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Product: Safe Kidz Magnet

road safety for kidsA nifty road safety product to solve those dreaded car-park moments with your children! 

We see all sorts of cool and new products at Baby Hints & Tips HQ but this one caught our eye and we thought it was worth sharing with you. When it comes to keeping our little ones safe, we’re always open to any new idea – we think you will love this just as much as we do!

We’ve all, as parents, been loading the groceries in the car or trying to strap a smaller sibling into their seat and had that heart-stopping moment when an older child walks away from the car. In most instances the result is a frantic squealing mummy desperately grabbing them from harms way without any major incident –  but it’s still an awful occurrence. (I for one have been there and my heart was pounding out of my chest!)

The Safe Kidz magnet is designed to end this situation altogether by giving our children a clearly designed spot to wait for mum or dad that is both safe and without any question as to what  you want them to specifically do.

Ending the possibility of kids being ‘confused’ by your instruction, and especially appropriate for children with hearing impairment or other disability the Safe Kidz magnet is placed on the car and then becomes a clear, bright and safe place that your child understands is exactly where they are to wait for you.

For only $11 and with a charitable donation to Starlight attached to every purchase, we think this is a product well worth your consideration. To purchase this clever magnet and hopefully end those heart stopping car park and roadside interludes you can click here.

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