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Irritable Uterus

irritable uterus

Irritable Uterus is not well defined.  It occurs when your uterus contracts without any change to your cervix. This is not labour as your cervix does not open or shorten.
Causes of an irritable uterus are unknown they are thought to include an infection, sex, having a full bladder and physical activity.
Irritable uterus can feel very painful like contractions and you should check in with your medical team for management options.

I’m after people’s experiences with irritable uterus. I’m just wondering if many other people had this problem? If so, what was your experience? And did you end up carrying your baby to term?

  • I feel your pain! It’s horrible. I carried to full term, my boy came on his due date. Only problem I had was my uterus didn’t perform very well during labour, my contractions were all over the place and definitely not regular I did have to head to hospital several times from around 25 weeks to be monitored because of the contractions though. Stay hydrated, don’t overdo it and use the loo regularly. Heat packs and panadol as well. Most people just say ‘oh braxton hicks, I had that’, but they have no idea how different an irritable uterus is! Jeni
  • I was diagnosed with an irritable uterus at 26weeks and I am still going currently 35 weeks (carrying twins) the best advise I can give you is rest, drink lots of water and at the same time go to the loo often, and no heavy lifting. I find that if I am have a contraction I lay on my left side and have a sip of water and go to the loo. Plus if DH is home I get him to rub my back or belly which every I feel needs it at the time. Good luck and listen to your body Chantelle
  • I had an irritable uterus and I carried my baby until 38 weeks. I contracted for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy and went into early labour at 32 weeks but they stopped it. When I was induced I was already 2 cms dilated. I had a great labour and a beautiful baby boy! Good luck!! Kirsty
  • I had an irritable uterus from about 24 weeks was in hospital for 4 days with preterm labour and was given medication to stop contractions and steroid injections for bubs lungs, the contractions stopped and I was on rest for the rest of the pregnancy with contractions coming back every now and then, I went into natural labour at 39 weeks exactly Rebeccaa
  • Yes I had it, no I didn’t carry to term but that wasn’t the cause. I took nifedipine for it. Alex
  • I have an irritable uterus #1 was born at 34 wks #2 was born at 38 weeks after 2 hospital admissions 28 weeks abd 32 weeks, anti labour drugs and steroids #3 was born on due date, no problems with that pregnancy Currently pregnant with #4 was admitted at 29 weeks given anti labour drugs and steriods, currently 30 weeks on bed rest, hoping to carry as close to term as possible Jennifer
  • I had an irritable uterus, I delivered my babies at 34,22,38 weeks. My baby at 38 weeks I went into labor twice and had steroid injections at 30 weeks. Erin
  • I had irritable uterus from about 21 weeks. It was a pain in the rear end but my extremely well exercised uterus performed beautifully in labour at 40+2 and I delivered a healthy baby boy in under 2 hours! I had been showing signs of early labour for 3 weeks prior and was dilating 2 weeks before, but actual labour was ridiculously quick and intense. Another plus, my uterus was contracted completely into my pelvis after 24 hours Carly
  • I’ve had it during all three pregnancies and I carried my first until 40 weeks, second to 37 weeks and I’m currently 37 weeks now with baby #3 Ellie
  • I was told I had an irritable uterus when I was pregnant with my twins. Kept having contractions with them. Started around 19 / 20 weeks and I delivered at 23+6. Robyn
  • Had it with my second child. Started at around 33 weeks, was put in hospital at 34, given steroids and nefidiphine tablets to stop it. Stayed in hospital a week then had from 35-37 weeks basically bed rest at home. Stopped taking nifidiphine tablets at 36+4. Was induced at 37 weeks due to a few other factors! It’s awful Nicole
  • Yes, started at around 20 weeks with twins, delivered at 35w5d due to completely different issue Steph
  • I suffered this my first was born at 34 weeks and second at 37 weeks. Lisa
  • Had it with second from 35wks bub was two weeks early i think it depends on when u develop it and how strong the contractions are and how frequent as allot of strong although irregular contractions can be enough to start labour as contractions are meant to push baby out. And as others have said rest ect Zoe
  • I had IU and made it to 36.4 (started around 31wks) Liz
  • Am currently 34+3 days with this same problem. I went into preterm labour at 32 weeks, steroids & drugs slowed the labour but have pains & Braxton hicks/tightening’s daily! I have a 16 month old and find Every-time I pick him up it all spurs up. Told to be on complete bed rest from the 32 week to 34 week mark as my hospital doesn’t keep premmie babies as they don’t have enough equipment or some sh#t! So was flown to John Hunter and thank god I talks slowed down. Am taking it very easy ATM esp because am still getting them so often. Once I got back home I ended up back at the hospital on CTG again and doctor said I may have this until I deliver now. I also suffer with bad SPD Not nice!! Apart from the pool at the hospital, some Panadol and rest there’s not a lot helping me. Kristy
  • 5 out of 6 babies I carried to term Renee
  • That was me with my second! I practically lived at the hospital, I had ctgs twice a week, ultrasounds once a week and midwife check one a week. Labour was stopped 4 times. I was induced at 38 weeks because bubba stopped growing Katie
  • Irritable uterus pit me in labour at 34 weeks, medication and hospital bedrest got me through to 37 weeks (term for twins yay) Jem
  • Yes and carried til 40+4. mine started around 32 weeks and needed constant rest from 37 weeks Lizz
  • Experienced it for the last week of my pregnancy. Went to term plus 4 days Kelly
  • I suffered irritable uterus at 34 wk 3 days. Spent over 24 hrs in hospital where they managed to stop me going into labour. Took it easy after wards as doing too much would cause it to play up. Delivered at full term. All the best Martin
  • Oooh I feel for you. Had it with my second. Mine started around 36 weeks and delivered at 38. Absolute bed rest and an empty bladder were the only things that eased it for me. Sorry not much help! Domini
  • I had an irritable uterus, went into labour at 22 weeks, but after hospital intervention labour finally stopped. Had to go on bed rest, every time I walked to the front door I would be in labour again! (I was at the hospital daily!) Managed full term with all 5 kids. Only first one was a problem. Natalie
  • I had an irritable uterus and carried til 40+2 Samantha
  • I had it perfect pregnancy otherwise and delivered my baby naturally just under two weeks ago after having to be induced at 40+14! Nikita
  • I had an irritable uterus from about 25 weeks without knowing. Thought it was normal like braxton hicks until 34 weeksand thought I was in labour. Had severe period pain like cramping and could hardly walk. Went to maternity and was having contractions every 5 minutes. I was put on bed rest and delivered at 39w4d. I felt as though I would deliver much earlier but they say it doesn’t really indicate that at all Gaby
  • I had an irritable uterus from about 24ish weeks and carried till 39 weeks. I was in and out of hospital a bit and doctors put me on meds to stop bub coming at about 30ish weeks and I took Them till I was about 37weeks Rhiannon
  • I had the same thing from 23 weeks n got induced at 38 weeks Kirsty
  • i had an irritable uterus with my girl from 23 weeks..managed to carry to 39 weeks. Dayna-Maree

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  1. Erica says:

    I had it with my 2nd from 16 weeks and carried him to 39w5d with a very brief labour (20 minutes) and currently 31weeks pregnant with 3rd baby and have had since 10 weeks. If I hadn’t been told at a check that I was in early labour by the doctor, I had no clue that I was about to deliver until I had the urge to push. Unfortunately mine where not like waves of contractions, just one long contraction that kept me ‘locked up’ from a few minutes to several hours. I best relate it to having an intense muscle cramp like you would get from doing sport and so with this pregnancy am treating it like a muscle/sports injury and managing much better with it, with them being less frequent but still intense and long. I find that lifting items, needing to go to the toilet, staying active, rolling over at night, sitting or standing too long, pushing shopping trolleys, and poor hydration cause them to be more frequent. Best remedies so far is taking electrolytes regularly when I’m having a busy day to minimise the intensity and duration of them, warm/hot shower/baths until it passes, go to the toilet regularly… Don’t hold on, keep your fluids up and rest as much as possible. Interestingly my sister had it too with her 2nd and 3rd children, going into preterm labour at 31 and 33 weeks, which they succeeded in stopping and able to get to deliver at 37 weeks and 40 weeks.