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Only feeding from one breast per feed

Does anyone have experiences only feeding from one breast per feed? My 5mth old only has 1 boob per feed (every 2 hours) and she’s been like that since about 12 weeks. At around 12 weeks she would take the 2nd side after being burped from first side and would spew it all back. She’s just content on 1 per feed

  • I only ever fed one breast per feed for the same reason if I did both my son would always vomit Amy
  • Both my boys have pretty much always been happy with one side. My first i fed till 18months and at the end was only feeding on the right side as he preferred it to the left. No problems:) Lauren
  • I’ve only fed off one boob per feed as this allows the Breast to be emptied properly. As for the vomiting my LC told me to sit her up for 20 minutes after feeding as this helps to reduce the likelihood. Tamsyn
  • I have been feeding one side per feed since 2 weeks! Baby happy and refuses anymore! Ellen
  • I only feed from my right side Rachel
  • I have only ever fed my nearly 8 month old from one side per feed. Karina
  • My first daughter was exactly the same. I would feed her from one and and if i burped her and got her to feed from the other side she would vomit. So i just would feed her from one side. Penny
  • My 2 month old only feeds from one breast each feed. Sometimes he’ll only feed for a few minute, rest, burp amd then go back to same breast after a 10 min break. He’s doing well amd gaining weight – 6 wks weighed 5.5 kgs. Nikki
  • 2 of my kids had the one boob per feed with the occasional second boob.. The other kid I had to change boobs cause he would feed for 1.5-2 hour per feed lol Kirraleigh
  • My LO is 8 months old and has only ever fed from one side during a feed, except for during growth spurts when she will take both breasts. And we saw a lactation consultant who said it was fine if they are gaining weight. Kathryn
  • I did this with my second baby for the same reason – I found when I forced him to take the second side he’d just end up bringing it up a few minutes later so one side it was. He still did spill to some extent with only taking one side, but nowhere near as severe. BF him until around 15 months this way. When weaning him off & he was down to one feed a day, and it was only one boob/day it did look a bit odd as I was a bit lop-sided, but all back to normal now! He was in the 90-95th percentile for weight the whole time & still is Angela
  • You can’t over feed or force feed a breastfed baby, offer the other side and if they refuse they aren’t hungry Kimmy
  • Occasionally my bub will only feed off one. As long as your lo is gaining enough weight I wouldn’t be concerned. If you do want her to feed from both and less frequently you could try burping a few times during feeds from each side. Katrina
  • That’s how I have fed both my boys. Only one side at a time. Started in advice from MCHN Jen
  • I’ve only ever feed my now 7mnth old from one boob per feed since birth.. Carrie
  • My 10 month old only likes one side and has only taken that since she was born. No matter what I do I just can’t get her to take both sides she just pulls off. She’s happy with that and sleeps through the night so I wouldn’t be concerned. Elle
  • only ever fed from one boob per feed Kyla
  • I have 4 children & they have all fed from 1 side each feed generally 3 hourly. Occasionally they will have a top up on the other side but that is rare. If it suits you there is nothing wrong with it Isabel
  • my last child would have both boobs every feed cause my supply was crap but I now have a 3 week old and I’m a dairy cow so she feeds from one boob every 3-4hrs and I have to express the other side Bec
  • My boy actually stopped having both boobs by 8 months. He only had one side. Danielle
  • I had twins and after about a month of listening to everyone saying they had to feed on both I ignored all and they had a boob each, they never fed on other side, they were fine. If your baby is gaining weight and meeting milestones I wouldn’t be too worried Cheri
  • I only feed from one side per feed & my bub is 19 weeks. She is definately not underfed. Lol. Was every 2 hours, now 3 or 4 Belinda
  • My son fed from 1 side every feed for months. I can’t even remember giving him both sides in one feed (although he is 6 now) and I fed him for just over a year. If ur bubs is happy then you obviously have a great supply!!! Larissa
  • Yes my 1st baby, 1 boob per fed but she was every 4 hrs however My 2nd needed the 2 boobs per feed every 3hrs. I would suggest if your baby is needing feeding every 2hrs, she is needing more (unless premmie or a small baby) Kara
  • Both my kids often had only one side and both were big fat healthy bubbas so I never worried, as long as I used the opposite boob the next feed so I didn’t get sore. Rebecca

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