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Rainbow Birthday Party

My daughter’s 5th birthday was rainbow birthday party theme.  The options are endless for a rainbow party, you just need lots of colour.  We had rainbow cake, cupcakes, biscuits and party bags. It is all simple and delicious. I particularly enjoyed making the rainbow wands.  They were simple and were very popular with all the kids, boys and girls alike.

Rainbow birthday party cupcakes:

Rainbow birthday party cupcake recipe

Need to make rainbow birthday cupcakes:

Blue icing

Rainbow strap lollies

Mini white marshmellows

Method to make rainbow birthday cupcakes:

Cup strap lollies to size. Ice cupcake a few at a time to ensure icing doesn’t dry out before adding decorations. Add strap lollies in an arch and add marshmellows for clouds. Store in an airtight container until ready to eat.


Rainbow birthday party cookies:

Rainbow birthday party cookie recipe

Need to make rainbow cookies:

Biscuit dough 

125 grams soft butter

1/2 cup caster sugar

1 1/2 cups plain flour

1 cup self raising flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon milk


Rainbow cookie mould – I shaped my own by bending a circle into an arch.

Coloured icing – I used yellow, green, blue and red

Piping bag

Decorations eg glitter or lolly hearts

Method to make rainbow birthday cookies:

Cream butter and sugar until pale and creamy. Mix in the egg. Combine the flour, adding a little at a time.  Combine in the milk. Roll biscuit dough out.

Use biscuit mould to shape rainbow biscuits, place on baking paper on a baking tray.  Trim ends to make straight. Ensure biscuits are spaced apart by a few centimetres.

Bake at 180oC for 8 minutes.

Once cool, place your first colour of icing in a piping bag. Pipe a line along the biscuit. Once all done, use the next colour. When finished, sprinkle with decorations.

Store in an airtight container until eaten.


Rainbow Party 3

Rainbow Birthday Party DIY Ribbon Wands

Make your own rainbow ribbon wands for awesome take home gifts.  Kids will dance and twirl with these for hours.

Need for ribbon wands:

  • Dowel 1m (cut each into 3 even pieces)
  • Ribbon. I bought rainbow ribbon
  • Swivels – from the fishing shop
  • Eye Screws
  • Pliers

Method to make ribbon wands:

Cut each piece of dowel into 3 even length pieces.  Attach an eye screw to the end of each piece of dowel, these screw in. To each eye screw add a fishing swivel and then seal it closed using the pliers.Note: We chose to remove the clip at the end of each swivel, using pliers. This is tedious but looked better in the end.  Attach ribbon  and wind around wand.


rainbow ribbon wands DIY - rainbow birthday party

ribbon wand swivel

ribbon wand close

Rainbow Birthday Party Cake

This is made of lots of small layers of cake. Each layer is made in a round pan and coloured with bold amounts of the gel icing colouring. I used 5 layers and there was a lot of cake. Cover with a crumb layer and then a second coat of plain buttercream icing.

Rainbow on the top is made using fondant, coloured with ample gel food colouring and rolled until the colour is evenly distributed. Roll each piece of fondant into an even snake shape. Ensure your fondant rainbow fits on your cake. The fondant rainbow can be made several days in advance.

rainbow birthday party cake

rainbow cake cut

Looking for more rainbow birthday party ideas?

Rainbow party food

  • Fairy bread with rainbow sprinkles
  • Rainbow fruit skewers (be careful with sharp sticks with young kids)
    • Good fruit for skewers include watermelon, pineapple, kiwifruit, strawberries, grapes
  • Fruit platter rainbow
  • Rainbow pizza
    • Decorate with colourful toppings eg tomato, pineapple, capsicum, ham, salami.


Rainbow party decorations

Rainbow party favours

  • Rainbow wands (DIY how to above)
  • Test tube with alternating colours of M&Ms or jellybeans
  • Rainbow set of pencils or crayons
  • Rainbow lollipops
  • Rainbow glowsticks

Rainbow party activities

  • Make your own rainbow bracelets
    • provide rainbow colourful beads for threading
  • Decorate rainbow biscuits
  • Paint a rainbow picture
  • Twister (for young kids, ignore left and right and just say hand on red)
  • Colour treasure hunt
    • Find 5 green things eg leaves, grass, balloon, green cup and green grapes
    • Find 6 red things eg red flower, red balloon, watermelon, strawberry, red cup and red paper

Other party theme ideas


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