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Tips for keeping the kids cool through summer

keep kids cool in summerWhat’s your #1 tip for keeping the kids cool throughout Summer?

  • Back when my toddler was a baby and we didn’t have air con I would wet a muslin wrap, clip it onto the side of the cot and let the fan blow through it to keep him cool when he was asleep.   Blaire
  • Have a couple of quick showers during the day.. To bring body temp down and keep fluids (water) up. close the windows by about 6am and the curtains (to keep heat out and open them again once the air changes (about 6 or 7pm – open windows and doors and let the hot air out and the cool air in).   Larina
  • I’m in kalgoorlie so our summers are always up in the 40s. I’ve got 11 month old twins. We have aircon, lots of dark curtains and a pool!!!   Tish
  • We live in the NT so its HOT pretty much all year round. Aside from air con lol lots of bare bum water play, paddling pool, sprinklers and fruit juice icy poles.   Renee
  • Backyard…sprinkler…hills hoist clothes line.   Kat
  • Air con!   Samantha
  • If wearing a legionaires style hat you can place a damp facewasher underneath the base of head and neck and it will stay in place.   Natalie
  • Icy poles pool at home inside on the tiles lol and letting her be naked haha.   Chloe
  • I have just swapped my lounge room and Dining room over!! My lounge room is massive (about 3 times the average size) and dining room is average size. The larger room gets all the sun and is so hot and my portable AC didn’t make a dent even today! So I swapped the rooms over and now my lounge is in the smaller room and is staying a cooler 25 degrees!! Why I didn’t do this last summer is beyond me!! Lol   Becci
  • All year round my boy lives in a nappy and singlet.   Jayde
  • I leave my bath half full of water so if they get hot they can just chill out in there for a bit.   Nicolette
  • Naked with a bucket of water in the back yard in the shade… Nothing quite like it AND it makes for a pretty cute photo too.   Jacinta
  • Uniform off as soon as they’re home. Run around in their undies unless outside with their friends they constantly have a bottle/cup of water with them and every now and then when it’s really hot before they take their uniforms off, we get the hose and attack them or run out in the rain. Little man lives in just his nappy and a cold wet face washer with him which he sucks on.   Zoe
  • My baby is 4 months old. I pretty much strip her down to nappy sometimes right off & play in a paddling pool with her, have the aircon on & teething rings in the fridge.   Meghan
  • It’s been hot and cool on & off here for a while. (sw nsw) Its a stinker today!   Allana
  • Homemade fruit n custard ice blocks with a nice cool bath/swim. No nappy, no shirt playtime. I’ve found that those foam mats are good for young kids to play on as they tend not to get hot.   Justine
  • Homemade pureed fruit iceblocks.    Alicia
  • Letting my kids run around in a nappy at home. And if we go out just light clothes.   Holly-Maree
  • Stay inside with blinds closed on the side of house where sun is. Cool baths lots of water to drink and open up the house when it cools down in evening. For babies I wet a Muslin wrap or sheet, hang it on a clothes airer between bub and a fan (fan blows through damp sheet and blows the cool air to baby).   Bek
  • We have a pirate ship water table for the kids to splash about with toys. They love it!   Anthea
  • Close the curtains turn off the lights fan and wet face washers. Chilled activities like drawing and board games that dont require too much moving around.   Ruth
  • I’m in vic too and it’s hot today! We are staying inside and heading to a river with picnic dinner after school/work this arvo!   Daria
  • My kids 3,5&7 love water fights, and playing on their slip n slide and paddle pool and water table. We havent got an aircon so keep the house shut anc curtains drawn and our house stays fairly cool and they sit in front of a fan with a spray bottle and have a fan in their rooms at night.   Daria
  • A blow up pool or a cold face washer on there face.   Liv
  • Small pool for xmas.   Jess
  • Air con!  Stacey
  • Also letting them play in water.   Holly-Maree
  • We play under the hose or just full up a bucket for my son.   Hannah

 What are your best tips to keep kids cool in summer?


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