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7 surprises to fill plastic easter eggs

Easter doesn’t have to just mean chocolate! Fillable plastic easter eggs mean anything can be an easter gift, and the kids can join in the fun (and who doesn’t love gluten-free and dairy-free easter eggs).

Once Filled these eggs will be perfect for Egging Your Friends. Learn more about egging your friends with gifts and making Easter about giving and bringing happiness to your friends and family.

Other chocolate-free Easter ideas include Easter Craft, Dinosaur Eggs or an Egg Hunt

1. Trinkets

Kids always love little presents – you can use anything that will fit into the egg containers. Matchbox cars, balls, stamps, jewellery, toys, stickers, and even a few chocolate eggs are all winners. If you write the children’s names on the eggs, you can choose gifts specifically for each recipient.

Easter Egg Filling Ideas

2. Treasure Hunt

Leave an egg on their doorstep with a clue to help them find another egg, which has a clue to find another egg, which has a… you get the idea. The final clue leads to a final Easter gift (this could be a basket of eggs, a wrapped present, or a toy. This is a great way to incorporate an Easter egg hunt if you are trying to avoid extra chocolate (especially when you know their grandparents are going to go overboard!). Print them out here

Easter Egg Hunt Outside

3. Puzzle Pieces

Split up the pieces of a puzzle amongst the eggs – they’ll have lots of family fun once the hunt is over putting the puzzle together (don’t forget to leave them the puzzle box as well).

Image source: The Jungle Store

Image source: The Jungle Store

4. Resurrection Eggs

Explore the Easter Story by creating Resurrection Eggs. Raising Chickadees has detailed instructions and a printable to make creating these easy peasy.

Image source: Raising Chickadees

Image source: Raising Chickadees

5. Glow in the dark eggs

Make it a glow in the dark hunt with Glow in the Dark Eggs with glow sticks

Image source: Mommy Savers

Image source: Mommy Savers

6. Musical Sound Shakers

Family Sponge made Musical Sound Shakers with plastic eggs using items from around the house. This is a great idea if you’d like to gift something that will last longer than the Easter weekend, or if you are trying to find something for toddlers. Just remember to glue them closed (to keep littlies safe from choking) and mention that they aren’t meant to be opened in the note you leave.

Image source: Family Sponge

Image source: Family Sponge

7. Carrot Eggs

And for something different – Carrots! I saw these at Hot Dollar on the weekend.

Some other ideas…

You could also use coins, small figurines, balloons, Lego Mini figures, a broken up small lego set (don’t forget the instructions!), hair clips… anything really!

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