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How do you keep your kids cool overnight?

Keep kids cool at nightHow do you keep the kids cool overnight? How many of you have a fan in your kids rooms? I don’t like sleeping with the air-con on but am so paranoid about DD touching the fan & sticking her finger in it I can’t bring myself to leaving one in her room, am thinking of a blade free fan, thoughts?

  • A friend of mine always had her air con on/ ducted heating on and she said don’t ever leave it on during the night cos its stuffed up their sinuses.. (sorry spelling). I have a fan that’s long and if their fingers go in it won’t be damaged. I’d really like the Dyson no blade fan.   Natalie
  • We had ceiling fans installed. Best decision ever.   Tanya
  • My child’s dad screwed a fan upside down from the roof.   Joanne
  • I have a fan in Miss 2s room but she won’t let me turn it on! I don’t have aircon in the bedrooms so can’t use that, and I absolutely hate having windows open at night, so that’s not an option either…it doesn’t seem to bother her…yet! But I have trouble sleeping in the heat, and I feel bad sleeping with my fan on and still being hot, knowing she doesn’t even have a fan.. I’m not sure what else I can do?   Tiana
  • I use a fan, never used the Ac because of the price. I grew up with a fan and a wet towel, nothing more. Best cooler you can get.   Casey
  • We sleep with the ducted air con on.   Melanie
  • We have ceiling fans in bedrooms.   Casey
  • I use a desktop fan; it’s quite large for a desktop fan. I put it up on the change table so little fingers can’t reach.   Katie
  • My mum use to let us sleep with wet face washer.   Samantha
  • Air con… She sleeps soooo well since we started using it.   Hannah
  • Have a small Air con in.   Tahnee
  • We have a cheap $10 box fan from kmart that sits on top of the TV cabinet that I converted into my daughter’s wardrobe. So it’s up high enough that she can’t reach it so far. By the time she can reach it, she will be old enough not to bother about it lol.   Rebecca
  • It’s too hot here not to have air con on, my kids rooms are set at 25 degrees 24/7. My 2yo sleeps in a nappy and singlet (he’s a sweater lol) and my 7mo sleeps in summer pjs and a thin sleeping bag.   Stacey
  • If you own your house, I would get ceiling fans put in. I can’t sleep with air con on, I seem to always wake up sick. When it’s hot we leave the windows open and ceiling fans blaring.   Amy
  • You could just cover the fan with something like mosquito netting? (Add elastic to make it like a giant shower cap, and then put it over the face of the fan). Won’t fit her fingers in then, but will still allow air out.   Sarah
  • Just installed ceiling fans, they are great!   Anna
  • My fans stay on all night, I just have my 17mth old in a short sleeve bodysuit and light onesie with fan on low. My 5 yo loves his fan but he generally keeps his blankets on.   Carissa
  • I use a dyson blade free fan and it is fantastic.   Kristy
  • We have a tower fan from target in bubs rm. Gives a lovely breeze, reads the temp n no blades to touch as there are panels on it. Wasn’t very expensive either.   Andrea
  • My youngest would but he’s in a cot and my 2.5 year old knows not to.   Jennifer
  • Goodness sake. How old is she? My nearly 3 yo knows the fan is for feeling cool and doesn’t touch it. Just train her. Then u only have to spend $30 not $300 on a fan!   Danielle
  • What about a muslin wrap around just the guard so its not a hazard for fire and little fingers cant get through. I used to wet one wring it out and drape it over the fan when I had no ac.   Kassie
  • We have a fan but it is just slates not blades, and I love it.   Danielle 
  • We have a reverse cycle aircon in bubs room and can set it on a timer to turn off or leave it all night and pick the room temp we want.   Amanda
  • I have a fan in my daughter’s room, since she was quite young as well, she’s never touched it while on cos I just told her not too.   Erin
  • My son has a fan in his room but we turn it off when we go to bed normally but otherwise we leave the window open about 10 cms.   Julie
  • I’ve always had fans in my kid’s rooms and haven’t had an issue with fingers in the fan. Unfortunately I cannot remember how I taught them that it would be painful but yeh. Currently have ceiling fans and cannot use then due to bunks, but use ceiling in bubby’s room.   Zoe
  • We have remote controlled ceiling fans! And looking into a portable aircon for when it gets really hot – I know may be over board but aircon would be for the arvo naps mainly, my son only sleeps in his cot. Unless exhausted then he’ll sleep anywhere.   Fiona
  • Leave air con on low makes better for child to sleep.   Karen
  • Fans should have Guards over the blades.   Anne
  • I have a Dyson heat and cool fan. It’s awesome and it’s in Ds’s room. I bought it before he came along but when he did I naturally thought it was great for him. A heater in winter and fan in summer it doesn’t get hot to touch and no sore little fingers from blades, best invention, only thing better would be a ceiling fan (can’t touch switch or cords).   Joanne
  • My girls have roller shutters so I leave the closed with the vents open and the window open. If its a really hot night we leave air con on.   Danielle
  • The Dyson blade free ones are good. I don’t have one but have played with them before. We sleep with out front door open and screen door locked.   Kate
  • We use a cheap evaporative cooler we got from crazies lovely breeze and I can’t reach the blades so dd has no hope. I just put it on as a fan with no water.   Selina
  • If it’s still quite warm outside at bedtime we leave air con in low..If it’s. Cooled down outside we open all the windows.   Racheal
  • My 2.5 year old has a fan in her room, I have it as high as I can on a shelf but still reach her in bed- she can reach the buttons but not the fan its self. ive hardly had a problem but she also isn’t one for playing or being on her own much.   Carissa
  • We have a Dyson for baby room. No blades. It’s great.   Emma
  • Swampy aircon on bubs in long sleeve top & sleeping bag. Just put thin blanket over her coz it was getting cool in her room 21 degrees. 45 degrees here during day. Soon the portable refrigerator one will come out once we get 40 plus each day coz swampy aircon doesn’t cope in the desert. Kat
  • Boxer shorts or undies and a singlet. Windows open. If it is really hot in summer I put a mattress down in the back room that has 2 big windows and 2 sliding doors. Then we all sleep in there together. We have air con that I have never turned on. Ceiling fans that I never think to turn on and don’t think I would want to as why spend the extra money on electricity when it will just make you sick. Kristy
  • Ceiling fan on the really hot nights. My kids kick the blankets off anyways so they stay pretty cool without the fan so far really hot days I have the aircon on until I go to bed so that gets into the kids rooms as well and cools the whole house down except my room.   Holly
  • If you have a tall boy get a desk type fan so it’s nice and high.   Hannah
  • My little man sleeps best in this hot weather but we have a one of those portable aircons that you fill up with water and ice (I think it’s from aldi) the worse little can do is press a button. Has a timer on it to. And it’s mainly in our room.  Kara
  • I take it there is no ceiling fan. What about one of those isolating fans you screw on the wall that’s what we have in my sons room.   Juliane
  • We have ceiling fans but theyget turned off after they fall asleep. Bit of warm weather never harmed anyone.    Hannah
  • On the nights when the sea breeze doesn’t come in to cool the house down, I have an Altise tower fan for bubs room. It has a remote that I use from the doorway so I don’t have to walk across the room, it has a large digital display so I can see the room temp and the settings and it has a timer! Love it that much that I’m considering spending the money and buying another 1 or 2. It’s not too hot here overnight yet so it’s in the lounge room and when paired with our DeLonghi portable aircon, the lounge stays nice and cool.   Gemma
  • 9mth old – thin long jammies (2-4am usually gets a little chilly) – ceiling fan. And when it gets hotter it’ll probably be a nappy or a nappy & singlet… We quite often sleep with the aircon on – not all the time but on the hotter nights when bub wakes a lot due to being hot, and I can’t sleep – aircon goes straight on…. Our aircon is situated in the dining room – takes about half hour to push down to the bedrooms, maybe 10mins if I put it on another setting – pushes twice as much air put to cool down faster and then automatically goes back to normal after 20minutes.   Sheena
  • Depending on how good the fly screens are, opening a window can help. A mozzie net over the bed and sleeping in undies/nappies could work too. You can get mozzie nets on ebay for about $2.   Allie
  • Wall mounted fan so it is up out of reach, can get ones with remotes so they do not have the cords hanging down.   Takkita
  • My munchkins have a ceiling fan, its critical to keep my daughter’s body temp down coz if we don’t she bleeds nasally and orally.   Krystal
  • Put the air -con on fan mode.   Jessica
  • We have ceiling fans. But if you have the other ones I would get one that will sit on the dresser out of reach of little fingers. I think they make the grills on the fans smaller now.   Leigh
  • We got a fan from buntings that they can’t get to any of the blades with its great was $70 though.   Lani
  • We use our evap cooler with no water just fan perfect for the warm nights when it begins to get warmer we use the water kids love it and so do i, there cheaper to run than reverse cycles.   Melissa
  • The Dyson air blade is pretty cool.   Kerrie
  • Dyson have a blade free fan.   Rachael
  • My 3yo has a box fan in his room… He’s fine with it. Doesn’t put his fingers in. It was there last summer as well.   Alison
  • We use an altrise fan (no blades) and can be a heater too…   Jemima
  • We have a tower fan that has a sleep setting.  Rachel
  • I have a small fan in my son’s room which is way up high where he can reach. Its pointed down towards the bd, but not directly at him. But I do like the idea of the blade free.   Sally
  • If it’s really hot during the night I keep the aircon on. We have a split system and I love it. Most of them come with timers so you can set it to turn off in the middle of the night then come back on in the morning. I don’t allow fans to be run all night because of the power cost and I am scared of them catching fire. I think ceiling fans are awesome, I would love to get them in every room just to use for the night time. We sleep in as little as possible when it is very hot. Singlet and undies with a light blanket.   Kristy
  • We have ceiling fans on all night and if too hot still there is always the aircon in our room.   Lauren
  • We have ceiling fans in our new house thankfully. But prior to that, I just put an ordinary fan on her tall boy which is fairly tall.   Kylie
  • Aircon it reaches between 39-50 deg it’s just too stuffy otherwise and we jave a grabby flat window side of the bedrooms so no breeze sucks. My toddlers are either in shirts and nappies or jist singlets deoending on temp and set t0 25deg and my 4 month old in a ling suit tucked in his cot (in my room) our lounge is always set to 25 otherwise they get sick if its too cold.   Krissy
  • Ceiling fans and/or air con. Gets pretty hot here in Brissy tho. Portable air cons are good but only last about 2 years. We were sick of having ours repaired so had air con put in.   Liza
  • Wouldn’t do without ceiling fans.   Kirsty
  • Aircons been pumping for 5 hours here to cook the house down, 2yo dd is in bed with a night and a thin blanket and her window open.For hotter nights I have a portable air on as well which will go in my room and she can either bunk in with me (her preferred option) or tough it out in her room. About to turn the air on off and head to bed and its 23.5 degrees in here which isn’t bad.   Kate
  • Before we had air con we had the Dyson blade less fan in one kids room and my babies room had a normal fan as she couldn’t touch it.    Rebecca
  • I usually put a fan on in my girls room. But normally try to turn it off before i go to bed. Mainly because my youngest is 10mnths and tends to kick blankets off so if i leave the fan going even if it’s not pointing at her she wakes up all snotty the next day. So if it’s really hot I just dress them in summer jammies, just keep a light blanket on them and have the fan on initially.   Sammy
  • Ceiling fan.   Kellie
  • We have wall mounted fans – currently $34 each at Harvey Norman and they have a remote. We don’t have aircon and the fans seem to be doing a great job!   Ky
  • Ceiling fan and ac on the really hot nights. Ac usually for arvo nap, but I’m north qld so quite warm here.   Lara
  • I’ve got a pedestal fan and have no problems with my 22 month old he tends to press the buttons when he’s awake other wise.    Hannah

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