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The best Bluey cakes made by real mums

Bluey, Bandit and family

It is no secret that Aussie families are loving ABCKids TV show Bluey, about the family of Blue Heeler dogs.  So it is no surprise that kids have been demanding Bluey birthday cakes, and these clever mums have created the most amazing (and delicious) looking cakes!  If you are looking for bluey cake inspiration then we have you covered.

bluey cake inspiration

Liz Ellis made this amazing cake for her daughter’s 3rd birthday! “I began making cakes 6 months ago, my daughter is Bluey obsessed so I thought I’d give it a go,” she explains.

“I’ve always wanted to make a tall cake, this one is 6 layers of strawberry and vanilla cake. it’s covered in buttercream and the images are printed on edible paper.

The toppers I made out of gum paste, they’re like lolly pops.”

bluey 1st birthday cake inspiration

Lakarra Brown made this stunning Bluey and Giggle and Hoot birthday cake for her little one, River.

“My baby girl’s face lit up each time she saw Bluey or Hoot from such a young age, so my decision to have them both on her first birthday cake. was an easy one,” says Lakarra.

“It’s my second time ever using fondant, so I was nervous but I started with plenty of time and did my best to replicate the cute little characters,” she explains, “The most difficult part for me of this entire cake was the grass and getting the icing strong enough to hold but soft enough to work with the icing tip.”

Bluey birthday cake ideas

Grandma Julie Head, made this adorable Bluey birthday cake out of round chocolate mudcakes stacked, and torted with chocolate ganache. YUM!

“Bluey’s nose is made from Rice Bubbles and marshmallow that are moulded to shape and covered in ganache, then I covered the cake with fondant and decorated the details.”

Homemade Bluey birthday cake

Melissa Mayford found Bluey cake inspiration with an AWW cake and used their technique of baking 2 large rectangle cakes to form one large cake.

“I printed a pic of Bluey and used it as a template to cut out the shape from the cakes, and used the offcuts for the ears,” she explains.

“I made buttercream and tinted it with food colouring, then tried as best I could to match the pic, which was bloody ahrd but I got there in the end,” Melissa says.

Bluey 3rd birthday cake

Ainslee Hunter, made this adorable Bluey cake for her friend’s daughter Indi. She made a gluten-free chocolate cake, then covered it with gluten-free buttercream and fondant.

Bluey birthday cake idea

Sarah Dilley lets her kids choose what type of cake they want every year. “This year my son asked for a Bluey cake,” she explains.

“Since Bluey is still a new and there isn’t any Bluey stuff available, I found an image of Bluey online then I drew it on to a large drawing pad to get it the size I wanted, then i baked two large slabs of cake and cut out the shapes. After that I just made some butter cream icing in all Bluey colours and iced the cake.”

Are you an avid baker? Perhaps you’re looking for some birthday cake inspiration? Check out these amazing cakes. Maybe you’re more crafty and like the idea of a Woolies/Coles cake hack? Why not try these?

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