Jo
  •  qv intensive repair balm at night, head to toe. qv cream during day 3 times. cotton clothing. plus any cortisone cream (advatan fatty ointment) as directed. zyrtec oral drops (ask gp first but my son is nearly five n has been on them nightly since 6mths) bath n room temps should be 18. I will post a link from royal childrens ezcema clinic/ dermatologists. they helped me a lot. and my son is just about ezcema free. its really only dry skin so thank full for them. also he got molluscum contagiousm and we treated that with the dr wheatgrass spray.
  •  MOOGOO!!! A friend had a child with terrible eczema that steroids and even laser couldn’t get rid of. She used the eczema and psoriasis cream all over for 3 days and the milk bath wash and it was gone! Doctors were all gobsmacked. Good luck!  Sarah
  •  My baby cousin was tormented with eczema. A naturopath suggested changing her formula to goat’s milk. It healed within a few days. There are also goat’s milk products….soap, moisturizer, shampoos etc.  Margaret
  •  My baby girl had terrible eczema, no matter what I did. I saw a paed who thought allergy, tweaked her formula and it cleared up within days. She now has perfect skin. We use organic products and she also take a probiotics, as some people think that skin problems originate from gut issues. Maybe talk to a naturopath?  Michele
  •  Barley in a bag tied to the end of a tap so running water goes through it….My daughter had it really bad. Only arms and legs she’d bleed when they cracked, tried every cream imaginable, but this helped and it went away.  Sarah
  •  i have used qv wash and he qv cream along with the steroid cream on my boy whenhe was little and now 3 he hasnt got it back. but still use the qv wash.  Marilyn
  •  I have had Eczema all my life usually it goes away as you get older but sometimes it doesn’t. Mine is caused from soap substances including washing detergent so I decided that when my daughter was born to not use any kind of soap when I bathe her (babies don’t have BO like adults) and I only wash her clothes in lux soap suds she’s been fine and never had a problem. I on the other hand need to use cream every day and goat soap, goat soap shampoo and conditioner.  AShlyn
  •  Have u tried wet wrap bandages over night ? I also use advantan fatty ointment on my daughter and it works wonders. I don’t use any soaps and a sensitive laundry detergent.  Emily
  •  Qv cream is amazing.  Sarah
  •  If you contact moo goo they may be able to send you a sample of their eczema cream (they have an old and new formulation) to try before you buy. We have found it works. Aveeno wasn’t good for my son’s skin and we had to stop using it.  Claire
  •  Try Moogoo, I know people that have had great results from using their specialty creams.  Eleanor
  •  Penaten cream works for my baby.  Amie
  •  Your laundry detergent could also be an issue. I used Lux pure soap flakes and now use OMO sensitive and my son is 16 months and only suffered a little so I’m not sure for more of a severe case. Good luck.  Lesley
  •  Moo goo is great but the queen bee stuff is freaking amazing!  Rachel
  •  We use a prescription cream called Elidel, though we haven’t had to use it since introducing a probiotic (inner health plus for kids) once a day, and a fresh juice for vitamin C. It has worked wonders.  Alison
  •  My lil man is 3 weeks n had severe Eczema, i used moo goo Eczema cream n it cleared up really quickly.  Chloe
  •  I’ve had eczema for the last 40 years, you can’t get rid of it just manage it the best way. It is basically the skins inability to retain moisture, so moisturise heaps , i use QV cream or Carolyns cream but it doesn’t matter which one ,just have no lanolin in it. I had allergies to cows milk, but it can be allergies to other things as well, wheat seems to be a bad one. It will be worst in winter when it is cold and dry ( mine starting to get bad now), when they start to cover up and drink less water, so just keep moisturising and the Qv bath or similar products as well. Good luck.  Anton
  •  I used MOO GOO for myself and my kids, it’s all natural. And works GREAT for us. Google it to buy it online.  Stacey
  •  also look out for patroleum based products such as QV products. (my mother works in a pharmacy and has told me not to use them even though they say they r for eczema) avoid any type of soaps. good luck.  Dannyelle
  •  I used Vaseline for my daughter. an oldie, but a goodie!  Karla
  •  Have a look into food intolerances think I remember seeing eczema as a side effect there (ours was behaviour from food colours and trouble sleeping) try or RPA elimination diet for info.  Anatasia
  •  I’d say see a naturopath also. The creams only threat the symptoms not the cause. Your poor little baby, they must be so uncomfortable.  Sarah
  •  I highly recommend emailing David Hoskings pharmacy ( with pics of your baby’s rash. David is a pharmacist specialising in dermatology and will offer some treatment advice and is very response. David formulates his own eczema skincare products and they are 100% guaranteed. We tried everything for my sons facial eczema! When it got really bad the Cortizone creams worked for a couple of days, but then the ezcema would flare up again. We then tried Hoskings hypoallergic face and body balm and the eczema cleared within a week. It’s also non-toxic and can be used as a lip balm too so you don’t have to be afraid if your baby puts it in his mouth.  Christina
  •  I used qv intensive cream and also bath oil and bath wash. Every morning and night, also using a steroid cream to help. I had tried everything organic to every other eczema creams. I found this helped my little girl so much, she grew out of it after awhile. which my doctor recommended qv I’ll never use anything else.  Kristy
  •  My daughter had bad eczema as a baby but we realized it was related to food allergies, once we cut out those foods (tomato, citrus and strawberries) it’s a lot better. We bath her every second day, rather than every day and NEVER use soap. We use QV and Dermaid. We have tried many other products including Moo Goo and they made her eczema worse.  Jamine
  •  Everyone’s skin is different and triggers can be anything at all, no matter how innocent you may think it is. Any food or almost anything in the environment. Because we are all different, what works on some might be like acid on others. You will just have to go trial and error path with remedies. You can’t use the same thing forever either, as the skin gets used to it and it stops working. I was a severe sufferer as a child and I still have it, but its limited and manageable. Most people do grow out of it eventually.  Diane
  •  Both my children suffered from severe eczema, in both cases it didn’t go until we found out what was making them flare. It’s a long process sometimes it’s food other times it’s something in their environment i.e. dust mites, pollen, animal hair. Different things worked for different children but one thing was true for them both, no soap, no acidic foods i.e. citrus or red fruits and veg and less gluten in their diet. Good Luck it might be a long road, my 12 year old still sufferrs but it is under control.  Zoe
  •  Biggest problem with eczema is that almost everyone has a different trigger. Could be washing powder, soap, a food, daughter gets mild eczema occasionally and I got her a hazelwood necklace a few months ago and that seems to be helping a lot. If you want to try I got mine from All About Amber – she has a fb page but I’m on mobile so can’t tag.  Amy
  •  my son was the same, he has the worst eczema from the first two weeks he was born. We made sure baths were as quick as possible, dried and used sorbolene on his skin but a we were told to use QV wash ( from the chemist) in the bath, they have a “gentle wash” that we use up until today. We had to use the steroid creams too but as he got older his skin is much better! Hope your little man gets relief soon! Is horrible watching them so itchy in their own sin.  Sian
  •  I don’t know about treatments other than what others have mentioned but me and my son suffer eczema, however not bad. Mine is caused by soaps and detergents, certain washing powders create havoc on me, and wool. My son just gets it on his backside so I’m thinking its something in the nappy that he reacts with, I’m just using a bit of sudocream which helps relieve it for him. But like I said, non severe. If they are getting it everywhere other than nappy area, I would explore that possibility of materials or washing powders/softners perhaps mix it up with different ones, but you have to stick with it for couple of weeks before you’ll be able to tell if its making a difference or not.  Chelsea
  •  something triggers it, u need to cut out or limit exposure to that something. alot of people find that once present, almost any allergen can irritate it.. wash in hot water to get rid of dustmites, dnt use any powder or concentrate in washing, i use earth, i use little innocents certified organic low allergy bub range and the only issue ive had with it was after leaving the lid off. im getting some moo goo but so far my 6 month old has only had a minor outbreak. we are using rafertys organic rice cereal plus iron and adding a new food every 2 weeks to know when a food triggers it, nutritienist advice. am also using homeopathic eczema cream but that has enough lavender to irritate some eczema sufferers. dress in cotton and wool, avoid synthetic fibres. sometimes prevention methods are better than treatment. my 6 month old has had other allergy symptoms prior to 1st recent break out and my eldest sis is a chronic eczema sufferer, i use little innocents on myself and my 3 year old when we have hives. ONLY thing ive EVER been able to use safely on my irritated hives and only every 3 days.  Carlene
  •  Both my kids had it & grew out of it thank goodness it was terrible mainly all over their tummy & chest. I used to bath them both in oatmeal baths oatmeal in a stocking left in bath for a while swoosh it around then place bubs in it. All creams & ointments the docs gave me burnt my two littlies once to the point I had to go to emergency as my daughter had a severe outbreak on her face & the cream the doc gave me caused burning. Then I went to a naturopath & changed diets first & only used vegesorb on skin the idea is to always keep skin moisturised don’t let it dry because if the wind gets on the dry skin thats when it will penetrate. And don’t use anything that has fragrance. And any time I was home with my kids when they were tiny I used to let them have nappy free time & no clothes as sometimes clothes can irritate skin I also use a fragrance free all natural wash powder the supermarket wash powders have some pretty harsh stuff in them. Also a good book to read is Well Adjusted Babies by Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani she writes about the best foods to give to littlies & what stages etc. Good Luck.  Elise
  •  Ive suffered with it for 30+yrs. I have 2 out of 4 kids the same. I bath them in goats milk and only bath bub (4mths) a max of 3 days a wk. Water washes out the natural oils. Goats milk soap is all i can use. Mandarines, oranges and cheese flavouring ie twisties etc are all triggers for us. Heat and sweating make it itch. Ointments r gd but vary widely. My 6yr old had it head 2 toe by 1yr old. Hasnt nded goats milk or anything since 3yr old. Some do grow out of it. Wish i had. Lol. Gdluck with ur bub and hope something works 4 u.  Allison
  •  My eldest had terrible eczema. Food allergies were a massive cause as well as environmental factors. All remedies worked in part for a period of time but we had to keep changing treatments. Oats in a stocking in the bath was cheap & fantastic for ages but horrible to clean the bath after. Moo goo has almonds (thankfully he wasn’t allergic to nuts) which didn’t work very well. QV was the wash & moisturiser we used mostly. Alternate therapies. AAE did make big difference (they reset bodies negative reactions). 8 yrs later my youngest had mild eczema & latest recommendation was bleach bathing. Freaked me out but I researched it tried it & it worked followed by an antifungal cream.  Nix
  •  We used Caroline’s cream (available at chemists) for our sons eczema. It cleared up relatively quickly & has not returned for over 6 months. We also stopped using bath products, but he is ok with them now.  Toni
  •  My son is nearly 2 and we use a cream called moogoo you can get it from the chemist it is expensive but we find it works even through flare ups. He has a bath every second day cream 3 times a day. We found anything with cictric acid in it makes his skin flare up.  Tammie-Marrie
  •  My 3yr old gets it pretty bad so we only use pure coconut oil. I refuse to use anything in a bottle as it is still manufactured. As horrible as it was, we had a blood test done. It turns out that she is vitamin d deficient which is a common cause for eczema. Since treatment began, she is in a much better place! Surprising how much low vitamin d can cause mood swings…good luck! she only baths with pure goats milk soap! Nel
  •  Moo goo completely fixed my son eczema and change to the eco washing powder and soap from woolies.  Melissa
  •  – my ds has slight excema. I think it annoys me more than him. Lol. O tried soooooo many “excema friendly” products that just made it worse. I have been using the Body Shop baby products the last few weeks and majority of it is gone. Also they told me if it didnt work I could take it back for a refund which is great as it is so expensive. We use the body wash and the shampoo as well as the body butter. Smells great and has worked well so far. Good luck.  Amanda
  •  Probiotics Probiotics Probiotics…. eliminate any washing products ie bath and washing clothes of fragrance and make sure they are not too hot… Cotton clothes all the way.  Erica
  •  My son has dermitis I didn’t use soap for a week while it was really bad and then used dermaid I think It’s called it’s a white and pink tube $6.00 from the chemist I saw result really quickly.  Jordan
  •  its been mentioned on other posts but not sure about this one.. friendly foods written by the royal alfred allergy unit is a cookbook to live by, it has recipies 4 toothpaste and such things etc. as the above post, my sis’ eczema are irritated by the same and more as are my hives, my sis has been diet controlled for 5 years now and going great, myself and my kids eat from it daily as with a moderate dustmite allergy, i cant handle any high acid foods more than once or twice a week without vomiting, diahorrea or hives.  also, 4 u older sufferers, i take a full spectrum vitamin b suppliment as that helps lesson my reactions. a gmo free, coulour etc free capsule from health food store.  Carlene
  •  Are you breast feeding? My son had it and as soon as I eliminated dairy from my diet it disappeared. But can take a few weeks to see results. And he’s 4 now and has no dramas with dairy so it was only an intolerance not allergy. Apparently it’s quite common.  Kylee
  •  QV body wash and bath oil when they have a bath! Hospital recommended. Don’t use any of the baby washes or soaps. We use QV on her hair too. QV moisturiser after bath and then use the steroid cream after that. We do it every night.  Kendra
  •  As a sufferer all my life I can tell you my triggers are mains water, soaps, shampoos, washing powders/liquids, and more. I find even soaps and things that say hypoallergenic or specific for eczema I can also react to. What I found is its trial and error till you find what fits and then stick to it. Do see doc about eczema cortisone creams which will help and give billy goat soap products a try.  Aly
  •  My 14 month old suffers from eczema on his cheeks. Started to get worse from about 6 months of age. Paediatrician said just to use a good moisturiser (after I’d tried everything else!). I started using Moo Goo Full Cream Udder Cream. It’s been amazing & has taken the redness away. Although his wasn’t a very severe case. Worth a try though?  Melissa
  •  My son had severe eczema. I found cetaphil the best, we tried what felt like everything! We moisturised him roughly every 2 hours during the day & occasionally at night if he was really restless, Advantan for breakouts & sigmacort just to control minor ones. We used wet bandages at night when needed, and bathed him in 100% jojoba oil. But as he is ff, the best help was changing him to pepti-junior formula. After 3 weeks of being on it (it takes roughly this long for dairy to fully leave the body) his skin was clear. He’s not allergic to dairy just some babies react this way too it, so have a look at the dairy in your bubbas diet. Sonny is now 11 months and has out grown it.  Karly
  •  i have had eczema all my life, i have found a few things, if my washing powder is liquid it does aggrivate as much, also if you soak something in nappy san etc dont tumble dry it. dont use fabric softener, it irrtates. i have always used johnson & johnson bathing products as the ph level is better and i dont tend to break out or it doesn’t irritate if i have a breakout. Hope that helps.  Sairs
  •  My son started suffering with eczema as a baby and unfortunately at nearly 6 we still have a lot of issues. The current change of season is setting it off badly so he is on predmix( steroids) from the dr for 10 days. The specialists have told me all you can do is manage it you cannot cure it, they will either grow out of it or not. Always use sensitive wash powders ( earths choice works for me) put oil in the bath every night without fail ( I use qv) use the steroid cream on the worst patches and moisterise the rest with repair cream for eczema as often as you can to keep it soft. Be very careful of cracking, my son suffers from staf infections a lot that get in through the weak skin, the bacteria lives on our skin. I also spray eucalyptus and water mix on all the bedding carpets and soft furnishing, stuffed toys ect once a fortnight on the specialists advise to kill dust mites which make the eczema way worse. Good luck.  Christine
  •  Eczema sucks- after many agonising months I found Cetaphil wash and moisturiser with hydrozole on all bad areas sparingly until inflammation settles.. Also found out dairy was his main cause ,so off dairy all together & onto soya formula at start then to rice milk which he is still on at 2 years of age. You will soon find what works for u in the mean time think positive.  Tammy
  •  My son is 6mths n suffers eczema on his little face it can be very angry at times I have sorbalene cream n paw paw are great. Pure olive oil in the bath n I have 3 diff strengths of steroid cream which have helped. Good luck.  Shaylee
  •  It may be food allergy or normally allergy related. My daughter has food allergies and pollen/dust allergies and they trigger her exyma. maybe get allergy testing done. make a note of what they eat for the next few weeks and also write down if the exyma flares up. if so maybe avoid those foods. preservatives are bad for causing exyma. we also have to hot wash all my daughters clothe and bedding and only tubble dry. the heat kiils the dust mites and rids her things of the pollens. we also freeze her soft toys every 2-3 weeks for 24 hrs for the same reason. it has helps so much. we use no soaps and demavine shamp/conditioner on her hair. no hot baths. also try and anti histamine such as claratine or zrytec as they help when things get bad.  Natasha
  •  Try Moo Goo. Their products are really, really good.  Germana
  •  Very short baths 3 minutes or less and try aqueous moisturiser. It’s the best, my boy suffers really bad, and I would do it every nappy change… He’s half naked any way… My son is 3 and has suffered always, tried switching to billy goats soap, and tried tonnes of moisturisers aimed and dermatitis the only thing that truly helps is constant moisturising 3-4 times a day with aqueous, if I miss a couple days it’s bad!!  Natalie
  •  I was told to use warm water and bi carb soda only no perfumes even on myself or oils, no hand creams, no soaps, no shampoo etc . I did this for nearly 12 months and now at 5 yrs old I still do if she gets a rash. Anytime she itched I would go back to the bi carb it worked for us and I only used steroid cream like you when it was really bad. Good luck as I really know how you feel.  Nicole
  •  my daughter had really bad eczema, to the point it ended up as blisters. I’ve actually had to change my kids diet, and reducing gluten seems to have cleared it! But I used to use nutrimetics nutri rich oil and bath her in a warm bath with some rice bran oil added. Good luck!  Erin
  •  My son is now 6 years old and the area affected diminishes each year. Have you tried using QV wash to bath him in? The QV oil is amazing! We now use a combination of goat cream, paw paw cream and moo cream ( not all at the same time). We use them in rotation.  Marcella
  •  Laundry detergents can set it off. Try using hypo allergenic detergent. Dust can also set it off.  Kyla
  •  For my daughter’s eczema, I dabbed a little breast milk on the patches a couple times a day and it cleared up. After her bath, sometimes I rubbed a little Curel lotion on the dryest areas and it helped too.  Veronica
  •  Not sure if this is relevant but a friends 4-5 month old had bad eczema and she had just started on formula. Found had to change to soy formula and it cleared up within 4-5 days. She had been eating dairy the whole time of breastfeeding with no problems as well.  Natalie
  •  my daughter suffers from eczema and it was worst when she was between 6-12 months of age. Partly food allergy related but not entirely. We tried every baby moisturiser and eczema cream on the market with very little success – then a mum at playgroup suggested the Body Shop hemp range. I figured we had nothing to lose so I tried it – instant success! I was astonished. I now use the hemp body butter on her daily and her skin is beautiful. She still gets a touch of eczema on her face, but the body butter and some Dermaid steriod cream keep it at bay.
  • I’ve learned that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another, but that is what worked for us. We had moderate success also with MooGoo and Dermaveen Baby, but the Body Shop Hemp Body Butter has been the lifesaver.  Steph
  •  See your doctor about prescription cream for her.. In the meantime try some coconut oil, available in the supermarket or chemist, it melts on skin contact and is also great for nappy area if needed.. My little boy gets eczema in his elbow and knee bends and I find a couple of application of steroid cream heals it quickly.. I avoid anything over the counter as in my opinion it often ‘feeds’ the condition and unfortunately your paed would know this.. Try some completely natural (not from the chemist) handmade goats milk soap – this is all I use on my son with no irritation whatsoever, even when he is having a flare up (I make my own).. Good luck! It’s particularly hard when it’s on a baby.  Lianne
  •  Arbonne abc baby range and there skin conditioning oil works a treat! On all ages but especially babies as there skin is more sensitive.  Grace
  •  our kids’ eczema is aggravated by sweat, so synthetic fabrics are a no go zone. We use moo goo or qv skin care for them (do you know aveeno is made by j&j? A lot of babies react to it…), and thankfully theirs is not severe so that’s enough. Hope you find some relief for your baby ASAP.  Nicole
  •  I think every child with eczema is different so take everyone’s advice and find which one works for you. My doctor suggested keeping flare ups under control with bepanthen ointment which worked remarkably well. We also applied sorbolene daily. Triggers for him are carrots and people’s perfume when holding him.  Blaire
  •  something being used can be flaring up the eczema. Try using a laundry soap that is fragrance and dye free. What I have found is oatmeal bath, glycerin soap, castile soap all help. All natural products are good too. Could be that the soap you are using for baths is causing it to flare up.  Sandy
  •  my dd had bad eczema from 2 months old; we use advantan fatty ointment on script on any flared skin & fixes it over night, & to maintain her skin I use dermaveen bath treatment powder with qv oil in the bath & dermeze ointment all over twice a day & her skin is perfect now. Also biggest trigger was heat & washing powder, swapped to Omo sensitive & don’t use any softener anymore.  Leonie
  •  Dermalex Eczema treatment for children and babies. Absolutely swear by this stuff. I tried everything for my lo. All the oat meals, aveeno baby, derma this, derma that. Only thing that worked for us was Dermalex and food elimination. Consider possible food allergies, my lo had a cows milk protein intolerance, and I have friends who lo had nut allergies, and this caused eczema as they were exposed to it through breast milk.  Michelle
  •  My little niece has really bad eczema and her mum uses the moo goo range ( some chemists and health food shops) works wonders for her.  Anita
  •  We used pinetarsal bath oil (smells like someone had just tarred a road), followed by Sorbolene cream or if really bad a bit of steroid cream. Eventually she grew out of it and only has break outs now during hot weather. She is 19 months old now. We only used to bath her every 3rd day because she was that bad it hurt her, even just plain water and would break our heart.  Fiona
  •  my 7 month old has eczema in the creases of her elbows, knee and ankle. The only cream I have found to work besides hydrocortisone cream is moo goo. I’ve tried gv flare up, cetaphil, soroblene, dermaveen, all didn’t really help. But I’ve read the posts and what works for one baby might not work for another. Ive tried so many and spent a lot of money, but it’s worth it when I found something that worked. Eczema runs in family’s, my little girl got it from her daddy. But he grew out of it so I’m hoping she will too.  Alisha
  •  I use alpha Kerrie oil in the bath and love it! Can be applied on skin too but I rarely need to when I use it regularly in bath . 2/ I loved my bumbo for my girl, only short periods of time to start with- get them out before they start to slump! Helps with tummy muscles and back muscles while still supporting them and the tray is great- keeps their toys/ finger food within reach so they can practice eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. I already have one put away for the bub I’m expecting now I liked it that much!  Annelea
  •  we use QV and when her skin is bad fatty ointment helps.. Derm aid cream but 1%.. You can get that over the counter that can help if its on the face.. Acidy food triggers it my dd gets it bad when she has tomatoes or anything that has too much vitamin c… Don’t give too much egg also I have it to this day and now my dd has it.  Jessica
  •  I too have eczema from ‘things touching skin, materials, soaps etc). When gave me relief is pure emu oil. It comes in a ‘hand cream’ tube but its runny. I put a few drops in my bath and I also rubbed it straight on the sore bits. I purchased mine from the Mindle markets in Darwin, but health food shops have it. Just make sure it’s 100% pure, you dont want up be adding extra chemicals. It will be trial and error though. Good luck.  Kristy
  •  my almost 2 year old gets exczma, we wash with sorbolene wash or dermeze, dry thoroughly and apply sorbolene cream all over. Our Doctor precsribed an over the counter cortisone cream to put on affected areas. I only use that when its really flared. I also use nutri rich oil, paw paw or vitamin e oil.  Erin
  •  My daughter had it really bad to the point where we had to bandage up her legs and arms etc to let it heal. It bled all the time. We found out it was from me eating egg or anything with egg in it and coming out in my breast milk. I then had to stop eating anything egg until I stopped feeding her and then obviously she couldn’t eat anything with egg in it either. She is 2 now and has grown out of it so there is hope she eats egg all the time now.  Courtney
  •  Dairy is a abig trigger. You don’t outgrow it as such – even if you lose the eczema, it usually changes into something else triggered by the same things (asthma & migraines are closely linked). My daughter has it on her hands – some days looks great, then the next it can be falling apart. Water & soaps are good to use as little as possible – can buy sorbolene products that are for washing hands with instead of soap & water.  Tanya
  •  I use and still use nutrimetics OLC on my girl who is almost 5 now and has suffered terribly since she was 3 weeks old. It is ph neutral which is very important. Also wash everyone’s clothes sheets blankets and everything in a sensitive detergent I used enjo but recently lost my consultant so I’m trailing omo sensitive.I use an ointment from the gp that’s called fatty ointment (no steroids) its fairly new but most doctors gave sample tubes. I only use steroid cream for sever flare ups. My daughter reacts to red foods (pasta sauce, Tom sauce especially) grass, mozzie bites… The list is quite endless but a bath in the OLC seems to settle things if I get to it quick Good luck and gang in there.  Lorna
  •  my nephew had sever eczema and was on cream that they use for cow utters and it cleared it up great also every 3rd day a bleach bath was what the docs said to do. 1/2 cup full of bleach in a bath also great for when you have a sick house will kill all the bugs and it also help great as well! He was seen in Melbourne hospital so if down there see if you can get in there.  Jacinta
  •  drop German Chamomile Oil in 20ml sweet almond oil. Shake well, add few drops to bath water. Moo Goo or Vegesorb. DO NOT use sorbolene from chemist or supermarket as these are cheap, nasty petrochemicals. Definitely recommend food allergy investigation.  Carla
  •  At 42 yrs of age I still suffer eczema if I’m not careful! Avoid scented soaps, it’s bad enough the soap takes away protective oils from our skin, don’t make it worse with artificial scents! By all means bathe your baby daily, but just use the water to clean, only using the pure soap or alpha kerri every few days. Use washing powder for sensitive skin. Don’t use softener when eczema is active and then use sensitive skin variety once it has cleared if you must. Avoid acidic foods. Use Aveeno mooisturiser, it’s cheap and eczema friendly, eczema results in dry skin so quality moisturisation is all important! When playing on freshly mowed lawn cover up or play on a blanket. Always use cotton underclothes, as acrylics and woolen a exacerbate the problem.  Kylie
  •  My son had it bad too, I did everything you’re doing plus I found oats in the bath really helped. Fortunately he grew out of it and my daughter never got it.  Melinda
  •  If its not hereditary then it’s often an allergy. Perhaps milk proteins if bub is on formula or wheat/gluten. Those are the most common ones. Not sure if it can be used on babies but try MooGoo. You can find it in terry white chemists. It’s good stuff!  Emerald
  •  DONT use aveeno i have eczema and so does my daughter and when we used that it burned our skin more than the itch and rash we use non soap products in the bathroom and i use laundry liquids for sensitive skin and look into allergies as it has some degree of how severe the eczema gets when it flares up.  Lizetta
  •  we have tested quite a few products. My DD gets eczema for dairy allergies and humidity. We wash & moisturise with aqueous cream. Wash our clothes in Tri Nature laundry powder. And since using BACH rescue cream for when she flares up, we do not need to use any cortisone creams.  Jade
  •  My son has suffered from on/off again flare ups of eczema since birth. Have found MooGoo cream is the only thing that helps for us when used daily. good luck it’s tough trying to find something that works for your child. Also oats in a stocking put in the bath water can really help soothe as well.  Robyn-Leigh
  •  I’ve heard good things about Moo Goo and Arbonne as well. Also I believe diet can make a big difference. Google eczema diets.Erica
  •  My daughter had this also, we had her allergy tested and presto it was eggs, she was reacting through breast milk.  Rachael
  •  A friend swears by paw paw cream.  Cara
  •  Our Dr prescribed Elidel cream, it was one of the few non cortisone creams, it’s not cheap at $60 a tube but it worked brilliantly on my sons mild eczema.  NArelle
  •  feel like I tried everything for my dd’s eczema. Found that oats in a stocking used every bath worked wonders. I also use the moo goo eczema cream and have been taking a probiotic with LGG in it.  Kelly
  •  My son NEVER gets bathed with soap. Only ever Alpha Keri wash and Alpha Keri oil. After bath, we put Dermeze all over him. This daily routine is great. If he has flare ups (usually in patches over his body and feet), he has a steroid cream, we have 3 different strengths depending on the severity of it. If it’s cracked and weeping (not often) we use NO steroid creams, just Bactroban ointment. The routine sounds time consuming but it only takes a few minutes a day. My son has a protein missing in his skin, so he will never grow out of it. He’s 5 years old. All the best.  Paula
  •  on all 4 kids ive used dermaveen products after it n QV were recommended to me by a GP. on my baby 5mths i ve used dermaveen eczema cream with his break outs, dermaveen conditioner for his scalp n bathwash for general bathing. when his eczema resolved, i now use the moisturing cream instead of the eczema creme. Ive been very happy with these non oily oatmeal based products n they worked on all my kids over the years.  Jo
  •  Qv is the best, my daughter had it on her face pretty bad, we would use the steroid cream then because its oil based they sold me to wipe it off then put the Qv moisturiser on, and did that every couple of hours, never use soap or like johnsons ect we also used the qv bath or just water, also goats milk soap stuff, my daughter grow out of it it’s hard to get it under control but once you do keep at it good luck.  Rachael
  •  my now 6 year old had shocking eczema from birth practically.. she was tested and is allergic to animal hair, grass & dust so lots of cleaning and sorbelene cream with olive oil every day. If it gets like my dd who ended up with hives then try zyrtec etc with flare ups most kids grow out of it my dd has only been ok for 6 months or so good luck.  Sheree
  •  Agreed Moogoo is great and goats milk formula turned out my boy broke out due to milk protein intolerance feel for u it’s so sad seeing ur bub in pain.  Cassie
  •  Try different washing powder, also be careful of products that you use yourself. Look at different fabrics you’re dressing them in.  Bethany
  •  A soft cortisone cream. Just while its bad. Then qv cream.  Simone
  •  i bath all my kids with goats soap, and moisturise with aqueous cream, and have used snake oil soap bar when bad, none have exzema, but have used it when dry or rashy etc.  Teagan
  •  there is a great shop called LUSH Australia and they have a cream that is fantastic i can’t remember what it’s called, maybe dream cream.  Della
  •  My daughter has really bad eczma dont use normal soap goat soap and soap free wash is good I use dermeeze for moisture and also cortics cream but if it gets real red and imflammed she has antibiotics had since 2 days old and is now 2.5 years old.  Belinda
  •  My sister had it terrible when she was a baby and had oat baths no soaps x no perfumed products she also in the end was allergic to dust mites and grass also lather sorbelene after every bath time x  Kylie
  •  My 9.5 month old has eczema I use qv cream, used to be 3 times a day and dermaid cream on top of that for the bad bits, qv wash in the bath every 2/3 days and it’s pretty well under control now! Flare ups if she has bought baby food(I make everything from scratch usually) and biscuits she used to flare up with but it’s settled now.  Taylor
  •  Moo goo! And limit dairy intake.  Dearne
  •  my daughter grew out of it and just gets it on legs now I had to use steroid cream all the time as nothing helped but I’ve recently tried the moogoo range on her and its great look at there web site.  Renee
  •  my little girl gets it on her face sometimes and we got a script for fatty oitment.. clears up with a day or two!!!  Ashlee
  •  don’t use soaps fragrance on anything that he uses.  Kady
  •  tried several things before i found what worked for my son, make sure NOT petroleum based, most are sadly.  Wendy
  •  Get a hazel wood necklace it has really improved my sons skin.  Shelley
  •  In our case, it was a dairy intolerance for my son’s eczema. Four days off dairy for us both and it was almost gone. Minimal bathing, and using colloidal oatmeal in the water when we did, no creams with a petroleum base (very hard to do.. Had to use it for cortisone creams unfortunately but we used the ones with the least % petroleum), no other creams or potions. Aveeno helped for moisturising but everything else irritated it.  Emily
  •  We’ve been using the MooGoo brand cream for eczema, the aveno collodial oatmeal cream for eczema, goats milk soap & body wash for bathing & only wash her clothes/towels in wool wash. also believe a very weak mix of water & bleach as a rinse can be helpful to relieve eczema but you would need to google the exact ratio to ensure its not too much bleach~ def must avoid getting this on face or anywhere near mouth but believe there has been genuine research into its effectiveness ~ good luck, it has taken us awhile to find an effective combination.  Bernadette
  •  Gosh this is out of my depth, I can only tell you what I know, in just about every soap out there they use an ingredient called Sodium Laurel Sulphate/ Laurel Ethel Sulphate, which is used by scientists to test results of skin cream on rats. The S.L.S is to irritate the skin causing rashes on the rats then they treat them with a cream to see the results. This ingredient is what causes the soap to froth up!. Ammonium Laurel Sulphate is much better. Another way to tackle it is internally………..Aloe Vera Juice…preferably home made.  Warren
  •  sandalwood necklace/anklet/bracelet.  Lill
  •  My 1 year old daughter is currently suffering extreme eczema to the point we’ve spent a good chunk of that year in hospital with it. None of the over the counter brands work, I’m busy atm but if you’d like to pm me I can point you in the direction of some things to try xx  Sarah
  •  Clotiramazole cream, works wonders! Gayle
  •  U can get the hazel wood brackets. I brought one for my daughter as a braclet to go around her ankle and u can get the amber on them.  Jade
  •  I’m so sorry to hear your little one has eczema i was covered as a child and my 6mth has it but in patches. We use medihoney, steroid cream 0.05%, moo goo bath wash. We were using alphakeri bath wash/oil and lotion. But it then didnt work well. but does wonders for my sister. When I was little I bathed in pinetarsal and then they smothered me with aquereous cream. Good luck. Xx  Juleen
  •  I have extremely sensitive skin and often break out in rashes all I use is moogoo milky wash and eczema cream it’s awesome stuff.  Stace
  •  Amolin baby cream works wonders for mine and babies skin in more worse effected areas other than that I bath baby in QV Bath Oil & Wash followed by QV Skin Lotion before dressing.  Samantha
  •  We used elecon (steroid) morning and night at that age on our kids. We used it every day for the first 2 years of their lives. The day we stopped, their skin would be terrible and get infected. We also used dermaid, dermeze and no bath products..just water. After 2 years, we were able to start using the elecon once a day. Now my son is 3 and we use dermaid and dermeze. For our 2 year old, we use elecon occasionally, dermaid and dermeze. We have them on lactose free diet which helps.  Amy-Lee
  •  I saw my friends son go from horrid skin with eczema to clear skin when she started using the Body Shop’s Hemp cream. Magic!  Lindy




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  1. AvatarRandall says:

    Our top tips for Eczema are:

    Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bags

    Hazelwood Necklaces/Bracelets

    Arbonne ABC Skincare

    So many great success stories using these products. Definitely worth a shot.

  2. AvatarDennis Finch says:

    Hopes cream and moo goo, we alternate between the two every couple of weeks