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Hot Weather Meals

Ok another 40 degree day here and for at least another 3 days to come. What are your favourite recipes for dinner on hot days? I need ideas.

  • BBQ . Erin
  • Salads and fruit platters, healthy and cooling! Nicole
  • I’m making chicken satay and honey soy kebabs with a salad and rice a RICO. Silla
  • Tuna salad and fresh crusty Vienna bread! Mary
  • Fresh cold salads and seafood. Eisha-Marie
  • Salads and cold meat washed down with a cold beer. Stace
  • Crumbed steak/chicken with a lettuce and a cold potato salad. Aimee
  • San Choy Bow in a lettuce cup! So good!!! Laura
  • Veggie sticks with dip and cold meats is a favourite summer dinner in our house. The kids scoff their veggies down when we have this for dinner!! Michelle
  • Cold meats and salad. Especially left over Christmas ham. Kirsty
  • Magnum ice creams just joking, yeah salads & cold meats. Caroline
  • Take away…pizza! Melinda
  • Snack plate of fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers… Glass of wine doesn’t go astray either. Kelly
  • Asian chicken salad Nom Nom. Candice
  • Wombok salad with left over ham. Odette
  • Fish & chips at the beach! Jenny-Louise
  • Rice paper rolls with salads, prawns, mango and BBQ chicken! It’s a make it yourself dinner! Erin
  • Chicken Caesar salad! Kat
  • Kids usually want hotdogs, Usually any salads, BBQ or Risotto here. Petrina
  • Homemade pizza and left to go cold or made with fresh cold toppings. Marcia
  • Chicken tacos. We just use a soft taco kit with chicken instead of mince. Lots of salad veggies and kids love to stack them. Samantha
  • Changs crispy noodle salad. For those that don’t know about it have a look at the recipe on the back of changs crispy noodles from shops. It’s the best! Kirsty
  • Cold meats with spinach, pumpkin, and pine nut salad. Nicole
  • tacos, wraps, any chicken salads. Ashlee
  • We’re having a BBQ . Rita
  • Salad Dish…First cut up white potatoes into cubes & boil until almost cooked, drain & put in fridge to cool. Then hard boil some eggs & cool. Then Cut up Tomatoes, Cucumber, 1small white onion, place all into a bowl, (cut up eggs however u like.). Dressing- in a shaker place 1/2 cup each of vinegar, milk, cream & sugar, a pinch of mustard, & s/p, shake till sugar is dissolved. Pour over salad when ready to eat. Tuna is really yummy added to it to. Also nice served with cold chicken. Best summer food! Rachael

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