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Don’t know  if you can help me or not but I’ve recently been told I need to Hungry babyput my almost 11 month old on soy milk and soy cheeses yogurts ect as he’s constipated I was wondering if anyone has had to do the same and if so ideas on food or brands ect I can give him this is only a two wk trial set by a nutritionist however over read the Internet and so many negatives about soy it’s concerning me help!

  •  I would suggest getting a second opinion just to make sure.   Amanda
  •  Use goats milk formula instead of soy.  Eei
  •  I’m currently doing the same with my constipated 11mo, 6 days in and no difference. Don’t let people scare you too much re soy products, in Australia it’s nothing like the genetically modified crap in the US. Moderation is key though. I wouldn’t even worry about yoghurt and cheese, he can get all his calcium from green leafy veg etc. we’ve been using karcare soy formula with no problems and as a soy milk there’s an organic one made from non gmo Australian soy beans but I can’t remember the brand and don’t have any ATM. Good luck! Lots of pears, prunes, water.  Hanna
  •  Personally i wouldn’t feed any young child lots of soy. Maybe try rice or almond milk.   Hayley
  •  More often than not those diagnosed with dairy intolerance/allergy are also allergic to soy but aren’t tested.I have my 10 month old having rice milk with no problems. It’s quite sweet too so she loves it with her cereal.   Jessie
  •  Avoid soy altogether even as an adult. I would try goats milk or almond and rice alternatives.   Chris
  •  One glass of soy milk for a male child is the equivalent t to five birth control pills at once worth of estrogen for a woman! Find a different alternative!  Stacey
  •  Have you tried a2 milk. It’s said to not contain the milk protein many kids can’t digest.  Lauren
  •  With every negative comment on soy there is a thousand good ones. I’ve read so many debunking all the myths surrounding soy I’m just not worried anymore. My daughter 2 years has been drinking soy and eating soy yoghurt for over a year now and she never gets sick and is a picture of health with energy to burn. I’ve also asked numerous health professionals and they all said non gm soy is fine.  Kelly
  •  My son had a dairy allergy (which he has now grown out of) and we used soy for him. I was told that any animal milk (goat etc) will have the same effect on my son as cows milk. I spoke to two different GP’s & an allergen pead about my concerns about soy but they all said its fine to use. If you’re unsure speak to someone else or try oat milk. When my kids suffered from constipation prunes, pears & kiwi fruit worked us. Good luck! (Oh & soy cheeses are just yuck! I wouldn’t bother if it’s just for a few weeks!)   Kristy
  •  A lot of people with intolerances/allergies are having success with 4real milk (unhomogenised from the farm) try scenic rim robotic dairy facebook page.  Otherwise my daughter was on karicare goats milk formula.  Laura
  •  We recently moved our 20month old to soy for same issue- he didn’t like the milk till we put a dash of the vanilla soy milk with it. Was told by our paed to flavor it if necessary and brush teeth well. Said to steer clear of Soy cheese as it still has milk proteins so isn’t completely dairy free. Took around 3 weeks to notice a difference now we have opposite problem so could be intolerant to soy as well.   Cassandra
  •  I’d try rice not soy. Also goat milk may be an option but it is very similar to cow’s milk so I would try rice or almond milk first. Has he been breastfeeding or drinking formula?   Hannah
  •  My son couldn’t have dairy or soy, not allergic but reacted straight away. However, I ate soy for a little while. The soy milk in the fridge tastes nicer than the long life. Soy Life yoghurt is very sweet, there is one I think King Island brand that is in a four pack of fruit flavours that is nicer. I never tried soy cheese. If its just for two weeks, I wouldn’t bother with the yoghurt, cheese etc, just change his milk. I would suggest rice milk though, or combine rice and oat milk.   Claire
  •  Goat’s milk is great. Try bellamys formula available at coles, some Woolworths a d have now noticed big w.   Alison
  •  Why soy? There are plenty of other dairy free alternatives if dairy is what’s causing it. Rice, oat, almond, coconut milks and so on are all much better substitutes. I’d be getting a second opinion also.   Kara
  •  I have been drinking soy since I was two now thirty and with the constipation how much dairy is he having is he on formula? Yes dairy can cause constipation but maybe if milk is a big part of his drinks try water juice watered down or a natural as possible water cordial to start with maybe stop cheese in his diet if you would like to chat pm me through Facebook.  Anne
  •  I would not give soy read up on it first hun soy is really bad for us try almond or rice or goats milk instead good luck.   Zsuzsika
  •  I’d just like to ask whether you’ve seen a pediatrician at all? My dd had severe constipation & had to have blood tests to confirm whether there were any causes other than food before seeing a nutrionist. My dd was required to go on medication as it was most likely a genetic cause. This obviously could be completely different to your lo but we were never advised to change her milk.   Kathleen
  •  My son cant have anyhing that contains too much protein, hes slowly growing out of it but I suggest trying something other than soy xx   Emmi
  •  My sons been on soy formula since birth and hes now 9mths old. Nothing wrong with him. Please don’t let ppl scare you about soy. If it’s a lactose problem there lactose free alternatives. Goats milk also has lactose in it. Soy life yoghurt is available. And Vitasoy.   Juleen
  •  I feel your pain. There are lots of opinions on kids on soy milk. There weren’t really a lot of other options for us as my sons Nutritionist at the time (he was 2yrs old) said giving my son almond or rice milk had absolutely no nutritional value and was a waste of time. He has a milk allergy and we were trying to get him to put on weight. He had major major constipation issues and was also iron deficient. He’s 3.5 now and eats normal cheese, yoghurt, cream, ice cream with no problems and still drinks soy milk. From my own research… the amount of soy milk he actually has each day is not going to hurt. Nor has it. And as it turns it out he’s just going to be a really tall skinny kid like his father. Good luck!   Renee
  • My little one was on soy not long after she was born as I had issues bf. And all other formulas shed either commit up or would go straight through her the other end. Soy normally constipates, not the other way around. I’d be. Getting a second opinion because I have a feeling it will get worse rather than better.   Crystal
  •  There are other alternatives to soy, I’d personally avoid almond milk, not because its a nut, but because the texture is slightly gritty and would end up blocking the bottle. Maybe talk to the nutritionist about the exact reason she said soy.   Bethany
  •  My son reacts to cow’s milk but he can eat cheese and yogo he doesn’t like yoghurt he’s also on goats formula and is fine I refused to use soy due to the amount of oestrogen in it and my concerns of it affecting his fertility when he’s older. I also found adding extra 10mls of water to his bottles but same amount scoops for the 10mls less water amount in the bottle and this stopped his constipation.  Belinda
  •  I had to put my son on soy milk at 12 months old because he became lactose intolerant and any more than a slice of cheese sets him off and he ends up bloated and has a sore tummy and diorria for a couple of days. And he will be 5 in a few weeks. There are other options such as the a2 milk or goat’s milk or rice milk. We tried them all and soy worked best for our son. Hope you find something that helps you and your baby out.   Carla
  •  I personally would not give my kids soy products on a regular basis, soy products come with their own side effects. Before stopping dairy, i would be significantly increasing the amount of fiber your baby is having (puree fruits, prunes etc) If dairy is a problem with your baby, I would be looking at other milk-like products like rice milk or lactose free milk. Good luck.   Haley
  •  Soy milk/formula didnt help for mine, nor did goat, we used Novalac for babies with constipation and after 12mths Browne’s Junior Milk. I also found olives (which she loved – yuck!!) and kiwi fruit did wonders. Good luck:-)   Renee
  •  If its lactose u can buy lactose free milk.  Bek
  •  Yes, I agree with the other mums. There are enormous amounts of estrogen levels in soy products. I’d be wary of if it were my bub. Goat, rice, or almond is good alternatives. Also more water and fibrous fruit and veg, e.g. pears and bananas are great for promoting bowel movements in bubs.  Yana
  •  I wouldn’t go soy. Almond if no nut allergys or just don’t use milk.  Liz
  •  We use rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk and hemp milk!   Riannan
  •  Soy isn’t good; try almond, rice or goats.  Simone
  •  If you can avoid soy do it!!!! I wish I’d never listened to the doctors with my daughter! She is now perfectly fine drinking organic cow’s milk.  Alison
  •  Firstly, go organic… that will eliminate lots of the nasties … if you’re worried about soy, ask your dr about other alternatives, e.g. rice or oat milk, depending on the problem, goat milk is ideal.  Debbie
  •  I was never given any suggestion of using soy products for my child; it was like 5 years ago though so maybe soy wasn’t a big thing back then. All I did was try to give my baby more water between meals, do the whole leg exercises, I didn’t give her any extra dairy (only her milk) and if she still had issues I gave her the dreaded suppositories. But her constipation only lasted about a week or two and then she was fine.  Hailey


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