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Hashimotos Disease in Pregnancy

Hashimotos disease in pregnancyJust wondering how anyone with Hashimotos disease in pregnancy (under active thyroid) managed?

  • I was ok pregnant but was monitored closely and had lots of blood tests. Post baby things went bad though. I ended up very very sick as I kept forgetting to take my meds due to being consumed with baby. Is super important to not skip a pill and keep getting blood tests. 8mo later I’m still struggling to get mine under control. Also the symptoms between hashi and post natal depression are very similar so be aware of that too. Hayley
  • I totally agree. My levels were okay while pregnant but post-pregnancy has been super difficult. My ds is now nearly 2yo and I’m still really struggling with my levels. It’s been really hard for me. Find a good specialist who knows how to manage your levels properly and don’t forget to look after yourself too! Babies can be all-consuming but make sure you look after mum too. Jessica
  • I have graves disease which is overactive. They had to change my medication for first trimester then back to normal for 2nd trimester and changed again for 3rd trimester! Two days before i found out i was pregnant i had just gone through the process of getting ready for radiation therapy but have put it off until my baby is older. You should have seen your specialist once you found out you were pregnant had no problems throughout pregnancy at all or now. Tamara
  • I actually felt better pregnant with Hashimotos disease in pregnancy, than I ever felt. Although I think sticking to clean eating (no processed food as I can’t digest it) and taking synthetic T3 which I’d been doing for 6mths previous to being pregnant as I was feeling no relief of symptoms with traditional T4 helped a lot too. My docs also carefully monitored my thyroid (I didn’t end up having to increase meds at all) and gave supps where needed (Vit d, magnesium) so the most important thing is to have a doctor that you feel comfortable and confidant with! I’m 3.5 months postpartum now and miss feeling as great as I did being pregnant because now with the sleep deprivation my adrenals are shot and I’m starting to feel like crap again will prob need to increase meds at next doc appt for blood results. Hope this helps and feel free to pm me if you need any more info or a new doc as I have been through a lot with hashis and know how hard it can be to find someone to help! Shannon
  • I was fine with my pregnancy but closely monitored with blood tests. As long as levels stay stable everything should be fine!! Good luck!! Donna
  • I had to adjust my dose of Oroxine immediately upon having a positive pregnancy test. I was constantly exhausted but that may have also been due to running around after a toddler and just being pregnant in general. I also had to get regular blood tests to keep an eye on my thyroid readings. I developed HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) not sure if coincidence or actually due to hashi’s. I naturally went into labour 2.5 weeks early and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl 16 months ago. Katie
  • hashimoto’s here! Advice I had from endo was (If planning a pregnancy) to up my dose slightly to account for the 8-10weeks at the beginning of pregnancy when the Foetus needs our thyroid more – once it hits the 10 week mark, it creates it’s own hormone. I’m on ridiculous amounts of thyroid – (300mcg) one day (200mg) the next. Endo suggested this to mimic the fluctuating changes a healthy thyroid would make in pregnancy. Please consult your own specialist a every woman is different – I have a 17month old, and 30weeks with another. – close monitoring and REGIMENTED tablet taking a must… It’s really easy to get lazy/forgetful with the tablets! I like that someone mentioned how similar being under dosed and PND are once baby arrives… Good 6 months of blood tests post baby to account for the swing in hormones! Prick test will be done on bubs at birth but full diagnosis of no thyroid can’t really be made for 4-6months… Very uncommon, but easily treated! Good luck! Amelia
  • I have hashimotos and was kept monitored by my endocrinologist- blood tests every six weeks and my levels were kept on the higher side of normal. I had no issues it was a standard pregnancy. Corrina
  • I was fine with both pregnancies was just monitored with blood tests. My babies were both tested and neither have any thyroid problems. Lee
  • Perfectly fine. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with my first and I have only had to increase my thyroxine dose once to allow for what the baby needed. I’m seeing my endocrinologist once a month so that she can monitor my levels and I’m lucky that so far only the one increase in dose has been needed. Louisa
  • If you are on medication, dr will check levels more often during pregnancy, I have no thyroid. I normally take 150mg of thyroxine. While pregnant it went up to 200mg. Leanne
  • I have hashimotos too, so far all good but the wrong levels when trying to fall pregnant can cause issues. Make sure to always take required dose and keep levels correct doctor will keep eye on it. Kym
  • I have Hashimotos too. My thyroxine was increased during pregnancy and I breast fed for just under 2 years, had no problems at all. However my boy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year at age of 4. It is an auto immune disease, same as Hashimotos is too. I strongly feel there is a big connection between my auto -immune thyroid condition and my sons diagnosis with an auto immune disease too. Amanda
  • get a specialist and be monitored closely I was ok pregnant on the immunity side but had terrible morning sickness the whole 9 months. The crash afterward delivery sucks big time I’m 14 weeks pp and still having issues balancing my levels. Also be prepared for bubs to have a few tests after I wasn’t aware of the extra care hashis mum babies get to make sure they are all good. I’ve had hashis for 17 years so have other complications too. Good luck it’s well worth it!! Kim
  • Yes I do currently 33wks with no issues medication was adjusted & I have monthly blood tests to monitor. Good luck! Chrissy
  • fine i have my thyroid checked every 4 weeks to make sure my tsh is in the acceptable range. you should of increased your dose when you found out by 1/3rd to 1/2 more than what you were on, my first girl is fine she was small at birth but i also had a few other problems i was told because of my thyroid i was considered high risk patient. good luck you will be fine. pm me if you have any more questions Felicity
  • My Thyroid started playing up during my last pregnancy and was put onto meds and had regular blood tests but all went well. Was told to stop meds after bub as they thought it was just pregnancy related but was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 2 months ago now and put straight back on meds. As someone else said symptoms are very similar to PND and the two do not mix very well, and try and make a set time to take your meds and try not to forget to take them, which can be difficult when you are looking after bub. Tiahni
  • I ended up with pre eclampsia. With my last pregnanch But I’m on meds for this pregnancy and hoping it will be different.. just keep an eye on your blood pressure etc xx feel free to inbox me Amber
  • I had the same experience as Shannon Colla… Pregnancy went extremely well and I now have a healthy 7 month old baby girl. Just make sure that your thyroid is being properly monitored and adjust your dosage accordingly ( if necessary). Wishing u all the best, enjoy your pregnancy and put all your worries aside because everything will be fine. Ana
  • No problems. Had regular blood tests during and after pregnancy Meg
  • I was on Oroxine all thru my 5th pregnancy because of an under active thyroid. I also had to see an Endocrinologist during my pregnancy and regular blood tests Nicole
  • I don’t have hashimotos but am under active. Pregnancy was the best I’ve felt for a long time! Now struggling to balance 17 months post baby… Jane
  • I have an underactive thyriod and am currently 23 weeks pregnant I have just been monitored more closely with blood tests ect but everything else has been fine so far I am under a specialist whilst pregnant but so far so good Amber
  • I have Hashimotos and the only thing different during pregnancy was my thyroid was checked more often and it was always run a bit higher then normal. My dd had an extra blood test at birth to make sure I hadn’t passed on any antibodies but she was all clear. In my first pregnancy I went to an endocrinologist. Now with my 2nd pregnancy my OB is just monitoring it. Angela
  • I was diagnosed during my first pregnancy and found no problems once on my meds. Now 35 weeks with second and no problems this time either. No change in dose either. Nicole
  • My levels were fine by myself but not quite where the doctor wanted them whilst I was growing a baby. I just took a tablet a day up until bubs birth & then a couple weeks later he tested me & was happy with the levels again. I was hot & sweaty especially at night whilst on the tablets though! Apryl
  • Bubs also had a few extra heel prick blood tests once born as he had high level of thyroxine but it went down to normal (was prob from my medication) Cassie
  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was pregnant (may have already had an under active thyroid before that) and my pregnancy was fine. I took thyroxine and had to have a couple extra blood tests but everything went super smooth Cassie
  • I have that and I was monitered with blood tests once a month throughout the pregnancy, and altered the mg of my tablets as I needed Kirsten
  • I have an underactive thyroid. It was fine during my pregnancy it just had to be monitored and my endocrinologist increased my medication at the start as the baby needs yours until it develops it’s own. She then decreased it a little I think in the third trimester and then again when my son was born & now breast feeding. It’s very important at the beginning of pregnancy. The only problem I found was I was super hot and sweaty all the time but that’s apparently normal when increasing your thyroid hormone. Plus pregnancy hormones as well! It was all fine though I had a great endocrinologist. Stacey
  • I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (and have had it for about the last 20 years). I had my first child 3 years ago today, and am 30 weeks pregnant with baby 2. First pregnancy and birth was a breeze – no changes to medication. And just yesterday was advised by the endocrinologist to adjust my meds (an extra 50mcg on 2 days). Apart from that, I don’t think our pregnancies are any different from women with a normal functioning thyroid. Angela
  • Fine! Meds went up at the start, then adjusted throughout pregnancy. Delivered at 39+5. Tanya
  • I had Hashimotos disease in pregnancy  and all they did was extra blood tests to check it, all was fine thou.. And after bub was born they check his with a blood test and it was normal. Sarah


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