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Managing your Children’s Artworks

Expert tips by Helen from Clutter Rescue

My son thinks every piece of art he creates is a masterpiece!  Some of them are gorgeous and are definite keepers, but others … well, there’s only so many pasta necklaces one woman can wear!

I know how difficult it is to keep children’s artwork in check.  Some of this comes about because of the pressure your children put on you; but you also know that some of it is because of the pressure you put on yourself.

storing kids artworkSo what’s a parent to do?

1. Set boundaries for collecting kid’s artwork

Our shelves, bedrooms and homes are only so big!  If you keep every piece of artwork from your child’s entire schooling you will have a lot of paper taking over your home.

2. Have a collection system for when the masterpieces come home

In my house the artwork goes on the dining table – and a decision is made fairly quickly around what to do with it next.

3. Create a holding pen for your kid’s artwork

There are essentially two different holding pens in our home – one is a wall or shelf where the artwork is displayed; the other is a storage box that holds the pieces you want to keep.

4. Have a time and space limit on your artwork displays

If you are displaying art on a wall have a certain length of time it is displayed for as well as the area the artwork takes up.  Once the amount of space has been taken up, that’s it!  Rotate the artwork through so that one masterpiece comes down when another is put up.

5. Have a time limit on your other holding pen – the storage box

In my house we have an underbed tub which holds all of the art work we want to keep.  This isn’t a large tub but it is all we have.  I collect the artwork for one year – that’s it!

6. Have an exit strategy for the masterpieces

This is the hardest step of all – because you or your child may be really attached to the work.  I’m not saying throw it all out though!  I’m saying have a way to control it.  You might decide to take photos of each piece and turn it into a photo book; you might frame or block mount ones you love.  Either way some of the masterpieces have to go to make room for new ones.

For the artwork you choose to keep, ensure you label each with a date and child’s name.

I know that many of you will get stuck on number six and that’s OK.  You love your children and the artwork they create – I know I certainly do!  Just set some boundaries around the amount of masterpieces you keep and display the ones you love – and your house will look gorgeous!

Helen Butler is an AAPO Accredited Expert Professional Organiser and Chief Blogger on the Clutter Rescue Organising Blog. For more information visit the Clutter Rescue Website and organising blog. Find her on facebook, twitter and google+ .


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