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Help to stop bub using Mum as a dummy

stop baby using mum as a dummyHow do other mums settle their bubs who wont take a dummy? My first child took the dummy. My 6wk old wont take it and she is using me as a dummy. Problem is that my older child needs my attention also because she is always feeding she is massive (well over the 99th percentile and in size 00 at just 6wks old)

  • You are doing what is biologically normal, she needs you and you are meeting her needs. Don’t mistake that her weight gain is because she is always on you, she’s more than likely comfort sucking which is equally important as the milk itself. This ‘witching hour’ as they call it doesn’t last forever and it’s important in setting up your milk supply. You’re doing great. I didn’t introduce a dummy to my son which I’m thankful for. Right now your giving attention to the child that needs your attention the most..your first had you all to themselves, now it’s time to give your must vulnerable one the comfort they need Elana
  • You can’t overfeed a breastfed baby. Ruby
  • Try babywearing so you can feed on the go baby is being completely normal http://sarahockwell-smith.com/2012/11/04/the-fourth-trimester-aka-why-your-newborn-baby-is-only-happy-in-your-arms/?hc_location=ufi Kimmy
  • Baby wear and feed her to her satisfaction Sarah
  • Get a baby carrier and chuck the bubba in their. Saves me so much and I get so much more done. My oldest gets my attention, the washing gets done, uni gets done, I can eat and drink, the biggest plus I’m hands free. Paige
  • Dont mix feed she is gaining heaps of weight my first son was/is a big boy and he drank and drank I had heaps of milk but I find every now and then id just have to relax and just sit till he emptied each side to really big on next feed. Relax is the biggest thing. I also found that son started solids sooner then my 2nd son. If you’re not sure book in to see a breast feeding consultant its free and they are great you sit with them for a day or half day how ever long you need to. They will also tell you if you might just need to top up if that is what you need to do. Good luck enjoy, it makes me so clucky reading these kind of questions. Alicia
  • I was having the same problem. He also wouldn’t take a bottle either. But he’s now 3.5mths and I managed to settle him patting on the back. This is BIG for him. Terri
  • dummies are used in place of you not the other way around Can you try baby wearing? Feeding in a carrier is quickly learned (Milk Meg has a video tutorial) and might help you meet bub’s feeding needs while being mobile for your other child? Lots of empathy for your exhaustion I hope this helps. Ange
  • My son from the beginning would only take an orthodontic pacifier (my mum brought 6 different types of dummies to try with him, he would spit everything else out), i was having the same thing with him. It’s a miommee. He’s in the 98th percentile at 5.5 months. Wears a 1 lol. Emma
  • Try jollypops/gumdrop pacifiers. They are shaped more like a nipple. Rhiannon
  • Just have the older child with you when feeding baby, then you can talk to the child, maybe read a book Janice
  • I have a 6mo and a 2yo. When he was little I would wear him and he would feed in the ergo and sleep longer whilst being worn and I had both hands free for the toddler. Emma
  • I had the same problem, my lg never took a dummy, i tried several different ones but she really didn’t want one. Someone suggested getting one of those snuggle blankets with the soft toy in the corner, she loved it she was prob a lil older though. She did how ever still wake several times throughout the night until about 9 months when i switched her to cows milk. Stacie
  • Baby wearing. Have you tired different types of dummies? My son wouldn’t take a dummy at first but we tried several different styles until we found one he liked. Hollie
  • Try gumdrop dummies. Baby bunting has them Teagan
  • Used the love to dream swaddle so my dd eventually pacified herself by sucking her hand through the wings. Also my husband helped break the cycle of constant feeding. He didn’t have the goods Good luck. Trudie
  • The only dummy my DD would take (at 6 weeks) is the cheap ‘cherry type’ one from the chemist. I would tap on the flat bit and the vibration would help settle her and she would take the dummy. Holly
  • Have you tried getting your husband/partner to give the dummy? Initially my 6 week old would refuse it from me because he knew he could have breast to chew on but if my husband had him he would reluctantly take the dummy because there was no other option! Kelsi
  • I had/have same problem but shes my first child so i just let her use me as a dummy! When i have tried giving the dummy she will only suck on the very tip and sort of plays with it, she doesnt have the concept of the suction and shes 4 months now and still does that! Dee

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