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Hyperthyroidism and breastfeeding

hyperthyroidism and breastfeedingI have just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I had this at the beginning of my pregnancy and was so ill I spent almost 3 months in bed. My LO is not 7 months old, the symptoms are nowhere near as bad. I have to be medicated though and stop breastfeeding which I’m very upset about. Has this happened to anyone else? What were your experiences?

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** Note there are a lot of references here to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which is hypothyroidism and has different treatments.

  • I was diagnosed with the same thing during my first pregnancy, I was put on thyroxine which is safe while breastfeeding aswell. I was able to completely come off my med when my son was about 16months old due to a change in my diet. Google diet changes with hyperthyroidism I found so much info on what I could an couldnt eat an it definitely helped. NaSharna
  • I have hashimoto’s and was also diagnosed in pregnancy. I take Thyroxine but have been able to continue to breastfeed. Perhaps speak with another Dr about the medication side of things if you want to continue breastfeeding. It’s a hard thing to deal with when you have a bub so I feel your pain. Renee
  • I also have a 7 month old and have just in the last month been diagnosed with Hashimotos. Also combined with returning to full time work it’s been a rough trot indeed. Gab
  • I haven’t had any experience with this, but please contact Rodney Whyte at Monash. He is the best and most knowledgeable person regarding drugs in pregnancy and breastfeeding. You may not have to stop breastfeeding (if you don’t want to). Bianca
  • I had this with my bub. She is now 12 months old and it is normalising. See your GP and ask to see an endocrinologist Penny
  • I have Hashimoto’s, take thyroxine every day and breast feed. I’m sure an endocrinologist can get you on the right path of meds whilst breast feeding. Don’t give up! Caroline
  • I have hyperthyroidism and I successfully breastfed my first for 18 months and now have a new born that is now breast fed. You can still feed but you need to have your thyroxine levels checked regularly and be on a higher dose that if you are not feeding. I also noticed side effects from euthroxig but fine with oroxine. You could also see a naturopath about “whole ” pig thyroxine instead of artificial Grace
  • I’ve had Hashimoto’s for years and have been on thyroxine for at least 6 years. I now have a 3 yo and a 11 month old that I breastfed without any issue. Whilst I was pregnant/breastfeeding I was referred to an endocrinologist who monitored me closely through blood tests every 6 weeks and adjusted my medication accordingly. Karen
  • I have hyperthyroidism and am taking medication that is safe for Breast feeding . I had hypothyroidism through my whole pregnancy and was taking medication for that also . My endocrinologist said there is medication for both hyper and hypothyroidism that is safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I would get a second opinion before you stop breastfeeding. Message me if you want the name of my medication etc . Celeste
  • Hyperthyroidism and Hashimotos runs in my family. Look up the hyperthyroid mums facebook page lots of support there. And ask for a referral to an endocrinologist, so many GPs don’t really have a good understanding of thyroid issues and getting it managed properly is key to feeling good. I agree with Renee speak to doc about still wishing to breastfeed I’m sure there are medication options that allow for this. Kira
  • Yep i developed thyroiditis after having my son and i had to give up breastfeeding too. It does get alot better as my son is now 3 and i have a 15month old daughter too so keep on your medication and it will improve. Lascinda
  • I had graves disease whn diagnosed 10 yrs ago. After battling it for 4 yrs (on meds) my specialist advised me to go for radioactive iodine treatment. After that Im on thyroxine and have since had 2 kids. Speak to your GP or specialist for an alternative meds which is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Happy for u to PM me if you require more info. Good luck ! Viviene
  • I have Hypothyroidism, and take thyroxine but I can breastfeed too. I agree with other comments, go see an Endochronologist as hormones are a complex area and not all GPs know the ins and outs. There MUST be a way you can breastfeed your bub. Keep going, mama Louise

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