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{INSPIRATION} Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts



For lots more inspiration, make sure you check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest board.


Gifts that celebrate the Family

Family is one of the greatest gifts of motherhood, and something that mums pour their love and time into every day. I love the idea of this Monogram Collage – it’s so simple but would look great hanging on the wall or standing on the hall table. And it’s far more interesting than traditional picture frames.

Monogram collage

Image source: BHG


Gifts to remind Mum how loved she is

Yes, I know mum knows that she is loved, but sometimes we don’t tell her enough (or at all). Even if you tell her every day, can you ever tell her too much? Versions of the I Love You This Much card have been around for a while, but I think it is such a great idea. You can just make the accordion card like in this version, or you could make a hug to send to Grandma by post – just make the paper (or string) connecting the hands the length of your child’s arms.

These cards are so simple but so effective! Use them as the front of a Mother’s Day card, or as a keepsake. For something really special, paste it in a book and add to it each year.


Gifts to add to each year

Collections that are grown year by year can have enormous sentimental value, especially when made up by keepsakes made by our children. These canvas artworks look great on their own or in a collection, and I love how their cute little feet, as well as being perfect for budding artists.

Gifts that Mum can use

Why not make Mum something that reminds her of the kids every time she uses it? This flower pot will make any table or display look bright and cheerful.

Flower pot

Image source: Fun a Day


Something from Dad

Mums don’t just look after the kids – they do heaps for Dad too! The gift of time is worth so much and coupons like these are a simple way to help Mum take a much needed break (not quite homemade, but still a great idea!).

Mother's Day Coupons

Image source: Classroom Freebies

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous mums in our BHT Community – we hope your families shower you with love and attention on your special day!



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