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Foods to avoid when Breastfeeding

Foods to avoid when breastfeedingWere there any foods you had to avoid while breastfeeding? How did you handle the restrictions when you were out and about?

  • I avoided nothing. Except alcohol.  Louisa 
  • I didn’t avoid anything; a midwife told me that alot of what u eat only a percentage will affect your milk. Some say spicy food etc but all the women in India live on it n their kids thrived n had no dramas I think it’s just try n see I was lucky to have no dramas with any food even eating grapefruit n both mine have had no problems. Just eat in moderation.  Cassey
  • My list is plentiful and the same for all 3 of my babies: garlic is the worst followed closely by anything tomato. Raw tomato, tomato in cooking like spag bol, lasagna etc. onion, herbs, spices, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. Chocolate was fine for me thankfully. I just had to stick to plain bland food until I finished feeding otherwise bub was horrendous. If you find your bub is crying like in pain for ‘no reason’ struggling to poo or fart, wants to feed heaps, pulling legs up like bad wind pain in tummy, try to keep a food diary for a week and note when bubs behavior occurs & look for patterns. I discovered my tomato issue by accident when my 1st was 7 weeks old. If I have it for dinner, it normally kicks in by breaky the following morning…Jodie
  • Cabbage, onion, peas, broccoli, cauliflower….most green things really. Strawberries = horrible reaction too.  Dairy, soy and wheat are surprisingly common irritants to babies. If your bub is consistently unsettled, try excluding those. It seems impossible at the start, but it’s not too bad once you are on it. That said, I’m eating no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, nuts, fish, or any foods high in salicylates, amines or preservatives. So just excluding a few veg, dairy, soy or wheat seems easy…
    My 5 month old might thank me for it one day.  Kristan
  • I couldn’t have broc, cauliflower , peas, corn, garlic, and any caffeine.  Aleisha
  • It depends on your baby. I personally have to avoid dairy, egg, soy, tomato & bread due to intolerances through my milk. Only you will know if there’s anything you need to avoid by bubs reactions if any.  Jacqui
  • No restrictions for me. Just a varied and healthy diet.  Roz
  • My DD suffered with bad wind and pain which the dr thought was Colic. My OBGYN suggested I cut out all, wheat, yeast, dairy, peanuts, and gluten. So I did, it was so hard as almost everything has gluten and if it doesn’t its expensive. So I only ate a clean diet of veg, fruit n meat. No packaged stuff. Within, 1 week my DD was 100% better, she had no more pain and was a happy newborn that slept all night from 5 weeks old. After a few months I introduced dairy slowly and everything else. Eventually I could eat it all again and she was fine. We strengthened her belly. She can eat anything now at 16 months old with no problem at all I felt better while eating that way too and I lost weight.  Laura
  • I didn’t avoid anything and never had any issues. I tend not to eat spicy, really acid things anyway and I didn’t drink coke or caffeine when they were tiny just in case.  Kay
  • Couldn’t eat chocolate!  Kelly
  • I can’t eat any diary or drink fizzy drinks with my 7week old son but I breasted my daughter for almost 11 months with no problems with food at all! Poor little fella gets bad wind.  Sarah
  • It’s funny you don’t crave soft serve until your pregnant, I caved on the 3rd bub. No change to my diet, my body is used to it so processes it well, my babies were used to it because I ate it through my pregnancies. I love chocolate and it’s Easter! And I like curry etc, but diet is pretty bland here because I have a 5 & 3 yr old too.  Rebecca
  • After getting lots of choccy for Easter, my 4 week old started getting really unsettled, she sounded like she was in pain for bowel movements and started to get a rash and she was really spewy. I had no idea chocolate did this. I have tried a piece of white chocolate tonight, also read that it’s the cocoa in the chocolate.  Christie
  • No restrictions here. But I eat a pretty healthy balanced diet- no coffee, fizzy drinks etc and have had no issues with bub at all.  Emily
  • I am currently eliminating anything cow milk related. Does seem to keep her reflux mostly managed (along with her zantac). Went from eating a ton of cheese and drinking milkshakes while pregnant, to nothing at all! LOL.  Lesley
  • I did have to avoid chocolate with my second, he developed terrible nappy rash very early after eating all the chocolate gifts I was given post pregnancy. Took forever to clear up and then even the tiniest bit of chocolate would cause a flare up.  Leah
  • I never had problems with any food. My health nurse told me to eat everything in moderation. I was barely eating when we first came home because so many people pit fear in my head that everything I ate would give bub wind but they were wrong. I ate in moderation and my bub was fine, no problems with ever.  Tiani
  • I have never had to avoid foods while feeding…only thing I won’t have is alcohol. And I’m
    not a coffee/coke person so caffeine isn’t an issue. I eaten curries, acidic foods, garlic onion etc with all 3 kids with no dramas.  Allison
  • My first bub was the usual, no cabbage, onion and chili stuff. But was fine drinking milk and having chocolate. I’m 12 weeks into breastfeeding my second bub and nothing has faxed her! Yay.  Sarah
  • Nothing …..You shouldn’t avoid any foods unless your baby reacts or you have a dietary need yourself. I eat anything.  Jess
  • If you followed what everyone says you will have a very bland diet.  Eat anything and keep a diary, if nubs is upset try to pinpoint what food or drink it is. Personally with my son I found coil flour and coke gave him pains.  Nicole
  • Spicy food didn’t agree with my babies when I was feeding.  Monica
  • I think sometimes if bub is distressed that it can be put down to other things like colic or teething and don’t think to look at the ‘normal’ foods in their diet. I think it’s like a spectrum with some ppl able to eat anything with no reactions on one end thru to those women who can’t eat anything like dairy, nuts, wheat etc. diet is def something to look at closely though if bub is unsettled regularly.  Jodie
  • I avoid all green vegetables, onion, and garlic, anything with lots of flavor.. Generally eat very plainly. Haha, eat out? What’s that lol!!  Tammy
  • With my DD I couldn’t eat onion, garlic or CHOCOLATE! Couldn’t drink straight cow’s milk either. Orange juice was another big no no for me. Just had to make do until she stopped breastfeeding. No real advice just tried as much as possible to avoid those foods otherwise it was just horrible for her.  Cece
  • I found chocolate to be a food that gave baby (both my kids) wind that is harder than normal to bring up makes them unsettled.  Hannah

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