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recovery shorts after pregnancyJust wanted to ask other mum’s if they have tried recovery shorts after having baby and if they think they help?

  • depends on why your using them, I had separated muscles so I found slimming knickers with big band fantastic Natalie
  • I had my little girl nearly 8 months ago and still wear my recovery shorts, I love them Melanie
  • my friend and I both used src shorts and swear by them – especially as she had abdominal separation Amy
  • I bought SRC recovery shorts – amazing! My uterus was reduced and back in its original place before I was discharged – the nurses couldn’t believe it! Mine was covered by my health insurance so it didn’t cost me a cent. Julia
  • Without a doubt Yes. I didn’t have them for first two babies. But was given them by Physio in hospital after c/s with baby #3. They helped immensely. Debbie
  • My mother suggested the suck in support undies bought a size bigger than you normally wear (that’s what she had when I was born). When I had child two I tried tights. Went straight out and bought more undies! Great support. Kay
  • yes used the SRC ones after my first & using them again! Best thing ever Jessica
  • I had bad muscle separation and I used the recovery shorts. They were great and good support for my back too which was in a lot of pain after labour. Only downside was they made me very hot and sweaty in summer. But it is well worth it! Fiona
  • My fisio told me they are great for vaginal delivery not so much for c section Elia
  • I have all 3 SRC recovery shorts. They are definitely worth the money, especially if you have lower back pain and pelvis problems like I did. Karla
  • I used SRC recovery shorts after a c-section. I had 2.5 finger width separation. I didn’t use the shorts until 6 weeks after having bub due to the difficulty of pulling them up but after only a couple of weeks there was a huge improvement in the separation and it was great support while exercising! Lauren
  • I use the SRC recovery shorts and found them very helpful Susan
  • Yes! I used src recovery shorts after emergency c-section. I put them on the day I was leaving the hospital and felt instantly better. I was in less pain and the swelling went down really quickly. They are expensive, but I thought they were worth every penny. Meg
  • i bought the really expensive recovery shorts but actually preferred just the normal shapewear as it stayed up better, had to wear undies over the recovery shorts to keep them up and felt like a chubby super hero! maybe try the cheaper sgape wear first and see if it makes you feel all snug abd tight before buying the expensive stuff. Claire
  • They’re a bit of a pain to get in and out of I found the tubi grip (free from hospital Physio) good for tummy support Ange
  • Yep, love em, wear them every day! They keep my tummy in, pull my rib cage back together, keep my maternity pad close to my body, Jessica
  • I had my bub last Sunday, have had the tubi grip from physio since tuesday which was helpful. Got the src recovery shorts today and the difference between putting them on and 5 or so hrs later has amazed me already. I would say definitely worth the money if you need them (I have huge muscle separation) for the medical side of things (separation or c section recovery). Just make sure you get measured up properly for them. Caylie

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