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Favourite Mother’s Day Gift

Favourite Mother's Day GiftWhat is your favourite Mother’s Day gift you have given or received?

  • My first daughter arrived 3 days before Mother’s Day in 2011. Best gift ever. Jaime
  • For my first Mother’s Day last year, my husband and baby girl have me a beautiful locket with photos inside. It was the most thoughtful, and treasured gift. Claire
  • got a thermomix last year (our agreement is mothers day i get something i want for the house, fathers day he gets something for the shed :)) not sure about hwo he’s go this year, mothers day is also my 30th birthday… Simone
  • I love cards that my two sons have had fun scribbling in! Rochelle
  • Bottle of wild turkey Hannah
  • Massage Kay
  • Just another day in this house. A sml present that’s about it Hannah
  • Haven’t been given anything, gave – not sure! I try to give mum something she really likes and wants. This year I’m getting myself a tattoo of my son’s name Cin
  • My son’s health, happiness and love Aileen
  • this will be my second mothers day coming up, so I will have to say my favourite was my first mothers day gift and that was a frame with pics of me and my baby daughter Aleesa




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