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Getting rid of monsters under the bed

halloween monsterA suggestion from one mum for Monsterphobia: fill a spray bottle with water & a few drops of lavender oil & spray it around when she gets scared of the monsters:) What are your suggestions?

  •  I watched Dr Phil once and he said that monsters are REAL to a child so if you have to chase them out from under the bed, that’s what you have to do. I felt like a complete idiot but it worked.   Loretta
  •  We tell our little girl that when she turn the light on the monster get scared away and when she go to bed and we turn the light out the monster dont come back as they are scared of her.  Sally
  •  When i was little my parents got me to make a picture to put on my bedroom door that kept the monsters away. Apparently it worked lol   Ebony
  •  Monsters Inc. Get them to realize that the monster is more scared of them, then they are scared of the monster. Go on a monster hunt together before bed.   Kate
  •  We have always showed Our little girl friendly monsters and make them our friends, so far we haven’t had any issues with her being scared of them. There are some really great kid’s movies which is a good place to start.   Bianca
  •  We pretend to be monsters, and make friends with other monsters, so they aren’t scary.  Leanne
  •  We catch the monsters and throw them out the window! DD 2 years thinks its great!   Rachel
  •  I’m soon to be putting a fish tank in my DD room, its electronic and blows bubbles to make the fish move. She loves it.   Marcia
  •  Intro 101 to Monsters Inc! Also a Monster repellent. I used Glen20 wrapped in foil with fairies on it & call it fairy spray. Fairies look after the kid’s you see lol . It works still 5 now monster’s Inc was fabulous though a good story oh and the Guardian s!! 2 great movies to get rid of fears.  Sascha

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