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Fussy baby in high chair

Fussing in the high chairI have a 6 month old fussy baby in the high chair sometimes. He would much rather be fed solids in my lap. Any tips? Should I keep persisting with the high chair?

  • Get a bumbo Chantelle
  • I did persist and I don’t have any problems ever with miss nearly 2. She knows she eats in her high chair. I have a friend who didn’t bother much with the high chair and her daughter won’t sit in it. Depends on what you want long term mummy Kathryn
  • My daughter used to be the same, I put her in her walker (we can remove the toys) and then in the high chair, I don’t know if that helps Megan
  • Give your baby some toys to play with while sitting in the high chair. Mallory
  • I used my daughters bouncer chair to start with then moved on to the high chair. Sarah
  • I would persist with the highchair but get bub out if he/she is too upset. Everything is still new to them at this age & it will take time for them to get used to it. Laura
  • Give finger food in the high chair. . Its usually around thus age they begin wanting to do themselves Rosemary
  • Keep going with the highchair, you will be thankful in the long run. I think from about 7mths old I introduced duplo to play with on his tray while eating. Distraction is the key! Find a bucket of toys or household objects that you don’t mind being covered in food and let your bub play while having meals. Kelly
  • My now 1y-o HATED the high chair… I put him on a bar stool which had rounded back and fed him in that for at least a month (foot on the bottom so he wouldn’t push it out and fall)… Also fed him in pram, on my lap, but persisted with high chair, used it more to get him to “help” with cooking as he loves to watch what is going on… Now he is fantastic in it, use it for helping, eating and activities. Think he hated the “trapped” feeling Alyssia
  • I would persist or you will have a 12 month old running round the house at meal times… Distraction, keep the time short and allow other things to happen in the chair… Just some water on the tray to splash in can be fun! Emily
  • try this my daughter was the same it’s called a snack pocket booster seat she loves it it’s not high either so she can still see everything that is going on Stacie
  • Would he /she sit on the floor? Leslie
  • i bought aeroplane spoons and started to play a game whilst feeding and now he just focuses on the game and food no matter where he is sitting. also put some toys on the tray to get him liking the high chair Sammi
  • I would ! Keep them in highchair as long as u can !!! Once they are up and about feeding on lap ,floor or unrestrained not fun Ashley

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