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What did you do for your baby’s first birthday party?

Tips for a princess theme 1st birthday. Also, what’s a cake smash?

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What did you do for your baby’s first birthday party?

  • Ladybug theme, Sunday morning at a community centre, about 30 people and kids, opened presents at home. Only had a two hour party so as not to wear out the birthday girl. Lisa
  • My daughters first birthday party theme was fancy dress with around 15-20 people.. .we had mini lollie bags with mostly toys etc in them for the girls it was bracelets rings hair clips and hair ties and for the boys cars bikes and a bouncy balls. And we opened presents at the party. Dee
  • My child’s party was laid back. BBQ, blow up pool for kids, balloons, etc. Though my girlfriend on the other hand went WAY out. Face painting, disney theme with matching EVERYTHING, bubbles, treasure hunt, the party favor was a teddy bear for each kid with a print of the child’s face on the bears shirt. Now that rocked. I know i’ll have to care more now my son will b four but for a 1yr old all they care about is wrapping & other kids. Amy
  • Just a BBQ with family and friends, no party bags and we opened presents as they got there. Burty
  • My eldest we had wiggles theme as he loved the wiggles. It was late in the arvo with no end time and we had a BBQ for dinner. Just close friends and family came but we were all very much exhausted by the end of it with mum and bub off to bed leaving everyone else to party at 6.30!!! My youngest was thomas the tank themed at a more appropriate time of 12-2 (he napped early). We did lots of finger foods as thats what he loved to eat best. Opened presents at the party so that the boys could see who each present was from. Lexi
  • Did it when it suited my husband’s roster (Saturday before her birthday). Lots of family and friends at a park. Had chips, lollies, chocolates, sausage sizzle. Water and cordial, cake. Played pass the parcel and had party bags. Opened presents while guests were still around. Very relaxed, but still special. No more party’s till she’s in kindy, just immediate family with a cake. Terri
  • I did it the week before his party, just family and close friends so about 20 ppl. It was wiggles themed with wiggles party bags. And we opened them when they were given to him. Aimsly
  • For my lg’s 1st bday we had a princess themed party. We had a toy area for the kids with a ball pit, bubble machine, cubby house, tunnel, castle etc. lots of food some healthy like fruit skewers then party food like mini quiche, party pies, sausage rolls and minimal lollies. we had present opening time as everyone was excited about the gifts the brought her. we had a few games too but not many. We did pirate party bags for boys with eye patches etc and princess bags for girls hair clips, crowns, bracelets etc. Tiffany
  • ‎2 weeks prior to birthday as he was born on NYE and we were flying out to Europe on Boxing Day. Big family, so around 150 people in a play centre with a Baby Einstein Neptune theme. Giveaways were cupcakes with little turtle toppers. Had turtle themed cake, plates, napkins and party hats for kids. Oh way too many people and gifts to open then and there! Did it the next day. Lauren
  • For my DD’s 1st birthday hubby was deployed in afghan so we will have a big 2nd birthday! Will hire out a play centre lots of food, kids, face painter, wiggles themed, lolly bags! Can’t wait! Meg
  • We just celebrated my daughters first birthday in July. My first child. We have a blended family so we had about 35-40 people, only a few kids mostly adults. We had the party at home on a Sunday and it was from 2pm onwards we served finger food and nibble platters. We just did pink plates, cups serviettes etc and a Minnie mouse cake and balloons! We opened the presents once everyone had left as our house was quite full and my daughter was a little overwhelmed with all the people. Cassandra
  • For first birthdays a friend of mine does something for kids called a “cake smash” sounds like heaps of fun for the kids will definitely be looking into this for my girl’s first bday. Suzi
  • We did a very relaxed morning tea at 10am in a local park – had 50 people…which had a fantastic playground for the older children (18 months to 7 years). It also had a little lake, so took bread to feed the duckies. I cooked everything – dips, savoury, mini cupcakes, lollie station, rockie road, fruit platter, jelly cups, fairy bread….but the most popular was mini quiches and zucchini slice. Also did water, juice, soft drinks and carton of beer (at daddy’s request). The kids gift bags were filled with fun little activities…rather than too many lollies…bangles for the girls, whistles for the boys, bubbles, playing match cards, stickers…cheapie shops and Big W are fantastic for these fillers – and the parents appreciated them having some more to play with at the park. Opened gifts at park. She wasn’t too interested…more fun for mummy. Great day. Just try to relax and enjoy it yourself too. Katie
  • First birthday at the local pool set a tarp up to sit under and about 30 people, it was March in Qld so still warm enough. Decorated the tarp and had lollie bags but forgot to give them out so wont do that again, got the cake with a picture of my daughter on it and just did a sausage sizzle was good coz had the pool so didnt have to plan any activities and she had just started walking so she loved it. Chloe
  • My boys 1st bday was wiggles themed, Lollies chips cake jumping castle BBQ with about 50 ppl his 2nd bday party is cars2 themed I’ve gone all out cake boxes for kids to take home decorations everywhere can’t wait to spoil our boy. Stacey
  • Possum magic theme. Themed house and food plus painting station for all ages. About 40 ppl. Only 2 hrs 10am til midday. 3 days after his bday on Saturday. Lots family and friends. Open presents later. Morgan

Tips for a princess theme 1st birthday. Also, what’s a cake smash?

  • Cake smash is a photo shoot with a bigger cake and the kids can destroy it put it everywhere and you get photos taken! Ashlee
  • I bought an extra large 1st birthday card and had all our guest write in it what they thought our daughter would be when she grew up.. Something for her (and us) to look back on.. Toni
  • A cake smash is where you take a whole cake and let the one year old smash it and take photos I would get some princess themes party supply’s from big w Kmart target and make a doll cake doll put in a cupcake shaped cake with icing Princess foods tea cups as cups fancy but not exspencive get the guests to all dress as princesses. DeAnne
  • A cake smash it a photo shoot . Cake + baby = mess but great photos. Richelle
  • Cake smash is when you make a cake or get one made and let your child go crazy eating it sitting on it.. Just having fun destroying the cake.. While a photographer or yourself take photos… I made my sons Cake with bright blue icing… The photos came out amazing. Teagan
  • My girl had a gorgeous 3 story castle shaped cake. Melissa
  • I did my sons cake smash myself I just got two happy birthday table clothes an taped one to a wall for a backdrop an one to the floor gave bub a cake an let him go crazy in it they have so much fun an makes the best photos for memory’s of the day they turned one. Melanie
  • Look on eBay for princess birthday stuff they have heaps good things on there. Kelly
  • A lot of the cheaper shops have princess stuff…just make everything pink n blingy the girls love it. Janette
  • Just a question for mums who did the cake smash. Did u have a diff cake for guests with a candle n sing happy birthday? I’m thinking it may be too much cake lol but I want to sing happy birthday to her n have a nice candle :/ tia.  Chantelle
  • My friend just did one of those cakes with half a barbie in it and the big dress is the cake it looked amazing! little flowers and silver balls (cachous? dunno) all over it. She also did a cupcake decorating table so the kids got to sit down and make their own but that depends on the age of the kids really. Chloe
  • Have a look on ebay theres so many princess themed stuff. I am planning my dds 1st bday atm she is having a hootabelle theme and i am also doing a naming ceremony on the same day to make it extra special. Nicole
  • If you would also like to make the day memorable for all the guests instead of doing lolly bags you do a lolly bar and you fill special shaped jars with the lollies in the color theme and guests help them selfs to create their lolly bags. Always a item that people rave about at/ afterwards. Can cost a little more with filling the jars but it also doubles as decorations as well so save a little too. Rebecca
  • I have just come a cross the ‘fingerprint trees’ i’m doing it for my baby shower. easier to google than me describe haha. Cheylyn
  • What about dress up. Kaila
  • We released a butterfly. Very sweet. Chloe
  • I probably wouldn’t suggest doing the cake smash on the day of the party, it’s very messy with lots of clean up. Cake smash is more for the photos and isn’t really edible after your little one has been at it 🙂 Google cake smash. That way you can have a special cake and candle on the day of the party! Rebecca
  • Not sure what the ages of your guests are, but you could go to a $2 shop and make a dress up box of ‘prince and princess’ things, pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, fairy bread cut into shapes with pink sprinkles, pink lollies- musk sticks, marshmallows, teeth, jelly beans, cardboard crowns for party hats, if there are older kids you could have some textas, glitter, gems etc to decorate them- so many fun things you could do!!! I have a son, so it’s not all the pretty things!! Brooke
How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday?

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