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Hospital Bag for a C-Section

hospital-bagJust wondering what people have found essential to pack in their hospital bags for a c section? What little things have you found that makes you most comfortable, heals quicker after the birth?

  • For my c-section I packed lotsĀ of pads not only for the obvious reason…but I found sticking one to the front of my pants so the pad bit was pressing against the cut was very comfortable and stopped the top of my pants or knickers from rubbing against the cut Kellie
  • Big grandma undies where the waistband is high. Kristy
  • High waisted underwear and high waisted stretchy maternity pants. This made things more comfortable after c section. Also pack Kleenex flushable wet wipes to use for the bathroom at the hospital. Shelly
  • Big granny nickers! You don’t want your undies near your scar. Chan
  • Tongs!! For when you drop something on the floor! Alex
  • Big high-waisted granny undies; loose flowy dresses (nothing that presses on your stomach); tubigrip around your stomach great to feel secure and encourage your muscles to know each other again – physios will have the tubigrip of the right circumference. Emma
  • Recoveryshorts.com Best thing after a c section and helped heal quickly. My obstetrician also gave me a tape to promote healing which was great too. Sarah
  • Maternity pads, comfy pants/ maternity pants with drawstring, loose undies, really lovely smelling shampoo/ conditioner/ bodywash for your first shower. Slip on slippers with no back (not thongs as you will have compression stockings on for a while). Kylie
  • Lip balm, Nanna undies, maternity pads without wings Annalisa
  • Granny knickers!! Full brief ones. They go over ur cut. I swear by them Whitney
  • High waisted underwear and a nightie that way you don’t have to pull down pj pants. Extra pillows to position around you. Teneale
  • High waist cotton knickers, normal knickers will rub ur wound, backless slippers, pj bottoms with the drawstring Courtney
  • Oh and elastic topped pants. Pj bottoms are good. Amy
  • get up and get moving as soon as you can whilst it hurts it does wonders with recovery Lorraine
  • Granny undies and thin pads without wings to place over your cut. Slip on slippers, your own pillow from home! I forgot my pillow and the hossie ones are so bad lol Kristy
  • Plenty of maternity pads. A lovely smelling body wash. Next time I’ll be taking a back scratcher – I was so itchy & hot and I couldn’t reach my back and it was an awful feeling! Angie
  • A lovely husband partner or friend to help you get in the shower and pick up bubs etc for the first couple of days at least! Definitely high waisted undies a size bigger than usual so they don’t rub the cut. My best tip is get hospital physio to show you best way to get in and our of bed without putting pressure on your wound. Nobody told me until a couple of days later – could have saved me some hassle Daile
  • I just had a c section 7 weeks ago and what I found I needed after was loose fitting clothing. Also bring some of your own underwear because hospital underwear just do not hold pads in! For a going home outfit wear your big maternity pants because you don’t want anything tight on the incision. Congrats!!!! Jessica
  • bring ur own pillow from and and a couple of pillow cases. Been a dream for me sleepn. Extra pillow cases cuz I been sweatn. But having something from home to sleep on is great Zina
  • A belly bandit or similar. Chemists sell csection scar recovery kits also which seem to be very good. Carolyn
  • Definitely someone to stay with you to help with bubs as you can’t do much the first day or two. My tips are get the midwife to show u good feeding positions like football hold that won’t hurt your scar and make sure u carefully dry it after a shower to avoid infection. Hayley
  • Old loose undies or granny undies so they sit above the cut line. When setting your room up unpack everything and put as much as you can at standing height. Your own pillow. Either no shoes or slip ons. Think that’s about it. Had my last csection last Wednesday. Amy
  • And make sure the high-waisted undies aren’t tight because your tummy is swollen for a few days. I ended up with a lacy patterned bruise on my tummy LOL Tina
  • Everything already mentioned plus some dried fruit/prunes. Helps get things moving. I also wore comfy voga style pants. They helped keep the dressing in place Renee
  • Definitely comfy undies in one size bigger than normal, and clothes that wit be too tight on your wound. Also your own pillow, and a no spill water bottle that can be used one handed – I found this so useful! Tania
  • Most things have been mentioned already but I also took snacks! U can get out if bed for the first day due to epidural and catheter but I got really hungry with breast feeding so found it good having some bickies and chocolates next to my bed Ash
  • Big undies! And big, comfie pyjamas. Good luck! Kristy
  • Your own pillow Bec
  • I found using a Himalayan salt bar healed my scar from my C-Section so well! TallaraJane
  • Comfortable underwear!! Take a few different types because I ended up cutting the tops on the 2 different types I had brought. Also a soft loofer for when your able too shower & maybe a nice pillow from home so you can be more comfortable when feeding. Chloe
  • Big undies nothing that sits on the c section line same as clothing loose easy to put on or off…lol I just read the comments and everyone else said same… Danielle
  • There’s a thing called tubigrip which some hospitals have. It’s like a big version of a pressure bandage and helps to hold everything in. It’s fantastic because when you move around it helps you to stop pulling or jarring the scar. Jessica
  • High granny knickers. Loose clothing. Own pillow. Rachelle
  • Get compression tube in hospital, and then SRC recovery shorts after a week or so. Expensive but so worth it. Or get some control underwear that goes up to your belly button. Kylie
  • i found it nice to have a compact mirror and facial cleansing wipes so that I could make myself feel semi human again while stuck in bed. Be careful with overly fragrant body washes etc as the strong smell can make it harder to get breastfeeding established. 5. I swear by BabyBliss by Jo Ryan. Baby Love is a good general baby care book too, and check out The Wonder Weeks. There is an app that you can download that goes through the developmental ‘leaps’ and resultant fussy times and makes it easier to understand why bub is doing things at certain times. Shannon
  • I’m currently in hospital – I had my baby yesterday via caesarean. Wear a size bigger in high waisted undies as you’ll notice that the band pushes on your tummy which hurts! You won’t get a shower until 24 hours after so bring some baby wipes to freshen up because you’ll feel really yucky. If you plan on breastfeeding bub, bring lots of nipple cream. Those bad boys will hurt after the first couple of feeds. Alyssa
  • maternity pads, disposable underwear or cheap underwear that is high wasted or quite low (basically underwear that wont dig into your scar) dry shampoo, and loose fitted clothes. Lip gloss (my lips got so dry) Ashana
  • Big comfy undies! Pants with a loose waist, and baggy tops. Cobie
  • your own pillow Elishia
  • Ask hospital physio for a tummy band before you go home! Also, get your GP to prescribe you kenacomb cream to use as soon as the wound has closed. Don’t use pads tucked into your undies like they tell you- take your own extra dressings! Samantha
  • I have heard that extremely oversized undies help as they will come up high and the elastic will sit high up away from the incision. Nikki
  • Take a cpl comfy pillows and just wear a night gown no pants i was up and walking day 2 with no pain every one is different good luck xx Rini
  • As unappealing as this sounds,big granny panties that cover your scar (cotton), loose,comfy clothes that are easy to get on and take off.Don’t use harsh chemical body washes for showering. Raelene
  • Your own pillow. I’ve had 2 c sections (second only 3 1/2 weeks ago, neither by my choice) and honestly the recovery isn’t that bad. I had my last one at 6.01 pm and I was up and in the shower the next morning. Getting in and out of bed is painfull for awhile after but I’m back to pretty much doing what I was before (except for heavy lifting) Kat

What did you pack in your hospital bag for a c section?

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