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Get a free CanvasChamp gift for Mother’s Day

Spoil mum this Mother’s Day with a beautiful, personalised photo gift without breaking the budget.  We are showcasing a range of Mother’s Day options from CanvasChamp, because we are so impressed by the quality and value of their photo products at an affordable price.  We have ordered a canvas from CanvasChamp and would love to share our experience and some information about the range of available options for canvas prints.

Customised CanvasChamp canvas print

We have been looking for a canvas print for a while to add some colour and personality to our living room.  We had this canvas printed at CanvasChamp and we are so happy with the resulting colour and quality.  Our girls love having a photo of themselves on display and we love having a special moment to bring a smile to our faces every time we walk in to the room.  We were very impressed with the canvas quality.  The colours are true to the original, it is well attached with the image wrapped around the sides of the canvas.


Ordering a canvas print through CanvasChamp is simple

Ordering the canvas was super easy with lots of options to ensure you get the right end product to suit your family’s needs.  Simply:

  1. Pick canvas size
  2. Upload an image
  3. Select size
  4. Pick how you want the canvas wrapped.  We selected to have the image continue along the sides of the canvas.  Add a border if desired
  5. Drag image around to position where you want.  Options to zoom or rotate
  6. Select hanging options.  Hooks are included for free.
  7. Select finish eg. sepia, grey scale, caricature etc.
  8. Lastly there are some optional editing choices eg. red eye reduction, enhance colour, remove date stamp


After ordering the canvas the communication was clear and regular.  There was an email to acknowledge the order and a follow up email when the canvas was on its way.

Photo collage

CanvasChampCreate a unique collage of all of your favourite family photos to give to Mum or Grandma this Mother’s Day.  Use a pre-designed collage or create your own.  This love heart would look great with photos of the whole family.  The grid below is another of the plentiful options.


Canvas Wall display

CanvasChampCreate a set of canvases placed together as a canvas wall display.  These come in a lot of different size options and combinations and would be the perfect feature image for a larger space.

Framed photo from CanvasChamp


Mum or Grandma would love a series of photos in frames to create a memory wall through the house.  You could work with other family members to create a series of photos with matching frames.

Other options

There are a lot of options at CanvasChamp, you are not limited to a standard canvas.  Photo mosaics, engraved wooden plaques, acrylic prints, metal prints, pop art … the options are endless.

Special offer by CanvasChamp

Get a FREE 8″x8″ canvas print on your first order when you sign up for the CanvasChamp newsletter.

*This review is a paid sponsored post by CanvasChamp.

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