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Rainy day party ideas

rainy day party ideasYou’ve planned the ultimate birthday extravaganza and in 4 short hours, 15 small children and their parents will descend on the local park for games, fairy bread and mini fruit kebabs that you were up to midnight creating. It’s going to be fabulous!

As you look outside, suddenly your perfectly planned party is under threat. The clouds are rolling in and the rain on its way. Don’t stress! Here are five last minute wet weather ideas for children’s parties to keep the kids (and parents) happy.

Move it indoors

It’s the most obvious solution, but not always straight forward. If you have the space, relocate indoors to your own home. Grab a laundry basket and pick up everything around the house that shouldn’t be there and dump it in a bedroom that won’t be accessed. Clean up the kitchen and give the bathroom a speed clean.

If you don’t have space in your own home, see if you can rope a grandparent or friend into being a back up location in case of rain. It will be easier if they know they might be needed ahead of time, so talk it over with them a few weeks out from the party.

Roll with the rain!

In case you hadn’t noticed, rain doesn’t tend to bother kids and this is a great wet weather plan for summer or spring parties. If it isn’t freezing cold and there is no lightning about, then consider rolling with the rain. Find a local park that has some undercover areas for the grown ups, tell guests to bring gumboots, a towel and some fresh clothes and make the most of the rain. Bring out the water pistols and water bombs, hand out some ponchos and umbrellas and let them loose!

Hire out a local hall or church

This is a good option if rain seems likely in the days leading up to the party. Most councils hire out halls, community centres and other event areas for children’s parties for a minimal fee. Some churches also allow children’s parties in their halls. Check your local council website for options close to your original party location and consider planning a move a few days out if rain looks likely.

Buy or borrow some gazebos

If patches of rain look likely on party day, consider getting hold of some gazebos and setting them up at your planned location. You may be able to keep your party outdoors with a bit of shelter. Ask around for friends that already have a gazebo or two (those who camp are a good bet), or check out your local hardware store or Kmart.

Take a ‘Raincheck’

If your party theme or location is totally weather dependent and moving location is not an option, then it might be best to reschedule if it rains on the day of the party. You could even consider putting a “raincheck” party date on the invitations so that guests know what the plans are in the event of rain on the day of the party.

Have you had a party “rained out”? What did you do?



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