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must have baby skin products

Must Have Baby Skin Products – Baby Skin Care Hints and Tips


Q&A: I am due to have my baby boy soon, wondering whats the best baby products to use on my newborns skin? (Bathwash,soap,Wipes,nappies,rashcream,lotion,etc)

newborn skin conditions

Newborn skin conditions


Newborn skin conditions explained by Baby Hints and Tips resident GP.

What Helps Stretch Marks


Q&A: Can anyone recommend any home made or store bought products for stretch marks that actually work? I’m currently using BioOil



Q&A:¬†ECZEMA! Can any parents out there who have children with Eczema please share with me what you use and your routine. I have a 7mth old with bad eczema all over body (minus the nappy area) its red and itchy and I feel so helpless. I’m using Aveeno suggested by Paed Dermo 3-4 times a day plus Evening Primrose at night and first thing in AM 2nd to 3rd day baths and steroid when its cracked but one day its fine the next its furious! Also did anyone else’s baby grow out of it and what sets it off?

Nappy rash


Q&A: Does anyone have some tips for a really bad nappy rash that seems to come and go but when it comes out rather nasty (red all over, with red dots and can be nasty looking in some spots)